Sea and Sky:

Body Surfing

by Hotspur

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Disclaimer: Dick and Garth and Bludhaven belong to DC Comics. They didn't give me permission to do this, but I promise I'm only playing, not looking to profit. The Sea & Sky universe.


Dick stretched on the sand, enjoying the unexpected warmth of a mid-April heatwave. The sun felt nice against his chest and stomach, chasing away the semi-permanent chill that winter in Bludhaven instilled. He began to drowse, his eyes falling closed beneath his sunglasses. The reverie was interrupted, however, by cold droplets sprinkling down on his body.

"Hey!" he yelped, jumping up and scooting away from the source of the sudden shower.

Garth blinked and sat back with a wry expression, denied the kiss he had been leaning in for.

"That water's freezing, Garth!" Dick complained, snaking his towel away from his lover and wrapping it over his bare shoulders.

"Really?" Garth remarked, genuinely oblivious. Certainly the cold of the Sound was not remotely comparable to the deepest ocean, although he supposed it was colder than the waters of the Caribbean.

"Yes, really," Dick confirmed with a hint of annoyance. "Why do you think I didn't want to go swimming with you?"

Garth shrugged and moved closer to Dick, trying to draw him into an embrace.

Dick ducked his arms. "Seriously. Garth, you're radiating the cold. It's still April!"

Garth gave a mischievous smile. "You doubt my ability to warm you up?"

Dick scowled a little. "No. Just -- you hug me with all that cold water on you and there's going to be shrinkage."


"You know, when you're cold, the way your -- you know. It shrinks."

Garth shook his head. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Dick glared. "You know. Your --" His eyes trailed down to Garth's crotch significantly... and stayed there. "Or maybe you don't."

Garth followed Dick's gaze, then raised his eyes with a renewed smile. Before Dick could register what the Atlantean was about to do, he was caught into a fierce hug.

He often forgot how quickly Garth could move when motivated, and he struggled ineffectually against the grip his lover had around his arms. Garth was *cold,* and he could feel his body reacting. As, apparently, could Garth, as he pressed up full length to Dick. "I never noticed this about humans," Garth murmured in his ear. "Interesting."

Dick continued to squirm. "This isn't funny, Garth," he hissed. "Besides --" He trailed off as he felt warmth flooding against his balls.

Garth watched his eyes, then grinned. "I'm covered in water. I can heat it up if I want." Then his grin broadened as he felt Dick's new reaction. "And I definitely want."

Dick bit his lip and glanced around the beach. "Public place," he pointed out.

Garth's eyes darted toward the water.

Dick's eyes widened. "Oh, no. That water's like 35 degrees. My testicles will shrivel so far into my body they'll whither away and die."

Garth shook his head. "We wouldn't want that. Especially now that we've got growth in the right direction down there." He released Dick and caught hold of his hand, tugging him toward the water. "Trust me," he urged as Dick tried to hang back. He murmured words of spell as he walked toward the water, pulling his recalcitrant lover behind him.

Dick set his feet near the water's edge. "Garth--"

"Run out!" Garth challenged, racing ahead. "It'll be fine!"

Dick still hesitated. "Garth--"

But his lover had disappeared beneath the waves and Dick was not ready to give up on the promise that had pressed their bodies together. He took a deep breath and plunged in. He actually gasped as he dove, shock overriding instinct and making that always difficult first breath underwater happen faster than usual.

The water was blood warm.

Dick surged to the surface and spluttered, glancing around to make sure no one on the beach was observing them. Beneath the waves, Garth began sucking on his toes.

Dick started and dove back down to find his lover's lips.

They kissed for a long minute, and then Dick pulled back. "People are going to wonder if those crazy guys drowned," he signed. "The search and rescue guys don't need their day wrecked for nothing."

Garth crinkled his eyes. "Fine," he signed back. "Go back up."

"You?" Dick signaled.

"You'll be splashing enough," Garth signed, his eyes dancing.

Dick gave him a puzzled look before surfacing to tread water. As soon as his head was above water, his trunks were skimmed off his body. He wanted to object, or at least point out to Garth that he needed those trunks later, but his cock was already engulfed by Garth's mouth.

