Sea and Sky:

Breakfast of Champions

by Hotspur

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"Did you see this?"

Garth looked up from his cooking to where Dick was sprawled naked with the paper. Dick's face was wearing an expression of unhappy outrage as he held up the third page headline: "Six killed in Killer Frost Spree!"

Garth sighed and lowered the flame under the frying pan. He crossed to Dick and pulled the paper from out of his hands. "Dick," he said patiently, "I did not convince you to take a day off so you could be angry at the news."

Dick frowned. "It's just - dammit. How do they keep getting ahead of us?"

Garth reached down to smooth a hand through Dick's hair. "We just do the best we can. Some of us better than our best." He gave Dick a pointed look, reminding Dick of his promise. One day, hero free. Cop free. Dick needed it, even if he didn't want to admit it.

Dick sighed. "I just -"

"Shh," Garth interrupted, squatting to rummage through the paper.

Dick watched him, reaching out to run a hand up one bare calf.

Garth swatted at his hand with a section of the paper. "Breakfast will burn," he pointed out. "Read the Tempo section."

Dick rolled his eyes, but there was a hint of a smile on his face. Better, Garth decided, as Dick accepted the section of the paper and let Garth return to the stove.

Garth started turning the eggs with a spatula, giving them a critical eye. Still omelette-able, he decided, layering a couple of sliced of cheese over the sizzling eggs.

Behind him he heard Dick snort. "Oh my god, Garth, listen to this!"

Garth added vegetables and mushrooms over the cheese. "Yes?" he prompted.

"'Scientists discover 100 million year old penis!'"

Garth snickered. "Figures they'd have to go that far back to get play," he remarked. Then he caught himself. "Don't tell Ray I said that."

Dick laughed wickedly. "Actually, this sounds more like your turf. Or surf," he added.

Garth folded the eggs over the cheese and veggies, smiling slightly. "I'm afraid to ask."

"It's some sort of fossilized crab."

"Hey!" Garth objected. "And I'm making you breakfast," he huffed, but he was still smiling. It was good to hear Dick laughing.

The paper rustled. "It gets better!" Dick exclaimed.

"Better than a million year old cock?" Garth questioned dryly, flipping the omelette onto a plate. "What could possible be better?"

Dick grinned broadly as Garth handed him the plate and two forks. "It has TWO penises!" he announced.

"Two dicks," Garth noted, settling beside Dick and resting his hand on Dick's cock. "I don't see what's so special about that."

Dick glanced at Garth with a grin, rocking slightly into his hand. He let the paper fall and gently brushed at Garth's hand. "After breakfast," he chided.

Garth raised an eyebrow. "Then I can have my two Dicks?"

Dick smirked. "Maybe," he teased, cutting off a piece of the omelette with one of the forks.

"Tease," Garth accused, opening his mouth to accept the bit of omelette Dick offered him.

"Don't want you to run out of strength midway through," Dick stated, digging into the omelette for himself.

Garth reached out and stilled Dick's hand, taking control of the fork. He lifted a bite of omelette to Dick's lips. "You don't think I can keep up?" he questioned, his eyes glinting.

Dick accepted the forkful of food, drawing his mouth slowly back from the fork and closing his eyes as he chewed. He swallowed and opened his eyes, giving his best melt-worthy look at Garth. Garth felt his cock stiffening under the apron he was wearing over his naked body. "I just want to make sure you have full stamina," Dick declared, picking up the second fork.

He scooped up another forkfull and offered it to Garth. Garth met his eyes for a moment, not releasing his gaze as he closed his mouth over eggs and cheese.

Dick slowly withdrew the fork from between Garth's lips, his own lips slightly parted. Garth did not need to look to know that Dick's cock was rising as his was. He could *feel* Dick's arousal.

Garth dipped his fork into the omelette again, coming up with another mouthful. Cheese stretched from the fork to the plate, refusing to break. Garth glanced down with a faint frown, but Dick only smiled. He dipped his face down, reaching out with his tongue to catch the errant strands. His tongue caught the cheese in a swirl, breaking it. Then his lips nibbled up the strands to the forks, opening to claim the food there.

He shifted the hand on which he had propped his weight, resting it on Garth's thigh. He glanced down at the obviously tenting of Garth's apron with a lazy grin. He didn't comment, though. He merely took his turn to offer Garth another bite of omelette.

Garth accepted the offered food, but he was finding it a little hard to swallow. There was something else he wanted in his mouth.

Dick set down the fork and reached his fingers to Garth's throat, caressing Garth's neck as his adam's apple bobbed with his swallow.

"Dick..." Garth protested half-heartedly. He was acutely conscious of the smear of pre-cum that had brushed his shin as Dick shifted.

