A series of stories by 'rith and Dannell Lites. 1999-present.

Dannell passed away on September 16, 2002. Without her encouragement, none of the fiction on these pages would ever have been written. It is my honor to maintain an archive of her work, as she presented it.

This series was nominated in the CFAN 2001 Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards for Best Team Story/Series of 2000.

Overall series rating: PG-13. Higher as marked.

The Birds And The Bats subseries: stories set in the Sea & Sky 'verse involving Black Canary, Oracle, Batgirl, Robin, Superboy, Green Arrow, and/or other DCU characters, generally unrelated to the main S&S storyline.

The Sea and Sky FAQ.

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FLASHBACK Sea and Sky fics
Fiction set before the series began. In chronological order.

Sea and Sky: Berra's Tale by 'rith. Garth's mother tells her story. Circa roughly 24 years ago to present. text version 2001.

Sea and Sky: Context by 'rith. Dick's first. Preceeds The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #1. text version 2002.

Sea and Sky: Reverie by 'rith. Tula dreams about her future with Garth. Circa The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #8. text version 2001.

Sea and Sky: Whatever You Need by Dannell and Rachel. Years ago, Dick had a brief affair with Joe Wilson. Here's how it happened. This is an essential part of the "Sea and Sky" story. Circa The New Teen Titans (vol. 2) #14-31. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Hands by Lucy, who let me steal this drabble for my own use. ^_^ Takes place during "Whatever You Need".

Sea and Sky: Life After Death by nw's chick. Garth doesn't know how. Circa Crisis on Infinite Earths (The New Teen Titans (vol. 2) #14-19) and after. NC-17.

The Birds and the Bats: Accepting by 'rith. Connor Hawke makes a discovery. Circa The Technis Imperative. text version 2002.

Art by GlockGal.
The Series

Sea and Sky I: A Sea Change by Dannell. The story that started it all, because I begged Dannell to write it. Thank you, darlin'. NC-17. text version 1999.

Sea and Sky Ia: A Sea Change (Garth) by 'rith. Garth's perspective on how it began. text version 2001.

Sea and Sky: The Call by nw's chick. Dick and Garth take the second step.

Sea and Sky II (World's Finest II): by 'rith. Tim Drake talks to Dick Grayson about his encounter with Superboy--and learns about Dick's new relationship with Garth. text version 1999.

Sea and Sky III: Something Rich and Strange by 'rith. Nightwing and Tempest explore their new relationship with some plot-unencumbered sex. NC-17. text version 1999.

Sea and Sky IV: Interlude (500 Words) by 'rith. Garth watches Dick as he sleeps. text version 1999.

Sea and Sky V: Full Fathom by 'rith. Nightwing and Tempest explore a new world. R. text version 1999.

Sea and Sky VI: Oracle Interlude 1 by 'rith. Babs finds out. text version 1999.

Sea and Sky VII: Eyes Wide by 'rith. Babs just called; everyone reacts. text version 2000.

Sea and Sky VIII: Bitter Waters by 'rith. Dick makes a decision; Garth reflects. text version 2000.

Sea and Sky IX: Oracle Interlude 2 by 'rith. Babs learns of recent developments. text version 2000.

Sea and Sky: Bruises Under Water by the lovely Chastity Daze. Dick avoids the issue.

Sea and Sky X: Three Words (a Titans moment) by 'rith. Donna has a few words with her teammate. text version 2000.

Sea and Sky: Prelude: Affairs of State by 'rith. Garth asks a question. 2003.

Sea and Sky XI: El Dorado by Dannell. On the edge of No Man's Land, Dick meets an angel. NC-17. text version

Sea and Sky XII: The Next Best Thing by Dannell. In which certain Truths come to light. R for adult themes. text version

The Birds and the Bats: First Impressions by the delightful (and delightfully corruptible :D) Smitty. When Dinah met Barbara.

Sea and Sky XIII: Fever Dreams/"And Then I Woke Up" by 'rith and Dannell. Truth and consequences. text version 2000.

Sea and Sky XIV: Shadow of the Bat by 'rith and Dannell. The final hurdle. R for adult themes. text version 2000.