Dick writhed, slapping at the water.

There was no shrinkage now, that was certain. He could feel the blood surging through his groin, stretching his cock to poke at the opening to Garth's throat. He hooked his legs loosely around Garth's shoulders to pull his hips forward as Garth's throat contracted around the head of his cock.

He wanted to scream, but that would definitely make the people on the beach think he was drowning. Garth's hands were gripping the globes of his ass. It was hard to get leverage in the water.

Garth pulled and pushed at his hips to help him piston into Garth's mouth, and he bit at his tongue to keep from crying out. The water began to swirl in current, warmly stroking the length of his crack as Garth held his cheeks apart. He gasped as a mini-whirlpool tickled at the tight pucker of his ass.

"Garth," he spluttered, wondering if his lover could hear him over the splashing he was doing. He almost sobbed as Garth released his cock and bobbed up to the surface. Water still swirled around Dick's privates, caressing his balls and cock and ass just hard enough that it didn't tickle.

"I think you should practice your front crawl," Garth remarked, snugging against Dick so Garth's erection pressed against Dick's hip.

Dick blinked. "Now?"

Garth grinned broadly. "Maybe swim out around that spit of land," he suggested.

The water swirled more forcefully around Dick's groin. Dick's balls were starting to ache. "Garth," he protested half-heartedly.

Garth's eyes glowed for a second. "Trust me," he reassured, ducking back under the gentle waves.

Dick whimpered as Garth pushed at his hips and pulled his shoulders down until Dick was floating face down in the water. The murky water of the sound made Garth seem almost ghostlike to Dick's eyes, but he could still make out an impish grin as Garth caught hold of Dick's cock and used it to pull him forward through the water.

"Swim," Garth mouthed, and Dick forced himself to comply.

Of course, within seconds, his kicking was more than an effort at propulsion. As soon as Dick was moving under his own power, Garth was moving under him, swimming just below Dick's body and managing not to interfere with Dick's limbs. He was close enough to touch, moving fluidly with minimal large body motions, sinuously slicing through the water directly beneath Dick's body.

Dick watched the muscles of Garth's back get closer to his own chest. He felt Garth's ass brush against his cock. He stopped swimming.

Garth shot a reproving look over his shoulder and stopped as well.

Dick accepted his cue. As soon as he was back in motion, Garth bent, just enough to hold open the cheeks of his ass and create a space for Dick's cock to rest. Dick was watching so intently he forgot to pull his face from the water to breathe, forgot he was breathing water from Garth's spell.

He also forgot to question the laws of physics when Garth somehow was able to thrust his body back and claim the head of Dick's cock in his ass. *That* move did draw a cry from Dick's throat, and he kicked his legs harder, now trying to propel himself in as much as forward.

Garth squeezed his ass around Dick's cock, tensing and relaxing in stages to take his entire length, all the while maintaining their swimming pace. Finally, Dick was completely engulfed, and Garth fell into Dick's swimming rhythm.

That was a good thing, because within seconds, Dick's *swimming* rhythm fell apart. Between the water and the clutch and release of Garth's ass, he was ... not so much thrusting himself as being thrust. The currents were supporting him in odd ways, moving him back and forth as he grabbed at Garth's arms and bit at the back of his lover's neck. He was *sweating*, mixing his body's fluids with the ocean, and in minutes, with the help of a forceful wave, he was spilling more fluids into Garth.

He hollered and cried into the water, barely maintaining the fiction of a man out for a cold water swim. Beneath him he saw the water cloud whitely in the shape of a jelly fish that dissolved away, and he knew that Garth had come, too.

He shivered as Garth smoothly pulled away, disengaging them and gaining a little distance. A moment later, he swam right into Garth, who had stopped to tread water. He looped his arms over Garth's shoulders, panting with exhaustion. "Holy --" Dick gasped as he met his lover's dancing eyes.

"Mmm," Garth agreed. "Still think swimming was a bad idea?"

"You know what this means?" Dick replied.


"I so get to fuck you on the jumplines."

Garth blinked, then tossed his head back to laugh. "You're on, fly boy. You're on."