Taking Aim

by 'rith

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Fandom/Warnings: Nightwing/Arsenal. Explicit m/m sex, language. Stand-alone. AU. Bi!Roy. Did I mention stand-alone? Though a thematic mirror to "On Target," maybe. PWP. Smut biscuit with no redeeming social value. Enough warnings.
Disclaimer: All characters property of DC Comics. What I have done with them is mine.
Blame/thanks for this one is for Carmen (inspiration), Alestar (beta and smut support *choke!* ), and Dannell (encouragement). A lovely trio. :)

"Donna, do me a favor."

She glances over at me. "Hm?"

"Watch Lian for awhile?"

She nods automatically, then follows my gaze to where Nightwing is stretching out after our training session. "I know that look, Roy. What are you doing?"

"Robbie's been a little tense lately."

"‘Lately'? But...*oh.*" She looks at me for a minute, then grins. That's all. I love not having to explain. In that same wordlessly understanding way she hustles the rest of the team out of the gym, leaving me alone with Dick Grayson.

Who, I've already decided, is going to get just what he needs. Even if he doesn't know what that is yet.

"Robbie, your back still bothering you?"

He sighs and grimaces. "Yeah. I can't believe I twisted like that. Haven't done that since I was first starting out with Bruce."

Oh, no you don't. *Last* thing you need is to start thinking about the damn Bat. "Look, why don't you go jump in the hot tub for a bit, and I'll rub it out for you." Nice and casual. Nothing weird going on here, nope. Not like I don't do this all the time; I give the best massages of anyone in the Titans, then and now. Ask anybody.

Robbie just nods and heads over to the whirlpool. Obediently. It's a good sign. I hit the showers and plan my attack. Yeah. "Plan." I do that sometimes. When something's too important not to screw up.

Ready or not, Dick, here I come.

...well, soon anyway, I hope.

I throw on a shirt and shorts, grab up a towel and some oil that's good for more than just massage, and walk back into the gym.

Not for the first time he's surprised me; he's already sprawled out on his stomach on the massage table. I look him over: perfect body and an ass that could tempt an angel to fall. Heh. Maybe I should ask Zauriel for a second opinion on that. Later. Right now, it's all mine.

I put my hands to his shoulders and he tenses for a second, then relaxes completely. Such trust. That floors me, always has, especially since I never earned it. Did everything possible to make sure I fucked up my life as thoroughly as possible, and he absolutely trusts me anyway. That's only one of the reasons I'm doing this.

Another being, of course, that I *want* him.

I run my hands over his skin, finding the knotted muscles. He makes a sound of pleasure low in his throat and it's about all I can do not to go for it right away, but he's gotta unwind first. So I really get to work, loosening him up for everything I want to do to him later. It takes a while but it's totally worth it to see and feel him going boneless under my hands. Finally he's so comfortable he barely murmurs when I touch his hip and make him lift up just enough to pull off his shorts. His ass fills my hands and there's still nothing *too* weird going on, far as he's concerned; muscles and tendons there need to be relaxed just like all the rest. I reach for the oil and "accidentally" drip a little too much down the crack of his butt and try not to grin as he almost-imperceptibly squirms as it slides down. More where that came from, Robbie, just wait.

He's all primed, so I move down his thighs and calves, heading for his most vulnerable spot: his feet. I knead his heel between my hands. My thumbs dig into his instep and I hear him moan faintly. Pressure along the bottom into certain points and he's definitely alert now, moving from "relaxed" to "aroused." Which means he should start to protest right about--

"Uh, Roy, that's good. Feels great. Thanks."

"Hang on, I'm not done here yet." I pick up his other foot and dig in and--

His ears turn red. "No, I'm good, really."

"Oh? We'll see about that." Showtime. I lean over and give a quick lick to the base of his spine, right above the tailbone where all those nerve endings come to rest. I'm expecting him to react and he does, twisting over to stare at me in shock and not even remembering to hide his arousal. Perfect. I don't give him another chance. My hands slide under his ass, lifting him as I bring my head down to taste him.

The sound he makes when my tongue runs down the length of his cock is indescribable.