Sea and Sky XV: Emergence by 'rith. Dick comes home. NC-17. text version 2000.

Sea and Sky XVI: Interlude 2 (500 words) by 'rith. Dick watches Garth as he sleeps. text version 2000.

Sea and Sky XVII: Ghost of a Chance by 'rith, epilogue by Dannell. "Vacation, all I ever wanted...." After everything, a time to rest. (Check out the pic for this one in the file: Dick, Garth, and a friend. *g*) R. text version 2000.

"Ghost Stories": A subset of fics set in the "Ghost of a Chance" week.

Sea and Sky: PWP (500 words) by 'rith. It's short, it's smut, it's sweet. ;) NC-17. text version 2000.

Sea and Sky: Four Days by the wonderful nw's chick. She knows them oh, so well. Perfect. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: A Night in Greece by the always-amazingly sweet MellyPol. Just a lovely moment. ;)

              The guys in Greece. A pic by Ikaris.

Sea and Sky: Report by the insightful Darklady. Meanwhile, back in Gotham....

Sea and Sky: Conversation by 'rith. The news gets around.... 2002.

Sea and Sky XVIII: A Thousand Regrets by Dannell. Dick makes his peace with Jean-Paul...and himself. text version

Sea and Sky: Neighbors by 'rith and skh. The guys don't live in a vacuum. What do the neighbors think? 2001.

The Birds and the Bats: Seeking by 'rith. Connor goes looking for answers. Sequel to Accepting, above. text version 2002.


Sea and Sky XIX: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Tower by 'rith. They *thought* they were just going to visit Babs.... text version 2001.

The Birds and the Bats: A Bird, A Bat, and One Dark Knight by 'rith. Canary goes on patrol with Batgirl and makes a decision. 2001.

Sea and Sky XX: Revelations and Conversations by Carmen, 'rith, and Elay. "The one where everyone finds out." Annotations still being added. text version 2003.

The Birds and the Bats: Telling by 'rith. Connor finds out he's not the only one. 2002.

Sea and Sky: untitled by Carmen. Grant's still confused.

Sea and Sky: Mode #3 by Hotspur. Dick's got a third mode. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Strange Visitor by 'rith. Clark checks in. 2002.

Sea and Sky: untitled by Carmen. Continued reactions.

Sea and Sky: Sparring by 'rith. Bruce and Clark chat. 2002.

Sea and Sky: Explanations by nw's chick. Telling the Titans was *easy.*


Sea and Sky XXI: Transitions by 'rith. Time passing. text version 2002.

Sea and Sky XXII: Diplomatic Relations by 'rith. Dinner with the in-laws. text version 2002. Ao3

Sea and Sky: Boundaries by Smitty. Batman draws the line.


Sea and Sky XXIII: "When Titans Attack!" by 'rith. The Titans come to 'Haven. text version 2003.

Sea and Sky XXIV: Beneath the Waves by Dannell. Garth visits some old friends in Atlantis.

Sea and Sky: Visitation by 'rith. Dick dreams. 2003.

              Tula in variant costume, by Elay.

Sea and Sky: Louder Than Words by Chicago. Batman makes a gesture. See more of Chicago's fic at her homepage.

Sea and Sky: Affairs of State by Elay. Mera sets her plan in motion.

Sea and Sky: The Lapdance by SKH. Nightwing plans a special homecoming for a long-absent Tempest. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Debrief by 'rith. "While you were out..." 2003.

Sea and Sky: Drabble, 150 words by 'rith. Written for the Batslash challenge. R. 2001.

Sea and Sky XXV: Debut by 'rith. The Wayne Enterprises reception. text version 2004. Ao3

Sea and Sky: Postscript 1 by Chicago. That night. See more of Chicago's fic at her homepage. R.


Sea and Sky: Postscript 2 by 'rith. A little identity fallout. 2004.

Sea and Sky: Postscript 3 (The Last to Know) by 'rith. A little more identity fallout. 2005.

Sea and Sky: Postscript 4 by 'rith. Selina needs the last...word. NC-17. NOT YET POSTED.

