Sea and Sky:

A.j. Writes Slash: A Drabble

by A.J.

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The room was quiet, the only sound a low buzzing emitted by the square window fan and the ever-present hum of distant traffic. It was a warm night in early summer, and while this time of the evening usually involved a rather impressive set of acrobatic feats for the two men entwined on the bed, tonight was special.

It was a night off.

"You awake?" The whisper was soft and intimate. It rolled across skin, and while warm, left distinct gooseflesh in its wake.

"Mmm." Long dark lashes fluttered and revealed sleepy blue eyes. "No. But I can be."

Arms and legs shifted, seeking closer contact. A low chuckle joined the hum and buzz, and the light from an outside streetlamp lit on the merest hint of a grin. "Not if you're tired."

"I'm never tired at this time of night."

Skin shifted again. Had anyone been watching, there would have been no way to tell where one body left off and the other began. Dark hair mingled on the pillow, and in the sepia tones of the yellow streetlight, sheets and skin mingled in an achingly beautiful twist.

"I'm very glad."

And the rest was definitely not silence.


HA! 200 words not including the title! FRIGGIN GO ME!

And happy b-day 'rithy chick!