Sea and Sky:

Dinner Date

by Hotspur

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"Are you sure I can't bring you an appetizer while you wait?"

Garth glanced up at the solicitous waiter with an apologetic smile and shook his head. "He's coming."

The waiter nodded, a mix of sympathy and lust in his eyes. But he did move off, understanding when not to push his luck.

Once he was safely out of earshot, Garth sighed and took a sip of wine. His eyes went to his watch almost against his will, not wanting the confirmation. An hour and a half.

The maitre d' would not hustle him out or rush his order. The reservation was, after all, made by Richard Grayson, and no Gotham restaurateur would risk the ire of Bruce Wayne by affronting his son. Nonetheless, he could feel the sympathetic stares and murmurs from the staff.

He pulled apart another bread roll, wondering if it were worth trying to call again. Dick's cell had been off earlier, meaning he was probably working a case. These things happened in police work, he knew. Probably even more often when a case involved the departments of two major cities.

He forced back a worry that kept coming to the surface of his mind: what if something had happened? What if--

His thought was completely derailed by a kiss planted on his cheek and an arm reaching around to lay flowers across his plate. He managed not to jump up, turning in his seat and reaching out. "Dick!" he exclaimed.

Another kiss halted any further words, and Garth wrapped his arms around his lover, slowly becoming aware of the rough brush of police issue kevlar under his arms. Dick pulled back from the kiss with a grin. "Had to sneak in through the kitchen. No time to change, and Marcel doesn't like it if I try to wear the uniform through the front door. Bad for business."

Garth laughed a little as Dick slid into the seat across from him and drank down half the glass of water at his setting. "Damn, I needed that," he stated, wiping his sleeve across his mouth and signaling the bus boy.

Garth picked up the bouquet laying across his plate and brought it to his face. It was more greenery than flowers, a mix of ferny leaves and small dark blue blooms that he was at a loss to identify. A dark--almost black--orchid nestled among the delicate green, accented rather than overwhelmed by the other foliage. Garth smiled at Dick. "Beautiful."

Dick grinned back, accepting a menu. "Not so beautiful as you. And not nearly enough apology. Please tell me you ate something."

Garth gestured toward the bits of uneaten bread still on his plate. "Food doesn't taste as good without you."

Dick snorted, his eyes scanning the menu. "Flatterer." He set the menu down and looked across the table. "Do you know what you want?"

Garth nodded, one foot stretching out to stroke up Dick's calf. "You."

Dick's eyes took on a mischievous look. "That's not on the menu."

Garth's foot traveled higher, hooking under Dick's knee. "It's on my menu."

Dick reached a hand under the table to catch the errant foot and prop it on the chair between his legs. "I think," he said, "we should have dinner first." He slipped Garth's shoe easily from Garth's heel, subtly letting it drop to the floor.

The thick carpet dulled the sound of the shoe falling, so not even the approaching waiter noticed. Nor did the waiter seem to notice as Dick rattled off both his own and Garth's choices, all the while running his fingers over Garth's sensitive sole. Garth took a careful sip of water as the waiter moved away. "How did you know what I wanted?" he asked.

The ball of Dick's thumb rolled into a high point of Garth's arch, pressing in a rocking motion that seemed to carry through the nerves of Garth's leg directly to his cock. "I always know what you want," Dick answered, squeezing his legs together a little around Garth's captive foot.

Garth wanted to blame the buzz he felt in his skull on the wine, but he knew better. Dick, sitting there so cocksure, confident in his police blues... And the way his hand continued to work over Garth's foot! Garth knew that part of Dick's training included acupressure and reflexology, but it hadn't occurred to him how the press of a fingernail right *there* would curl pleasure through his spine.

Dick reached his free hand across the table toward Garth, inviting Garth to hold it. Garth complied, powerless not to as each toe within his sock was separated and gently rolled between Dick's fingers. The touch of their hands felt electric, and Garth curled his toes in response. "Dick--" he breathed, half in protest, half in longing.

"I propose a challenge," Dick said in a low voice, his eyes conspiratorial and faintly darkened with hunger. Dick's hand cupped Garth's heel, thumb and forefinger pressing in just below Garth's ankle.

Garth bit the inside of his cheek to keep from gasping, feeling the blood surge into his already hard cock. He tightened his fingers around Dick's, earning an almost nasty looking smile from his lover. "How long can you last?"


