J.C. nudged: "I know you did a non-Bat thing for the challenge, *but* you did say you might try something else later. Here's my plea for Dick/Bruce. I'm sure you could handle 'em for 200 words...I've seen you do it. *Well*. So, what do you say???"


250 words

by 'rith

Pairing: Bruce/Dick
Archive: ask first, please
Disclaimer: I keep them, wrapped in plastic, for my own amusement. Characters by DC, words by 'rith.

"Take me to bed."

The look of shock on Dick's face helps to dissolve the knot of tension that's coiled in Bruce's belly. It had been hard enough forcing the words out past a throat that wanted to constrict around them, keeping them inside where they belonged. Now they were out, and Dick--


He clears his throat and tries again. "Take me--"

"I heard you the first time." Dick's voice is quick, clipped. "What the *hell,* Bruce? Why now?"

Interestingly, Dick doesn't ask about the whys and wherefores, only the timing. Which means this was neither unexpected nor-- he hopes-- unwanted. But he already knows it isn't by the phrasing of the question. The shock is in the fact that Bruce asked, not in what he asked.

He doesn't want to explain himself. But he owes Dick that much.

"I'm tired of pretending I don't need you."

Dick's words come in a fast, almost panicky rush. "You'll never lose me, you know that. No matter what. You don't have to do this to prove--"

"--that I love you," Bruce finishes softly. "That doesn't need proof, Dick."

"Then why?"

Dick's eyes plead for a reason that can banish all his doubts. Bruce doesn't have an answer that good. What he has needs to suffice. "I want to show you. What I can't say. What I can't..." he stops, closing his eyes. It's not enough.

Dick's hand touches his cheek like a blessing, and it's enough after all.


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