But damn him, he still finds the breath to protest. Sort of. "Are you sure we should be--doing this?!"

"You mean this?" I pull back just enough to breathe over the tip and see him tremble. "Or *this*?" My hands move forward to caress his balls--lightly, I'm not sure how sensitive he is, but his gasp lets me know it's all good for him. God, his body is made for sex.

"Or how about *this...?" I let one finger trail back and he doesn't speak, but the way he pushes slightly against my hand says volumes. I started this knowing what I wanted from him and I'm fairly sure he'll want it too, once I get him there.

"But maybe you're right. Tell me you want me to stop, Robbie..."

I'm answered with a barely stifled moan and that's it, any chance he had of getting out of here unravaged is gone. Am I taking advantage? Hell, yes. But he needs it and I want it and that's more'n enough reason, as far as I'm concerned. The concept of "unfair" can kiss my ass. Or maybe he'll do that later.

Right now I've got him at my mercy and I'm gonna keep him that way. It's been awhile but I still remember how this works. I take him in, all the way, and he only *just* keeps from bucking up and choking me. Considerate. I work him hard and fast, not giving him the chance to say no. His hand tugs at my hair, it's a warning sign but I'm not going anywhere. His whole body rises up and tenses and then he's coming with this long elegant shudder that goes all the way through him and into me as I swallow him down.

Gasping, he falls back to the table. I just lean over him and grin. He's really gorgeous like this, all flushed and disheveled and, yeah, naked.

After a minute he looks up at me, suddenly suspicious. "You planned this!"

Read me like a book, Robbie. "Yup."

"How *long* have you been planning this?"

"Oh, I figure since the night you stayed up with me, holding my head so I wouldn't puke all over myself." All throughout the hell of heroin withdrawal, he refused to leave me. I hadn't *deserved* that kind of loyalty.

His eyes go wide. "But that was--"

"Ten years ago, yeah, so? You're a hard man to pin down." I don't feel like talking. I slide my hand up his leg and run a finger over his cock. "Or usually, anyway. Slowing down in your old age, Grayson?"

He stirs again under my hand. "I just...didn't know you were interested...."

"Surprise. Now shut up." I bend over and kiss him for the first time. I feel him start and then he's kissing me back, thank God, the "seduction" thing can be fun but I've been wanting to get to the good part with him for way too long.

He lets out a noise that's not quite a gasp, not quite a laugh. "This table isn't very wide."

"True. But the mat is." He's still so surprised by what's going on he doesn't protest when I pick him up and carry him over to the sparring mat. Not as comfortable as a bed, maybe, but if I let go of him long enough for us to walk to the dorm wing he'll have talked himself out of it before we get there. That's the thing about Robbie; you gotta make sure he doesn't *think.* Analytical leader, trained by the Batman, blah blah. That's why Kory was so good for him, way back; she helped him remember what it was like to act on impulse.

There's just too much I want to do, but I think...yeah. I get up and grab the oil, then pull off my clothes and sink back down next to him. "Got to get the rest of you, ya know." I drip it over his chest and follow the drops with my hands. He lies still, watching me touch him, and I'm not sure what's going through his head at all.

Then I feel his hand slip between my thighs and all my plans're utterly derailed. Wally'd be jealous of how fast I move to get my body full-length against his. Jealous of the *speed,* I mean. Ha. Wally would have an aneurysm if he knew what was going on. Guy'll never know what he's missing.

Christ, he feels good. Slick with sudden sweat and the oil I grind against him, his hard-on rubbing mine, and that friction is too much. "Fuuuuuck. Robbie, you cheat--"

He laughs softly in my ear. "Turnabout is fair play." Whatever. I'll make him beg *later.* I thrust against him and he pushes back, we fall right into rhythm. Give and take. His hands on my back. My mouth on his neck. I'm gonna leave a mark on him in more ways than one.

He chuckles again and I realize it's ‘cause I'm cursing nonstop against his throat. Crap. If he's laughing he's not *into* it but right this second I don't care ‘cause he just feels too damn good. My arms're trembling with the effort of holding me over him and then I can't stop it, ohhhhh fuck, *fuck,* yeah!

