Nightwing Infinite Crisis ficlet

by 'rith

From the Infinite Crisis panel below. Double drabble.

Dick watches the statue crumble and thinks: that's really it for us, this time.

It'd been over before, when Donna died, but in the blur of time between then and now she'd been resurrected with a new purpose, immediately heading off into space to combat some nebulous cosmic threat. Roy was with his Outsiders, trying to keep the chaos erupting on Earth in check. Wally had, by all accounts, disappeared into the Speed Force--not for the first time, though, and Dick holds faith that he'll be back. Garth, on the other hand, was in Atlantis when the Spectre went berserk and no one's seen him since. Again, not an unusual circumstance to lose track of him, but....

But this time he's not sure any of them are going to find their way home, and even if they do, he feels they'll never be the same. He's not usually one for signs and portents, but their statue has fallen to dust and he can't help but think it's a harbinger. Worlds are colliding over his head and he can only worry about his oldest friends.

And then, because he can't do anything else, he goes out to save the universe.

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