BSG-Nightwing drabble

by 'rith

From 2006: Dick in the Battlestar Galactica universe. DL started it. Starbuck and a new recruit:


"So look, if you're gonna fly with us, you need a callsign. A code name," Starbuck explained.

"Universal constant," she heard him mutter, but she wasn't about to ask. The sooner she got back to her Viper with this "hero," the better. "Call me Nightwing."

She rolled it over on her tongue, tasting the sound of it. "Night-wing. Like a bat?"

Kara never understood why he laughed, then or later, but she knew that particular flavor of resignation tinged with despair. She'd heard the same out of her own throat often enough. "Yeah," he finally said. "Just like a Bat."

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