Sea and Sky XXVI: Diplomatic Relations II by 'rith. Dinner with the *other* in-laws. 2005. Ao3

Sea and Sky: Small Moments by 'rith. A morning PWP. NC-17. text version 2000.

Sea and Sky: untitled by nw's chick and 'rith. The cops fic. NOT YET POSTED text version

Sea and Sky: Rough Love by my good buddy ManEaterLad. Dick has some tension to work out. (You can see more of MEL's work at The DC Slash and Adult Archive and at his own page, The Dark Justice Archive.) NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Downshift by 'rith and Smitty. The guys take a ride. NC-17. 2005.

Sea and Sky: Interview with a Titan by 'rith. Garth chats with Jimmy Olsen. 2003. Ao3

Sea and Sky: Babel by 'rith. Post-story reactions. 2005.

The Birds and the Bats: untitled by 'rith. Talia, after Babel. 2005.

Sea and Sky: Best Laid Plans by Chicago. Rewrite of Nightwing #50.

Sea and Sky: Connection by Chicago. Kyle puts the pieces together. Circa Queen of Fables.

              Meanwhile: Gods of Gotham.


Sea and Sky: Officer Down by 'rith. Barbara and Garth wait while the others chase down Jim Gordon's shooter. 2003.

              Meanwhile: Donna and Roy break up (circa Titans #25).

Sea and Sky: Harmony and Discord: Many Voices by Kael. How many kinds of culture shock should one Ambassador have to face? [Special note: this is a revised version of Kael's original fic, which she graciously went above and beyond the call of duty to alter to suit this timeline.]

Sea and Sky: untitled by Elay. The Atlantean Embassy opens. NOT YET POSTED.

Sea and Sky: A Reality-Based Fairy Tale by nw's chick, who loves these guys like I do. Domesticity sets in...but it's not all smooth sailing. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Issues by Chicago and 'rith. Something's bothering Garth. text version 2003.

              Meanwhile: Black Canary takes a dip in a Lazarus pit. Her powers are restored.

Sea and Sky: A Drabble by A.J. 200 lovely words.


Sea and Sky: Cavernous by 'rith. A rewrite of Gotham Knights #18. Bruce finds comfort in an unexpected place. text version 2001.

              Meanwhile: Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) is resurrected.

Sea and Sky: Well Met by Moonlight by Bevis. A beautiful picture by moonlight. Bevis drew a gorgeous picture for this one, too!

Sea and Sky: Our Worlds at War by 'rith. NOT YET POSTED


Sea and Sky: Flag by 'rith. Fourth of July fireworks. 2002.

Sea and Sky: Popsicle by Hotspur. It's *really* hot out. NC-17.


Sea and Sky: Breakup by Chicago. Bruce thinks he knows why. Circa the Catwoman series start.


The Birds and the Bats: The Scientific Method by 'rith. Love don't come easy. NOT YET POSTED.

Sea and Sky: Sunday by one of my favorite writers, nw's chick. The guys establish a Sunday tradition. (You can see more of the chick's work at nw chick's homepage.) R.

The Birds and the Bats: Same as it Ever Was by 'rith. Dinah's conflicted about Ollie's return. 2002.


Sea and Sky: Bad Dreams by Carmen. Certain events in the Titans comics really WERE just bad dreams for Our Heroes. ;)

Sea and Sky: Dinner Date by Hotspur. The guys meet for dinner and hot sex ensues...as usual. ^_^ NC-17.


Sea and Sky: Vocalization by 'rith. Afternoon, on the couch. From a pic by Glockgal! NC-17. text version 2003. Ao3

Sea and Sky: Housewarming by Chicago. Dick and Garth move out of Clancy's apartment building into a house of their own near the waterfront.

Sea and Sky: Workout by 'rith. Also known as "the sweaty gym fic." *g* NC-17. text version 2001.

Sea and Sky: Callings by Chicago. When the JLA vanishes, others must carry on in their stead. Circa The Obsidian Age. See more of Chicago's fic at her homepage.

Sea and Sky: Duty by Chicago. Monitor duty means something different during The Obsidian Age. NOT YET POSTED.

The Birds and the Bats: untitled by 'rith. NOT YET POSTED.