Dick leaned forward, his lips brushing Garth's. Dick's lips moved softly, nibbling softly. His hands had shifted to untie the apron strings at Garth's back.

Garth tried to deepen the kiss, but Dick continued his soft play, barely opening his mouth. Somehow the restraint just further stiffened Garth's erection. He could feel the way Dick's muscles worked under his skin as his fingers undid the knot of the apron. He could feel the gentle brushes of Dick's cock over his leg hair. Tiny touches, but so potent! And the message was clear enough - Dick was in charge.

Garth reached forward to rest a hand on Dick's hip.

A touch, not a demand. If this was what Dick wanted - that was the point of the day. He had conceded to Garth's insistence that he take a day off; what he did with it?

Dick broke their almost kiss to pull the apron over Garth's head. The gesture succeeded in causing Dick's forearm to brush the length of Garth's torso.

Yes, Garth decided, leaning back in to those soft lips. Dick could do whatever he wanted with the day.

One of Dick's hands drifted down to cup over Garth's cock. It was a claiming gesture more than anything, just the heat of hand over groin. "You get enough to eat?" Dick asked softly.

Garth leaned forward, pressing his mouth to Dick's. He pressed his tongue against those teasing lips, parting them. He stroked over Dick's tongue with his own, reaching his hands out to grasp Dick's forearms. "No," he growled, pushing Dick back.

Dick grinned, allowing Garth to lean him back on his elbows across the scattered newspaper.

Garth worked his lips down Dick's chin, the roughness of Dick's morning stubble against his lips sending fire through his groin. He trailed his tongue under Dick's chin, enjoying the raspy feel of the flesh there. He felt a soft moan vibrate against his own chin from Dick's larynx.

He tightened his fingers around Dick's biceps for a moment, earning a flutter of Dick's fingers against his ribs. He paused, letting the resulting ripple of pleasure settle through his body.

Dick responded to the pause, rubbing a knee against Garth's thigh.

Garth licked down to Dick's adam's apple, opening his lips around the knot beneath the flesh. He lathed the flesh with his tongue and was rewarded by another moan and another shift of Dick's knee. He pressed Dick back further until he was lying over him, Dick's cock pressed into his stomach, his own mouth over Dick's collar bone. He traced down to the notch of the breast bone with his lips, darting his tongue over the indentation. Dick's hips rocked beneath him, and Garth released his arms and raised his head. He gave Dick a slight grin. "What were you saying about stamina?" he asked.

Dick looked down at him through half lidded eyes. It almost made Garth regret the jab, the way those smoky blues regarded him through the veil of Dick's lashes. His cock jumped, its head brushing the bottom of Dick's balls. A corner of Dick's mouth curled in response. No need to say anything, Garth conceded.

But Garth didn't want to rush this.

He traced the left side of Dick's collar bone with his thumb, running it down until his thumb slotted into the notch of the bone. "In Atlantean," he began throatily, "this is called the sculptor's thumbprint. When man was crafted from the silt of the ocean, the sculptor pressed her thumb here to mark the perfection of her work."

Something in Dick's hungry gaze softened a little, and he reached up to mirror Garth's gesture with his own thumb. Garth swallowed against the slight pressure at his throat.

"And her work is perfect," Dick replied, trailing his hand up to let Garth's mouth claim his thumb.

Garth closed his eyes as he tongued the whorls on the pad of Dick's thumb.

Dick's free arm reached over Garth's back, his fingers tracing patterns over his lover's flesh.

Garth released Dick's thumb and buried his face against Dick's chest, peppering him with kisses. He caught one nipple with his teeth, relishing the way Dick's fingers curled into his back in response.

He began to work his way down Dick's torso, pausing when he felt the head of Dick's cock brush his chin. He rubbed his chin against the sensitive flesh, knowing the roughness would be an almost painful pleasure. He felt Dick tense beneath him and Garth again raised his head.

Dick's head was thrown back, his eyes squeezed shut. His fingers fumbled through Garth's hair, not demanding anything, but not for lack of wanting.

Garth settled one hand beneath Dick's balls, letting one thumb brush the sensitive flesh between balls and asshole.

Dick gasped and arched his back, just as Garth anticipated.

The motion thrust Dick's cock into the air at the perfect angle. In one smooth motion, Garth sucked Dick's cock deep into his throat.

"Oh god," Dick groaned, his hands dropping to clench into the newspaper that still spread under him. His hips bucked in almost involuntary response, driving his cock deeper into Garth's throat. Garth opened his throat for him, tonguing Dick's cock as he sucked on him.

