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The Thousandth Man
Two old friends have a new conversation. Cautions: m/m slash implication. 1999.

This story has two variation-sequels, one light, one serious. Both have the same opening scene.
"...More Close Than a Brother."
Two old friends continue their conversation. Cautions: mild m/m slash implication. 1999.
"...With You in Any Water."
Two old friends continue their conversation. Cautions: explicit m/m slash. 2000.

Tempest and Arsenal, by Mondo Joe. Joe did this one specifically for me--what a guy! :) Thanks, man.

Without Masks
Jesse Quick visits Bludhaven--and meets a man she already knows. 1999.

Without Masks: Nightwing
A companion piece to "Without Masks," from Nightwing's POV. 1999.

Running Blind
Jesse Quick keeps a promise made to herself. 2000.

A picture of Jesse drawn for me by the gracious Indigo.

Metafic: 1/20
A short metafic I wrote for Kael's birthday, starring "my boys." :) 2000.

Leaving Delphi
Barbara Gordon and Roy Harper follow up on a connection made in Aya and TBoarder’s "Truth or Dare" (story on the Titans Slash Archive). Cautions: m/f sex. 2000.

Oracle chibi courtesy of the CFAN Adoption Agency, art by Canary Rowe.

A picture of Roy drawn for me by the gracious Indigo.

On Target
Co-written with Dannell. Tensions between Nightwing and Arsenal explode into a confrontation--and more. Cautions: m/m slash. 2000.

Taking Aim
Um. Arsenal catches Nightwing when he's down. How can I write a summary for a smut biscuit? Cautions: EXPLICIT m/m slash. 2000.

Taking Aim: I Spy
So during the above story? Someone...several someones...were *watching.* Cautions: m/m slash implied. 2000.

Roy and Dick, by Bevis. Not that they GOT to a bed.... *G*

Roy does some sunbathing. Explicit nudity. This amazing pic was done by Loki-- tell him how great it is so he does more. :)

After the events of Titans #12, Donna seeks comfort with a friend. Cautions: m/f sex. 2000. Ao3

Centering v2
Remix. After the events of Titans #12, Donna seeks comfort with a friend. Cautions: f/f sex. 2005. Ao3

Nightwing Woke Up Gay
What Nightwing thinks about it all. Sillyfic. 2001.

Truth or Dare: Reverberations
After the "Truth or Dare" party winds down, things start to heat up! *g* Sequel to Aya and TB's "Truth or Dare" fic, available at the Titans Adult Archive. Cautions: m/f sex. 2001.

Dick encounters Poison Ivy in Robinson Park. Cautions: Explicit sex. 2001.

Author's note: I have to admit...the further I get from this story, the more uncomfortable I am with it. If I'd read this story by someone else and the genders were reversed, I'd have called it rape fic. And that's what it is. I'm deeply embarassed that my own gender-prejudices kept me from acknowledging that until long after I'd posted it. Sex without consent is rape...and there's no consent here.
           I don't intend to write fic like this again.

To see the pics that inspired this one...head over to The WingNuts Workshop and play the "Perfect Partner" game. It's the bonus pic, so play through the combinations until you find it! Note the numbers on the pic. Then go over to WingSlash and use those numbers as the password for the bonus gallery pic! Whew! :)

Livia did up two pics for the fic! Cool! Here's the no-text version and the cover version.

Poison Ivy chibi courtesy of the CFAN Adoption Agency, art by Canary Rowe.

Jane Austen Was Right
Donna does some matchmaking. M/F and M/M schmoop. 2002. Ao3

Missing scene from Jane Austen was Right. NC-17. 2005. Ao3

Incontrovertible (200 words)
A Bruce/Dick short. The inevitable happens. 2002.

(Nothing) You Want
Animated series fic. Dick leaves Gotham. 2002.

Based on SKH's Flux series. Cautions: Explicit material. 2002.

250 words
A drabble for the "take me to bed" challenge. 2002.

300 word drabble
A drabble for another DarkLady challenge. 2003.

Dick asks a question. 2003. Ao3

Interview with a Titan: Jesse Quick
Jesse chats with Jimmy Olsen. 2003. Ao3

Drabble. Explicit. 2003.

Stress Reaction
Kyle's feeling the effects of stress. Slash, barely. 2004. Ao3

Kissing Drabbles

Everyone wants a taste. 13 drabblefics. Slash, barely. 2004. Ao3

T-shirt fic
Bruce doesn't like the shirt. Gen, 300 words. 2004.

She's not ready yet. Semi-sequel to Witness. 2004. Ao3

Nightwing Infinite Crisis drabble. 2006.

Triangle. From the Young Justice cartoon. There is always a third option. 2011. Ao3

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Arsenal image from the Project Titans website.

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