Sea and Sky: Nightmare by Hotspur. It's a rough night. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening by nw's chick. Garth takes a moment to stop.


Sea and Sky: Quitting by nw's chick. Garth and Bruce discuss Dick’s continued employment at the BPD.


Sea and Sky: Safe and Dry by Sevenall. With Garth, you need to pay attention.


Sea and Sky: Drought by 'rith. Followup/sequel to "Safe and Dry." 2005.

Sea and Sky: untitled by 'rith. A bit of Garth's POV during "Drought." 2005.

Sea and Sky: Superfluity by 'rith and nw's chick. An epilogue to "Drought." NC-17. 2005.

Sea and Sky: Salt and Sugar by Sevenall. They are neither of them that responsible.

Sea and Sky: Head Over Heels by Sevenall. The prince was used to pretty legs being waved in his face and the little mermaid had nothing he hadn't seen before.


Sea and Sky: Do You... by 'rith. Roy asks a question. 2004.


Sea and Sky: Olympic Trials: Sink or Swim by Sevenall. Commenting on the Olympics reveals even more about the commentators.

Sea and Sky: Olympic Trials: Fish or Fowl by Sevenall. Commenting on the Olympics reveals even more about the commentators.

Sea and Sky: untitled by 'rith. Donna asks a question. 2006. Ao3

Sea and Sky: Family by Chicago. Tim makes a decision.

Art by GlockGal.

Unplaced (will be amended once the timeline has been revised)

Sea and Sky: And This is My Beloved by the gorgeously talented SKH. Garth gives praise to Pallais for his Beloved. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: In the Mirror by nw's chick. Beauty's in the eye of the beholder. R.

Sea and Sky: For Show by nw's chick. Performance time. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: The Show Must Go On by nw's chick. Performance time redux. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Kitchen PWP by Smitty. There's cleaning and then there's cleaning.... NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Whatever You Want by nw's chick. Is it possible to be *too* accommodating? NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Untitled Shmoop by 'rith. Something isn't quite right in the state of Bludhaven. text version 2001.

Sea and Sky: Gliding Effortlessly by the marvellous Tangerine. A night in Titans' Tower. PWP. Oh, I swoon! NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Foundering by SKH. Dick needs rescuing. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Peeping Tom by Bevis. Spying brings its own reward. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Tofu and Good Taste by the terrific Gabriel Orion. I needled Gabriel until he wrote this for me. Guest starring Connor "Green Arrow" Hawke!

Sea and Sky: under by nw's chick. Dick needs some tlc. R.

Sea and Sky: Breakfast of Champions by Hotspur. It's a VERY good morning off. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Ties by nw's chick. Simple things stir old memories.

Sea and Sky: A Good Day by Casey. Written for a solo challenge. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Happy Returns by Hotspur. All work and no play makes Dick something something. *g* NC-17.

Sea and Sky: PWP by Hotspur. A scorching hot moment. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Vocabulary by 'rith. Wordplay. 2003.

Sea and Sky: Touch by 'rith. Dick sees. 2003.

Sea and Sky: Equilibrium by Domenika. Oh, man, I can't believe I bullied Nika into writing this for me. *glee* NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Laundry Day by Hotspur. Laundry is more fun with two. NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Body Surfing by Hotspur. Water play. *g* NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Groceries by Hotspur. Anything to avoid putting the groceries away.... NC-17.

Sea and Sky: Missing by nw's chick. A homecoming. R.

Sea and Sky: Happily Ever by Smitty. Fairy tales do come true.

Sea and Sky: Hot and Cold by the brilliant and beautiful Sevenall. The differences that define them.

Sea and Sky: Flavors by Chicago. Garth dreams in flavors.

Sea and Sky: Routine by Chicago. Dick's had a hard day.

Sea and Sky: The Caramel Ice-Cream Alternative by Kael. There are alternatives to overwork.

Also, many half-written pieces of shame on the Unfinished page.

Sea and Sky metafics and AUs

Sea and Sky: Pretty in Fuschia by the lovely Kael. People keep channeling me. ;) Dick drops by to chat...why doesn't this REALLY happen?! *g*

Metafic: 1/20 by 'rith. A short metafic I wrote for Kael's birthday, starring "my boys." :) 2000.