I collapse panting on top of him. For a minute I just lay there, his arms still wrapped around me and it feels great. I really love this guy. I'm not talking about *pitter-patter O how I love thee O master of my heart* love, but I care about him an awful lot. It's the fact that he cares back I still have to get my head around sometimes. Roy Harper, poster-boy for bad choices. At least I'm certain *this* was a good idea.

I reach for the towel but stop, mesmerized, watching him run a finger through the puddle on his stomach and bring it to his mouth, sucking. It's about the sexiest thing I've ever seen. How the hell did I keep my hands off him all this time? "Do that *again.*"

He does, cleaning himself, and I can't stand it. That mouth. I want to feel it on me and have to remind myself this is supposed to be about *him.*

Think I'll start with a kiss and work my way down.

I move in to start again but he stops me. "What's this about, Roy?"

I give him my patented Roy Harper Smirk[tm]. "What, you're not gonna believe I was suddenly overcome with desire for your irresistible carcass?"

He blushes. Gotcha, Dick. "Um, no?"

"Oh. Well, whatever. You think about it. If you can." Yeah, keep that focus on him. Let's find out what makes him squirm. I've got the feeling it's sorta *everything.*

Instead of going for his mouth I pick up his hand and lick his palm. His eyes flutter closed briefly. Yeah. What I thought. "God, you're hot, Grayson." I say it before I even realize I'm going to. Oh, well. It's true. I bite lightly at the inside of his wrist and his cock twitches. So *easy.* I wonder if I can make him come without hitting any of the traditional spots?

Worth finding out. I like a challenge. I nibble at the inside his elbow, trace a line up to his shoulder. Run my tongue over his collarbone. Drop a kiss on his jugular and just rest my lips there for a second, feeling his life. Then--

Then I sit up to look at him, just look. He's lying there waiting for me to do whatever I want, utterly trusting. There's a little smile on his face and his whole posture says, "take me." Gettin' there, Robbie. But first.

"Close your eyes." He blinks once and then does. Whoever thought he'd take orders from *me* about anything? But hell, I'm not gonna waste the opportunity.

I want to taste him everywhere. He's all laid out in front of me, unbelievably tempting. Yeah, like I'm gonna fight that. I swing a leg over and straddle him, the feel of him under me just *right.* I lean down to kiss his temple, run my tongue along his cheekbone, catch his lower lip lightly in my teeth. He opens his mouth to kiss me. God. His tongue caresses mine, he puts his whole *self* into it and for a long couple of moments I forget where we are, what I'm doing, and just go with it. When I finally break away we're both breathing hard. And his eyes are still closed.

I'm suddenly impatient to get to the rest of it but I've got a challenge in front of me. So I move down, one slow inch at a time. When I reach his nipples I can't help but bite gently and chuckle as his body arcs up. Faster now. His belly button tastes sweet but I'm only there for a second before going on.

My mouth fastens to his hip and I suck, wanting to mark him. He breathes into it, letting me. Tomorrow when he's back in the 'Haven he'll be swinging on a jumpline and feel it when he moves. I like that idea. He's mine, even if just for an afternoon.

I lift his leg and lick his inner thigh and he inhales sharply, but I'm not going where he thinks. I taste him everywhere *except* where he wants my tongue the most. Not that I don't want to, but I've been there already.

Down, farther down to where this all started. I kiss his sole, mouth his big toe, and watch him writhe. My teeth rake lightly over his instep and he gasps and whole body convulses and he comes, just like that. Gorgeously, of course. All flushed and breathless.

Looks too good to waste. I slide up and start licking at his stomach, washing him with my tongue. For a second he just lies there, and then I hit a spot and he--giggles.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me. I hit it again and he laughs and I can't stop myself. "Ticklish, huh?" I ask, and then I'm on him, trying to find all the points where he's most sensitive to attack. He sits up suddenly, trying to grab my hands but I don't let him; and then he twists and somehow I'm pinned under him. I can deal with that.