Dick's thumb brushed over the palm of Garth's hand as he continued to work his other hand around Garth's ankle. "Can you make it through dinner? Without--" Dick lowered his eyes significantly, and it felt like he was staring through the table at Garth's crotch.

Garth felt his eyes glow dimly for a moment. "Who is this challenge for?" he growled.

An impish grin crossed Dick's face as his fingers slid up the back of Garth's calf under the leg of his trousers. "Who do you want it to be for?" Dick's fingers found the top of Garth's sock, and a whole new electricity started in Garth's body at the brush of skin against skin.

Garth straightened his leg out and slid forward a little in response, his foot coming to rest against--he grinned as he felt Dick straighten up. "Maybe we can even the stakes," Garth purred, brushing his foot over the bulge in Dick's pants.

Dick's smile did not change, but a glassiness came into his eyes as Garth continued to rub his foot against Dick's cock. "I've got an apartment two blocks away," Dick reminded Garth.

"We just ordered dinner," Garth replied, shivering slightly as Dick's fingers found the back of his knee and began to rub little circles there. It was making his balls tingle, but he was not going to give in. Not when he was so close to victory. He kept his smile focused on Dick.

Dick watched him for a moment, then raised his hand to signal the waiter.

As the waiter approached, Garth brushed his foot more firmly over Dick's cock, earning a protesting squeeze to his calf. But Dick's voice came out amazingly smooth when he said, "Lawrence, I think I am more tired than I realized. Can the kitchen prepare our food to go?"

Lawrence glanced at Garth, a hint of the earlier lust still in his eyes, accompanied now by a kind of hunger. Garth barely controlled a blush, feeling that Lawrence was seeing through the table to his heavy balls and stiff cock. "I quite understand, Mr. Grayson," the waiter answered smoothly. "If you will give the chef five more minutes, I am certain you can pick up your meal on your way out through the kitchen."

Dick nodded and smiled. "Read my mind, Lawrence."

The waiter shot another look at Garth just as Dick's fingers began a renewed assault on Garth's toes. "Yes," Lawrence agreed before turning and heading back toward the kitchen.

Now the blush did flood Garth's cheeks. "He knows."

Dick recognized that he had regained the upper hand. "We could change our minds, give him a show." Dick had pulled Garth's sock down enough to press the pad of his thumb against the ball of Garth's ankle, rotating little circles. Garth curled his toes and dropped his free hand from the table to cup his own erection. "You like that idea, don't you?" Dick purred. "Tell me how you're touching yourself."

Garth swallowed hard and, with an effort, moved his hand back to the top of the table. "This is not behavior becoming an ambassador of Atlantis," he reported primly, forcing his voice not to waver as Dick pinched his foot.

Now Dick pulled Garth's foot forward a little, rubbing his cock across the bottom of Garth's foot. "Not in public, eh?"

Garth dropped his eyes and focused on his breathing. He could still see Dick's grin, though, edging toward triumphant. He squeezed Dick's hand. Then he felt his sock being pulled up, the bend of Dick's body as he reached down for the lost shoe. He finally steadied himself as Dick gently put Garth's shoe back on, all the while watching with that grin.

Dick gave a little slap to Garth's calf, urging him to lower his foot. Then he lifted the hand that had been massaging that foot and licked his fingers--slowly.

Garth pressed his hand against the table top to resist the urge to cradle his own balls.

A throat clearing sounded near them, and Garth looked up to see Lawrence standing there. He had Garth's long coat draped over his arm along with Dick's police jacket. "I thought you gentlemen would prefer not to have to go to the coat check."

Dick smiled winsomely. "You are so right, Lawrence. Thank you." He stood and accepted his own jacket, draping it over his arm so that it covered the bulge in his pants.

Lawrence opened Garth's coat then, holding it for Garth to slip into. "Sir, if I may?"

Garth glanced at Dick, but there was only daring in his lover's eyes. So Garth stood and shrugged into the coat, conscious of the brush of Lawrence's chest against his back as he settled the shoulders of the coat over Garth's frame. Dick raised an eyebrow in Garth's direction as Garth pulled the coat around him, focusing his energy on how to walk normally back through the kitchen. Lawrence brushed imaginary lint off Garth's coat. "I must say," he said to no one in particular, "you have excellent taste."