Sea and Sky: Red Tide by Carmen. S&S AU. Garth goes through some...changes.

Sea and Sky: The Storm by Chicago. AU...? A scene that may or may not come to pass.

Garth, by Phil Jimenez.

Lise wrote me a feedback-poem! Wow!

'the water, cold and endless, he saved me from
I can't fall in as deep anymore, those lines
of his chest tie me here
you tie me here, in all the good ways
that mean I don't miss those oceans.'

A pause for shameless begging: Are you an artist? Do you do photomanipulations? If so -- would you please do a picture of Dick and Garth for me? *g* I'm artistically impared. I depend on the contributions of others to bring these guys to life in pictures. I'd love to add more.

Related Drawings and Manipulated Scans.

A picture of the guys drawn for me by the lovely Kaylee, who helped incite this paring into a series.

A *color* version of the guys drawn by the lovely Kaylee and colored by Rachel Ehrlich.

The fabulously talented GlockGal has done a bunch of Sea and Sky fics! *dances happily* Tell her how gorgeous they are!
The guys. Yum.
Another equally yummy picture of the guys.
A specific scene... "She'll call back!" *G*
Dick solo.
The "brothers" at play. Not S&S related, but still adorable. ;)
A watercolor of the guys.
Oh. Lord. Here's an amazingly sexy pic. *Beautiful.* Explicit nudity.
The five original Titans--photoshoot!
Nothing like a hug when you need one most.
Watch that foot.... See Vocalization for the fic this one inspired. :)
Up against the wall.
Sad Garth.
Visit GlockGal's homepage for more!

A composite pic of the guys contributed by the inspired Rachel Ehrlich! And she did this one of her own free will, even, no nagging involved! *grins* She's asked me not to post her email, but I'll gladly pass comments along....

An absolutely lovely pic of Dick and Garth by Elay. I swoon. :)

Treasure from San Diego: Tempest, by Phil Jimenez. From the guy who made me love Garth in the first place. :)

Garth and Dick, by Mr. Cellophane. Rrrrrrrrrr. Naked guys. Explicit nudity.

Robin and Aqualad by Maus. Dannell found this one; not implictly slashy, but just so cute. :)

Robin and Aqualad by Maus, beautifully colored by Rachel.

Sleeping Beauty by Japanese fan Leono. An absolutely gorgeous pic of sleeping Dick. Leono has many more wonderful illustrations at her website, the WingSlash Workshop. Nudity.

*snerk* Fashion will out. ;) By Rachel.

A request beautifully fulfilled, by Norma. Visit the artist's page here: the Orb of Stars.

Robin and Aqualad, by the incomparable George Perez.

tale.weaver has done a series of amazing manipulated scans. Such a clever lass! Take a look, and also see her photomanips below.
Temptation. Nightwing and Tempest in action.
All Tied Up. The REAL cover of Nightwing #57 (it's all fun and games till someone's costume gets torn). Explicit nudity.
Heart to Heart.

Bevis drew these pics of the guys. I'm still in awe. They're so incredibly beautiful.
Garth and Dick. Nudity.
Sleeping. Nudity.
In the shower. Explicit nudity.

Dick and Garth, by the splendid Sae. TBoarder won the "hit" pic on her website and asked her to do one for me! *smooches* to both of you!

Me and my boys! *grins* I adore this one by Kerrie Smith.

I've been indoctrinating domenika into the wonderful world of DC comics. She's retaliated by providing me with manipulated scans of the guys. It's more than a fair trade. ;)
Ready or not
Bad boy
Mmm, yes...

A very nifty Tempest by Novadaz. Explicit nudity.

Illustrations by Shadow! Check out his site at Slashing Out.
Nightwing illo and the process of drawing it.

A very nifty Dick and Garth by Livia. Oooo, neat!

Stormyluck has been sending me these utterly beautiful illustations.
Guys kissing = Yum!.
Guys in the tub. Pretty!
Guys in bed. Guh. Nudity.

Two pretty Nightwings from wingless: uncolored and colored.

