300 word drabble

by 'rith

Pairing: Bruce/Dick
Archive: ask first, please
Disclaimer: I keep them, wrapped in plastic, for my own amusement. Characters by DC, words by 'rith.

Dick had, apparently, run out of things to do in Bludhaven. It was the only explanation for why he was back in Gotham, swinging alongside Bruce on patrol, mouth running a million miles a second. Just like old times.

But what he was saying--

"Not a once last month. Nothin'. It was just me-- Blockbuster-- and a half gallon of ice cream."

*I could help you with that,* Bruce reflected vaguely, before he ruthlessly quashed the thought. It wasn't *acceptable* to dream about his former ward that way. But watching Dick on the jumpline, muscles rippling with perfect grace, threatened to push him past all limits of repression.

It wasn't any better later, back in the 'Cave, both of them sweaty and wound up and still high on adrenaline not released by an exceptionally quiet patrol. One look at Dick peeling the Nightwing suit from his body had driven Bruce to the weights and punching bags to seek some kind of release.

*I am going to beat this flaw from my body,* he thought with grim determination, taking out his frustration on the equipment.

"I'm heading back to 'Haven," Dick chirped, oblivious. "You need anything, call and I'll be there before you can blink those ruby reds. --You really ought to get some sleep," he said to Bruce's raised eyebrow, "your eyes are as bloodshot as J'onn's." He paused, watching Bruce assault the leather bag. "Or maybe...sleep isn't what you need."

Bruce dropped his hands. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Dick hesitated, then shook his head. "...Nothing. My mistake. I'll see you around." He headed for the 'Cave entrance and his motorcycle, moving quickly.

"You're not wrong," Bruce said, too low to hear as Dick's bike roared to life.

Denial was only possible as long as Dick didn't hear.

{washes hands}

Challenge parameters:

Darklady here - with another evil UN-sex challenge. (I am SO bad!)

Orbs de Azure II

On page 3 of JLA #76 ( very small micro spoiler only)

Plasticman ( Eel O'Brian ) says "Indeed, the legendary CANNON of the verdant viscount of veracity... has gone limp."

True - its in sort of a weird sequence but.... my slash-meter went off the chart.

That wasn't the only slashy line, either.

How about "I'll be there before you can blink those ruby reds."

or "Not a once last month. Nothin'. It was just me - Blockbuster - and a half gallon of ice cream."

and of course...

"I am going to beat this flaw from my body."


I'm asking for drabbles - no specific word count but lets keep this quick - that use one or more of those lines. *grin* Doesn't have to be with the character or speaker that JLA #76 had... although that would be a giggle and a half. And extra points if you manage more then one. (Grand prize to anyone who can get them all.) Minor or strange heroes encouraged.

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