Quest Art

Pics that fit my boys too well. All art by Steve Walker, from his website. Lots more there; these are the ones most appropriate for the guys.

Titled "Days You Remember." Garth doesn't miss Atlantis, but....

Similar theme.

Similar theme. All the water imagery really makes it fit.

Love the casual poses.

Garth leaves.

Titled "Oceans Between Us." Dick waits for Garth to come home.

Dick waits for a call.

Dick in the 'Haven, Garth at the Tower.

Mmm. That's just sexy.

Probably my favorite image.

Garth in snow. Oh, *baby.*


Comfort again.

Titled "Tempest." Heh.

Could be anyone, but I like it.


Sunday morning.

No sense moving when you're that comfortable....

Moving day. Future fic, maybe.

Looks like Clark and Bruce to me.