Dick grinned and slid himself between Lawrence and Garth. "I know," he replied, tucking a hundred dollar bill into Lawrence's pocket. "And he's entirely spoken for."

Lawrence replied with a terse "you can't blame a guy for trying" expression and hustled away with a, "Have a good night, sirs," over his shoulder.

Dick pressed his lips against the shell of Garth's ear. "Count on it," he whispered, and Garth felt a fever flush through his body.

"Dick," he pleaded.

Dick tangled his fingers in Garth's, pulling him toward the kitchen. "Come, Prince Charming."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Garth muttered, trying to shift his erection. He wondered how Dick could be so blasť as he breezed into the kitchen and picked up the packaged meals from the chef. It was all Garth could do to smile pleasantly and nod.

The cool air as they stepped into the alley helped a little, but still he could feel his cock throbbing, hungry for attention. He watched as Dick put their food in the saddle bags of his bike, and a part of him thought he should be hungry. appetite, though, was diverted. He managed to wait until Dick closed up the saddle bags before he stepped forward and grabbed him, pressing his lips hard against Dick's.

He felt Dick stiffen for a moment before he melted against Garth, kissing him back with an almost brutal passion. Against his thigh, he could feel Dick's cock, hard and insistent. It was Dick who finally broke the kiss, gasping desperately for air.

"Are you done playing?" Garth demanded, reaching for Dick's belt.

Dick stepped back, his eyes wide, but he did not evade the hands that unhooked the leather at his waist. "What happened to conduct becoming an ambassador?"

Garth pulled at the belt, sliding it through its loops fast enough that he knew it pressed hot friction against Dick's flesh. He pulled the leather taut in his hands, then smacked the doubled up belt against Dick's thigh with just enough force to sting. "You're right. Take me home."

A stunned expression had replaced the smugness in Dick's eyes, but he wordlessly went to his bike and straddled it, waiting for Garth to mount behind him.

Garth settled in behind his lover, wrapping his arms around Dick's waist. The folded leather of Dick's belt was still in one hand, and he let it press against Dick's stomach as Dick started the bike. The thrum of the engine traveled through their bodies, and Garth pressed closer to Dick, letting him feel the stiffness of his cock against his ass.

Garth used the hand which was not holding the belt to undo the snap of Dick's uniform pants. He felt Dick go rigid against him as he pulled down the zipper and traced his fingers over the erection under the boxer shorts.

"Garth--" He could *feel* Dick swallow and try again. "Garth, I have to drive--"

Garth pressed his hand over Dick's cop. "So drive. I'll keep this warm."

Dick stayed still for a moment until it was clear that all Garth planned to do was keep his hand there. Then he eased the bike forward and pulled out of the alley.

Garth felt Dick's cock twitching under his hand as they traveled the two blocks that neither of them could have walked. His own cock seemed to get impossibly fuller, aching against his zipper fly, the vibrations of the engine tingling through his balls.

As they slowed to pull into the parking garage of Dick's apartment building, Garth leaned forward to kiss Dick's ear and lick a line down his neck. Dick made a mewling sound, pitched just so Garth could hear it over the motorcycle's engine. It was almost enough to make Garth come right there. He squeezed Dick's cock in response.

The motorcycle came to an abrupt stop, somehow perfectly in its reserved parking spot. Garth wasn't sure how Dick had the control to manage that feat, because as soon as the bike was stationary, Garth was grinding against Dick, desperate to be inside him.

Dick shut off the engine, but Garth could swear the vibrations were still running through him as his lover writhed against him, leaning back to try to catch his lips. Garth lifted his hand enough to slide it into Dick's shorts, finally earning skin to skin contact with Dick's cock.

Garth bit at Dick's earlobe. "You were asking how long I could last?"

Dick moaned and leaned back against Garth's chest, his hips rocking his cock into Garth's fist. Then he growled and caught Garth's hand, turning Garth's wrist to lift it away from his cock. "Get up. Off the bike. Now."

Garth raised an eyebrow, but the ordering tone had him losing control of himself again. The tone and the way Dick's chest was heaving, still obvious even under the police issue kevlar.

Dick stepped forward and grabbed at Garth's pants, undoing them and stripping him of them in a swift motion.