A terrific Nightwing sketch by gene lee. Thanks again!

MEL has been experimenting with photoshop, coming up with these nifty images!
Kneel. Explicit nudity.

Iceman did up this gorgeous pic -- for more of his excellent work, check out his website (especially the JLA comic!) *g*

A new fabulous Tempest pic by K.K. Glinka-- check out that gorgeous seascape!

Related Photomanipulations.

A photomanip picture of the guys by Mazer! Wow!

Rachel has been doing a wonderful series of photomanips. Take a look!
The first one. Fabulous! Here you can find details on how she put it together, step by step.
A day at the beach.
The guys get cuddly. That smile floors me. :) And the shorts were Rachel's idea--perfect!
My favorite so far. This one--oh, this one, I adore. Just *look* at them!
Greg Louganis as Garth. How cool is that? :)
Underwater Greg as Garth.
Garth in the tub. Ooooooh. *g*

The king of photomanips, Mondo Joe, graciously allowed me to post these here.
First pic: Tempest
Second pic: Another Tempest
Third pic: Young Garth
Fourth pic: Just because, Arthur in his blue costume that was the inspiration for Tempest's current one.
Fifth pic: Garth and his best (girl) friend Donna.
Sixth pic: Not technically S&S but oh, so tempting -- young Dick and Garth. Mmmm.
Seventh pic: Nightwing poses.
Visit Joe's homepage for more!

Mystery solved! This Tempest photomanip is by Daryn.This one's got--what's the phrase? *g*-- explicit nudity.
He's also donated three Nightwing photomanips here and here and here. Thanks again!

Nightwing photomanip by Steve. Nightwing spends some...personal time. Mmm. Explicit nudity.

Tempest photomanip by Bevis. The artist says: "Tempest dressed in his brand new (waterproof) body paint costume, because he felt that Nightwing wasn't giving him enough attention with the outfit as it was. It also gives him a chance to show of an as unyet seen aspect of his magic powers." Yum. Explicit nudity.

tale.weaver has done a series of incredible photomanips of the guys. I can't say how pleased I am that she chose these guys as her subjects!
All Wet. A different view of Tempest. ^_^
Sweet Salt. Outside fun. Explicit nudity.
Slippery When Wet. *drooling now*
Free Floating. Guys. Beach. SO hot. And nobody's *quite* naked, even.... ;)
Nap Time. A moment of rest. Nudity.
Live Action. Fully clothed, but WHOA.... *g*
Picture perfect. Sex on the beach. Explicit nudity.
Temptation Who *wants* to resist?

MEL has jumped into the photomanip game, with great results!
In the pool.
On the beach.
In the waves.
Out of the pool. Nudity.
The guys get busy. Explicit nudity.

Tempest by Millennium Bum. Visit his homepage for more!

The terrific guys over at the GLAFiles2 list help feed my obsession. :) Here are three Dick/Garth photomanips from Titans week:
Tempest by Jordan Kent.
Dick and Garth, by Jordan Kent.
A stunning Sea & Sky cover, by Mr. Cellophane.

Loki sent me these absolutely gorgeous pics. He must be encouraged to do more. Much, much more.
Garth poses.
Dick poses.
Waterfall. Explicit nudity.

Nightwing by Casey.

Quest Art by Steve Walker. Amazing illustrations that look *just* right for the guys.

Manips by Ikaris. Really, really beautiful. Tell him you think so too!
Garth gives praise.
The guys in Greece. Nudity.
Backdrop to a kiss.
Pillow talk.
The guys' favorite girl.
Pretty bird!

NW's chick has gotten into the photomanip game! Wheeee! ^_^
Garth. Nudity.

The first in what I will hope will be a series by JC, for The IMIJ Factory (search under DCG for more of his work).
Kissing on the beach.
Missing you.
Nightwing poses.
Nightwing: Exhibitionist. Explicit nudity.
Aqualad: Exhibitionist. Explicit nudity.
Wet and Wild. Explicit nudity.

I get the best presents. *g* Fabulous Sea and Sky covers, by Shadow! Check out his site at Slashing Out.
Issue #1.
Issue #2.
Issue #3.
Tempest manip.

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