As Dick's hips left the floor, Garth took advantage of the shift in position. He slipped a thumb between Dick's ass cheeks and pressed just there...

Dick froze, his body arched up and shaking.

Garth rubbed his thumb over Dick's puckered opening, his throat still working around Dick's cock. He reached his free hand down to his own cock, smearing a finger with the precum he found there. Just enough, he gauged, pulling off Dick's cock just a little and switching the position of his hands. Dick was beginning to relax the slightest bit, and Garth slipped his precum-slicked finger into Dick's ass.

"Ga-" It was all the more that made it out of Dick's mouth before he was splashing against the back of Garth's throat.

Garth's finger continued to stroke Dick's prostate as he swallowed Dick's cum, his tongue making sure no errant drops dribbled down Dick's cock. Dick writhed, his entire body in a heated flush. He was still shuddering as Garth withdrew his finger and released his cock to plant soft kisses in his pubic hair.

"Garth," he panted, reaching his hands to Garth's face.

Garth grinned and rubbed his cheek against Dick's hard abs. Then he gasped as Dick somehow managed to position his leg to rub across his straining cock.

Dick shifted his knee slightly, pushing Garth up. Blue eyes met violet for a moment and Dick grinned.

"You're incredible," he breathed before taking advantage of the space between them to flip over. "But I'm not sure I'm full yet."

He pressed his ass against Garth's chest, wiggling it enough that the muscles there rippled against Garth's muscles. Garth closed his eyes and bit his lip, his cock somehow, impossibly, feeling more full. He wrapped an arm around Dick's waist, pulling his lover's ass down his body. He let his cock come to rest between Dick's ass cheeks, cushioned there. He felt the muscles move in Dick's back and realized Dick was reaching back to press something into his hand.


"Where did we leave this?" he asked, popping the lid.

Dick shifted his body and squeezed his ass around Garth's cock. "Under the chair," he answered, and Garth felt the first stirrings of renewed erection in Dick's cock brushing against his forearm.

Garth kissed Dick's spine as he one handedly squeezed lube onto his fingers.

Dick gave another squeeze of his ass cheeks, and for a moment Garth wondered if he would make it inside his lover. He tightened his arm around Dick's waist, urging him to stillness.

"Something about stamina?" Dick teased, but his voice was getting husky again and Garth could feel his cock bobbing.

Garth said nothing, just pulled back slightly, letting his cock spring free, and reached his lubed hand between Dick's cheeks. He passed slick fingers over Dick's asshole, once, twice...

Then he plunged two fingers into his lover, relishing the gasp and the surge of Dick's cock that the move earned him.

"Yeah," Garth whispered, leaning forward as his fingers scissored inside Dick, "something."

"Garth," Dick hissed, opening his legs and pushing back onto Garth's fingers.

Garth slipped a third finger into Dick's ass. All three easily slid their full length into Dick, and Garth felt his balls tightening just from the way Dick writhed against his hand.

"Garth." Now it was a plea.

Garth slipped his fingers from Dick's ass and positioned the head of his cock. Dick's ass bobbed a little, pushing against Garth's cock, seeking to claim it, and Garth could hold back no longer. He reached roughly forward, hooked his hands around Dick's hips and slammed into his lover's body in one hard stroke.

Dick's head flung back with a half strangled cry. "God, Garth!" he panted. "Fuck me!"

Garth pulled back slowly - almost agonizingly so - and pistoned forward again.

Dick's hands crumpled the newspaper on the floor and rough sounds were crying from his throat. "Harder," he begged.

A half haze took over Garth's brain and he pounded forward. Every stroke in drew more gasping pleas from Dick, and every withdrawal the kiss of cooler air against his heated cock.

He picked up his pace, fingers tightening on Dick's hips as he pulled him back and rocked him forward. A shout from Dick, and cum was spraying over the newspaper.

Dick's orgasm sent rippling tremors through his ass, tightening and loosening in a rhythm that countered Garth's thrusts...

And suddenly there was no more control.

Only the explosive pumping of his cock, emptying itself into the hot center of his lover.

"Pallais!" he breathed when breathing was possible again. He eased his cock free of Dick's body and turned Dick over to kiss him.

Dick seemed half asleep as he returned the kiss, and Garth snagged the dust cover from the couch to clean them both. Dick nuzzled against his arm. "Okay," he murmured, "you win."

Garth smiled and kissed Dick's forehead. "Ever since I found you," he answered, snuggling down beside his lover. He idly thought they should move to the bedroom if they were going to sleep, but the morning sunbeams dissuaded him. He wrapped an arm over Dick and pulled him close.

"Stamina's gone," he murmured, and as sleep overtook him, he felt Dick smile against his chest.