"Back on the bike," he ordered, pulling at Garth's cock to direct him.

Garth bit his lip and obeyed, feeling desperately exposed as his cock jutted up between his thighs--thighs spread wide across the seat of the bike. Then Dick pulled his own pants down, bending over to free them from his ankles.

Garth gasped a little, then remembering the belt still in his hand, stretched out with the folded leather to stroke it down between the globes of Dick's ass. Dick froze for an instant with his hands at his ankles, and Garth heard him groan. "You're going to make me come from your noises," Garth warned, brushing his fingers over his own cock.

Dick turned, his own cock rising proudly, flushed crimson. "Not an option," he said in a low voice. He stepped forward and stared at Garth for a moment. "God, you're beautiful."

"So are you," Garth whispered through a constricted throat.

Dick looked earnestly into Garth's eyes. "Don't come yet," he ordered. Before Garth could object, Dick had bent at the waist and wrapped his mouth over the head of Garth's cock.

"Di--" Garth froze, forcing his mind to anything that would stop the tightening of his balls as Dick's tongue traveled lower.

"Dick, I-- guh." He could feel his cock pressing against the back of Dick's throat, momentarily swallowed. Then Dick pulled off, an instant before it would have been entirely too late, leaving Garth panting for air.

Dick was kissing his lips before his vision cleared, and after a moment he felt almost in control again. "I want you," he breathed.

Dick smiled as he pulled back, lifting a hand. Lube. "Don't leave home without it," Dick quipped, then gasped as Garth reached forward to pull at his cock.

"Stop telling me and show me," Garth snarled, burying his face in Dick's hair and nipping at his ear. He continued to pull at Dick's cock as he felt cool gel sliding over his own cock, worked over it by Dick's fingers. He shuddered as he heard the lube clatter to the floor and Dick pulled his hand off his cock.

"Wait for me, lover," Dick breathed, and Garth felt him mount the bike in front of him.

Garth couldn't open his eyes as he felt Dick's body heat get closer.

Slowly, so slowly...

What kind of superhuman tricks did the Bat teach his boys, Garth wondered desperately, surging forward a little.

He felt his cock slip between the cheeks of Dick's ass.

He set his hand on his cock to steady it, to position himself as Dick settled his weight down. Then there was the pressure, the give of his cock head slowly penetrating...

He swallowed a cry as the sensation of flared head popping past tight hole sent tingles through his body. Dick pulled up a little then, bouncing to repeat the sensation and releasing a groan in his throat.

Garth wrapped his arms around Dick's chest and tried to pull him down.

Dick resisted for a moment, his heaving chest filling Garth's embrace. Then he did plunge down, starting the engine of the bike as he did so.

Garth's cry as he was suddenly thrust balls deep in his lover was drowned by the roar of the engine, as was Dick's half-strangled scream. The motor purred under them as Dick bounced and Garth thrust, friction remultiplied by vibration. Garth grabbed for Dick's cock, pumping urgently at him as Dick continued to bounce on Garth's cock.

"Pallais!" he cried as it was finally too much, and his balls tensed and his cock jumped and there was only the tight embrace of flesh around his cock, milking him. He could feel the cum beginning to leak down over his balls as Dick continued to squirm and Garth pulled on his cock, and suddenly there were splatters on the inside of the windscreen and Dick's ass was spasming around Garth's cock, drawing rippling aftershocks from Garth's body. They bucked together, heated flesh smearing bodily fluids into the seat of the motorcycle, gasping cries still echoing in with the sound of the engine.

Eventually they stilled, and Dick turned off the bike. He slowly lifted himself from Garth's impaling cock and turned to face his lover. He rested his hand over Garth's softening cock and kissed him slowly, their knees banging together as they straddled the bike seat.

"We forgot your flowers," Dick remembered suddenly, and Garth smiled.

"It's okay. I forgive you."

Dick grinned and kissed Garth's forehead. "Dinner?"

Garth reached down to Dick's stomach and scooped up some of the white fluid still there, bringing it to his lips and tasting it. "That's an idea," he acknowledged.

Dick stared at him and let out a little groan. "You are too hot for words."

Garth smiled as he withdrew his fingers from his mouth. "That makes two of us. Upstairs?"

Dick nodded. "Yeah."