Batslash Challenge Drabble #1: 150 words

by 'rith

He dares not answer, for he dares not dream what Diana says is true.

But Diana does not, perhaps cannot lie. So he must believe her when she says-- when she says--

When she says that Kal loves him.

Bruce closes his eyes and hears her footsteps fade as she goes, leaving him alone with his thoughts. It wasn't like he hadn't *known* it, of course. But hearing it out loud has made it a truth he can no longer deny.

He has become very good at denial, for Kal's sake as well as his own. Cliché, perhaps, but he and Kal are shadows and light: they dilute each other. Batman cannot afford to lose his purity of focus.

And Kal.... He's so naïve. Batman would hurt him, badly, by the simple fact of his obsessions and the parts of himself he cannot share.

His silence protects them both.


Darklady's challenge rules:

Following the Buldhaven example, this is for a `short slash'. I wont quite limit you to 150 words, but something in that range. Now ! Here's the trick.

The prize for this is a 1980 copy of the Justice League of America (Vol. 21, #176) Back then the line up was: Superman / Flash / Wonder Woman / Batman / Green Lantern / Hawkman / Hawkgirl / Zatanna / Red Tornado brownie points for slashing one of them. But that is not required. What *is* required is that you use one of the following *slashy* lines taken from that issue. It does not have to be your first line - just used.

"What you're planning is foolish--- a result of masculine pride."

"He's so naive"

"I must be a better kisser then I thought."

"Our heroes have reached and passed a climax."

"This ( .......... ) can make any man's dreams.. a reality."

"You care. You love. That makes you human."

"He dares not answer, for he dares not dream what ( ......... ) says is true."

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