'rith's Unfinished Fan Fiction:

Welcome to my page of shame.

There are things here that I would *like* to finish, one day, but the reality of the situation is that I have far too much on my plate already and the odds of me going back to these bits are becoming increasingly slim.

Posting them here because...well, because I wrote them, sad unfinished bits that they are. Unedited: read at own risk.

Smittywing Ages ago, Smitty wrote self-insert fic in which she and Nightwing switched bodies, to hilarious result. Where did I go with the concept? Right into the slash gutter.

postISpy Random Dick/Garth scene that might have happened after Taking Aim: I Spy.

Teen Titans Aqualad Watching the Teen Titans episode that introduced Aqualad gave me bad ideas.

Flux bit SKH's marvelous ongoing genderswap epic Flux inspired this bit of wishful thinking.

And Then They Lived... Not so much unfinished as unsuccessful, a Dick/Babs breakup fic. The idea got lost in translation. Followed by Taken to Task, the metafic where Babs bitches me out for it.

Titans AU Bits out of a Titans AU that Carmen, Falstaff, and I spent months plotting. We generated hundreds of pages of notes and I, of course, got obsessed by one particular Tempest bit. Very little chance now that it'll ever be written, so.

Titans/Legion Another very early project that got started with no idea how the actual *plot* would run (and it theoretically had one), so it didn't get very far. I've posted this one in its rawest form. It's so painfully *earnest* it hurts. Intended to be co-written with Dannell, and her notes are still in the file.

Worlds' Finest: 2991 The end of John Byrne's "Generations" seemed to scream for Bruce/Kal/Lana fic.

Smallville How sad; I started a Smallville fic the day after the premiere and never finished it.

Nakago During my brief Fushugi Yugi obsession, I wanted to write about Nakago, started, and never finished.

Diana/Garth snippet Huh, yeah. Crack. It made sense at the time, except NOT AT ALL.

Cassandra in NML This one just flat doesn't work. (Wow, it's liberating to say that. :) Started as an attempt to get into her head, but really all I ended up doing was rewriting Rucka's NML novel, which was completely unnecessary. Wrong voice entirely, too.

Jesse/Roy dream Not a fic, but a dream I actually had. Roy and Jesse were both drawn by Pelletier in the dream, to make the image even prettier.

S&S AU: Voyeur Babs can't help watching. Very much AU from the bulk of S&S, though.

Grace Choi/Hope Taya An abandoned bit of femslash.

AU, young D/G Can't help playing with the Dick/Garth dynamic...but this one was just meh.

In Brightest Day bits and pieces Haven't touched this since 2002, so....

Jesse's Files Jesse Quick's thoughts on her Titans teammates.

Not Dead, Merely Resting
Fics on the far back-burner.

Roy and Wally talk Clearing the air. This one I really do want to finish, but it needs some serious work.

Donna/Kyle bondage We all know Kyle's a big sub, right? Right.

Batman-Midnighter fic Batman meets his mirror. Gen, yeah, I know.

Legion: Aftermath ...ouch. This is actually the very FIRST fic I started, right after reading Dannell's Mon-El. I haven't touched it in four years, but in some corner of my head, I still pretend I'm going to go back to it someday. Includes some of Dann's notes and a potential scene she wrote.

Dick/Wally Slashing Wally is a challenge, but Carmen and I were *determined,* if cliche-dependent.

S&S bits
The following aren't abandoned by any means, and I'm likely jumping the gun by putting them here, but what the heck, I was on a roll. *g*

Connor and Ollie Connor outs himself to dad.

Thomas Ibn Xu'fassch "Son of the Demon" is still canon to me.

Garth vs. Chemo Just because Garth seems gentle doesn't mean he always is.

Taste Tiny senses snippet.

Dinah vs. Ras Chuck Dixon's 'Big Romance' storyline pissed me off to no end. Dinah doesn't know who Ra's is, MY ASS.

Selina/Bruce Het!Porn. Just short of the juicy bits, sorry.

Kingdom Come Titans Reaction shots after the appearance of the Kingdom Come Titans.

Tim Drake: Profiler A future career for Tim.

The Cassandra Cave A bit of Dinah's reaction to hearing that Bruce got Cass her very own cave.

Garth vs. Deathstroke I wanted to redo Devin Grayson's Nightwing-Deathstroke story for two reasons: to adapt it to S&S and add Garth (duh), and because the idea of *paying Slade off* of a contract as a story resolution violated my sense of the character.

Tim bit Tim was really upset that Bruce revealed his ID to Steph.

Dolphin returns I always said I was going to bring Dolphin back to S&S...but she doesn't come back alone.

Atlantean politics Garth may not want his throne, but it still wants him.

Bedlam Remember Bedlam from World Without Grownups? A random thought about how he might come back.

Random Thoughts
I've got these *things* that aren't ever going to get written. Random thoughts, no real plots attached, just fic-like things I would've liked to see happen at some point. Like this one.

The One Where Donna Hooks Up With...

More to come as I sort through the mass quantities of other unfinished bits.

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