"I think you've made your--point." He smiles and I'm glad to see it. "Can I play now?" Without waiting for an answer he kisses my throat, nuzzling right into my neck. Cripes. He's not kidding. I want to protest but I can't get the words out. "Dick... *ohhhh...*"

"Mm-hmm." He's so...smug... oh, *fuck.* He's entitled to be. He knows *exactly* where to touch me. For a crazed second I wonder if Donna told him--but no, she wouldn't, he's just that good. Go figure.

He works his way down, his mouth on my nipples, he's relentless, and all I can do is lie there and moan. My stomach. Down lower. He doesn't fool around, just goes right for the goal, the path of least resistance. I'm sure as hell not resisting. I *can't.*

That beautiful mouth doing beautiful things, he's an artist, I'm incoherent.

Except this isn't, I really wanted to, I want--

It takes all the willpower I didn't even know I had to make him stop. I pull him up and kiss him hard. And then I say:

"Turn over."

He doesn't say a word, his eyes, I know he knows where this is going and he rolls over, just like that. The real problem now is keeping myself under control until he's begging for it. I want to hear that.

I stroke down the long line of his back, hands and then mouth, his spine arches and his ass lifts up toward me--oh, Jesus, how'm I supposed to resist *that?* Forget it. My tongue trails down, I hit those nerve endings again and he shivers, and then I go even lower. He *groans* as my tongue enters him. It's good. I want to hear more. I pull out slowly and he actually *whimpers,* I swear this's gonna kill me.

Faintly he says, "Do it..." and my hand reaches under to pump his cock, which is rock-hard and dripping. He shudders and thrusts into my hand and then pushes backward again.

"Do what?" I can't help teasing. It's wrong and evil, I know.


"Say it, Robbie. Tell me what you want." As if he needs the incentive I lean in and glide my tongue against him again.

"F-fuck me... *please.*"

Oh, oh yeah. "Since you asked *so* nicely..." I let one hand skate over his rear while the other reaches for the oil. Neither of us needs a lot of prep but I want to make sure it's as good as it can be.

I slip a slick finger into him and he hisses and shakes and he's ready, I'm way ready, no waiting anymore. I get a hold on his hips and slide forward, my cock barely touches him and he moans. That *sound.* I honestly start to think we won't survive this but fuck, what a cliché, what a way to go.

Inside him. Oh, God. He echoes me aloud. And then he says "More," and my brain short-circuits, I drive all the way in and he cries out like this is what he's wanted all along. He feels--I can't even think, it's-- he's--

Instinct is about all I've got left and I move on him, we move together like a dream. It's gotta be that; because I'm *fucking* Dick Grayson, I've only admired and envied him all my life and he's letting me--

Sweat drips down onto his back, I'm barely aware enough to reach around and stroke his cock. He makes a sound something like a sob and shoves himself back. I can't, I can't hold on, I thrust in hard and he makes that noise again and I do it again and again and he shouts my *name* and tightens around me and I scream my climax into his skin.

Together we fall to the ground, I can't move, think I'll just lie here for awhile and breathe him in. Sweat and sex. Mm.

"I think this mat is done for," he says almost conversationally. I don't know where he finds the energy to talk.

Somehow I do too. Competitive, who me? "Trash it. Get another. Shhh."

He chuckles. "Is this what it takes to shut you up?"

I groan and pull out of him--ah, God--and flop over onto my back. My arms feel like wet noodles. "...Right. Try that next time. In public."

He starts to laugh. "Oh, man, Wally's *face*...."

"Yeah." I just smile at the ceiling. Then I feel his hand touch mine, he takes it and squeezes and I don't have to say a thing. What is, is.

But next time I'm gonna let him do whatever he wants with that mouth.


He MADE me write that last line. The greedy bastard...!

Um. Anyone wanna take him off my hands and write a sequel? *Please?!* He's driving me *mad.*

This bit was from Falstaff:
PoohEG: Roy loves Dick.
I'm not talking about pitter-patter O how I love thee O master of my heart love, but he loves Dick very much, and he's doing this because he cares for him.

You said it. Thanks, Staffie. :)

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