Fearful Symmetry drabble:
Year 27: Business as Usual

by Chicago

The kiss tasted of coffee and blood. The first was Harvey's contribution, and the latter came from Batman. As usual. When night burned so late they were racing dawn to be together, it was always this way.

Harvey broke away first this time, raising a hand to Batman's swollen lip. "Fist?"

"Gun butt."

Harvey grunted. "Better than muzzle."

Batman nodded. "You found the connection?"

Harvey reached back to his desk, pivoting his laptop and turning enough to work the touchpad. At a click, a chart of activity appeared, all so much fine print save for the items in red.

"Fourteen banks in three days, then withdrawals starting in Prague. Latest one was here. Gotham. The money trail is solid."

Harvey turned back to smile at his lover, but the gesture was lost in another kiss, this one more crushing than the last.

"Whoa," Harvey remarked when he was freed, a smirk on his face. He touched his own lips as Batman disappeared out his window, the pink of the sky to the east betraying how close he had cut his disappearance.

Harvey shook his head and rolled the taste of blood and coffee in his mouth.

The phone on his desk rang, and he picked it up. "Dent."

"Harvey, it's Jim. MCU has Deadshot holed up in TriCorner. Anonymous tip."

Dent's smile broadened. "I just bet," he murmured.

"I'm sorry?" Jim asked.

"That's just great," Harvey repeated more clearly. "We've got the case. Take him down."


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