'rith's Other Characters Fan Fiction

Two Bullets
Oracle reflects on one man's fate. 1999. Ao3
This story was nominated in the CFAN 2000 Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards for Best DC Story of 1999.

A Pause, Before...
In my head, the fictives gathered.... A Subreal story. 1999.

Truth from the Edge of Armageddon
A quick reaction-fic to JLA #41; Bruce and Clark think about what was said. Cautions: m/m slash implied. 2000.

Waiting For...
Carmen has this whole Kyle/Connor series in her *head,* see. So for her birthday I wrote her this, trying to get it out. *g* Cautions: m/m slash implied. 2000.

These Vicious Things
Written after reading Batman: Fortunate Son. Bruce remembers something he'd rather forget. Cautions: m/m slash implied. DarkFic. 2000. Ao3
This story was nominated in the CFAN 2002 Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards for Best DC Story of 2001.

Bruce gets something he needs. Cautions: m/m sex. 2000.

Restoration: Kal-El
Kal gets something he needs. Mirror-POV. Cautions: m/m sex. 2002.

The DCU Woke Up Gay
Everybody's doing it--waking up gay, that is! Sillyfic. 2001.

Drabble, 150 words
Written for the Batslash challenge. Cautions: m/m slash implied. 2001.

"In Brightest Day..." Part One.
Barbara Gordon, a ring, a decision, and a legacy to uphold. The first part of what's turning out to be an ongoing story, and one that I want to get right. 2001.

"In Brightest Day..." Part Two.
Telling the world. 2002.

"In Brightest Day..." Part Three.
A visitor, the new Oracle, and Barbara's first mission. 2002.

In Brightest Day-verse drabble. 2006.

This gorgeous manip was both unexpected and VERY much appreciated. Courtesy of Philip S.

Comme si, Comme ša
Exploring two possibilities for the Batman's divided psyche. Cautions: m/m slash implied, adult themes. 2001.

Oracle: Six Stories
Based on Darklady's challenge: 150-200 word fic, Barbara Gordon, romance, NOT Dick Grayson. 2001. Ao3

Two, Divided by Zero
During Zero Hour, Oracle encounters someone she knows too well. 2001. Ao3

K/C Challenge Fic
Darklady posted a challenge: write two characters NOT having sex. These poor boys.... Cautions: m/m slash implied. 2001.

Needs Must: April 1946
Doctor Mid-Nite I/Wildcat. Sometimes need takes you to strange places. Cautions: m/m slash. 2001. Ao3

Needs Must: Prologue
Doctor Mid-Nite I/Wildcat. How it began. Cautions: m/m slash. 2002. Ao3

Sacrifice (Paula)
Paula Brooks and Joan Dale, set during James Robinson's "The Golden Age". 2002.
For Joan's pov: Sacrifice (Joan) by Carmen.

Jane Austen Was Right
Donna does some matchmaking. M/F and M/M schmoop. 2002. Ao3

Missing scene from Jane Austen was Right. NC-17. 2005. Ao3

Jack/Sand drabble
A drabble for the "take me to bed" challenge. 2002.

50 word fics
Four 50-word virgin vignettes. 2002.

Dragon and Tempest
Draco gets another perpective. 2002.

Draco meets someone new during NML. 2002.

Draco illustration by KJ

Zatanna muses during JLA 68. 2002.

A Zatanna/Constantine drabble. 2002. Ao3

Everything freezes, even grief. Guest-starring Ice. Written for the 4colorheroines fic challenge. 2005. Ao3

After Life
Between one moment and the next. 2002. Ao3

untitled #16
Jim Gordon muses over current events. 2002.

A Batman/Mr. Terrific II drabble. Slash is in the eye of the beholder. 2002.

A Dr. Occult drabble. 2003.

Oracle sees. SPOILERS for Flash #197-200. 2003. Ao3

She's not ready yet. Semi-sequel to Witness. 2004. Ao3

(of a) Kind
Two veterans share their stories. 2003. Ao3

Diana/Bruce drabble
A 300 word exorcism. 2004. Ao3

How the Witch Canary Got Her Prize (1)
A glimpse into an AU. 2004. Ao3

Workshop fic: Diana
For the DexCon Workshop. Extraordinary characters in ordinary circumstances. 2004.

Lyta Hall is screaming. 2004.

In a time of war. Jay/Alan, 100 words. 2004.

Dian dreams, too. 2005. Ao3

Batman Begins shortfic
Movieverse. Joe Chill's assassin had a name. 2005. Ao3

Tristan and Isolde 3000
Hawkman/Camelot 3000 crossover. I was dared. 2005.

No Good Deed
Genfic. "Welcome to Arkham." 2005. Ao3

Skyrocket drabble/extended version
Teeny Power Company bit. 2006.

Jack Knight Infinite Crisis drabble. 2006.

Talia al-Ghul Infinite Crisis drabble. 2006.

All Along the (Animated) Watchtower. DexCon ficlet with Carmen and Heatherly. 2006.

Letifos drabble. 2006.

Vixen drabble. 2006.

Superman Returns ficlet 1. 2006. Ao3

Superman Returns ficlet 2. 2006. Ao3

The Canary Stories

Stories in the Sea & Sky sequence featuring the Black Canary. Minimal slash content, if any.

The Birds and the Bats: First Impressions by the delightful (and delightfully corruptible :D) Smitty. When Dinah met Barbara.

The Birds and the Bats: A Bird, A Bat, and One Dark Knight by 'rith. Canary goes on patrol with Batgirl and makes a decision. 2001.

The Birds and the Bats: Same as it Ever Was by 'rith. Dinah's conflicted about Ollie's return. 2002. Ao3

The Connor Stories

Stand-alone stories in the Sea & Sky sequence featuring Connor Hawke.

The Birds and the Bats: Accepting by 'rith. Connor makes a discovery. 2002.

The Birds and the Bats: Seeking by 'rith. Connor goes looking for answers. 2002.

The Birds and the Bats: Telling by 'rith. Connor finds out he's not the only one. 2002.

Other Stories

Stand-alone stories in the Sea & Sky sequence featuring other characters. Minimal slash content, if any.

The Birds and the Bats: untitled by 'rith. Talia, after Babel. 2005.

The Birds and the Bats: The Scientific Method by 'rith. Love don't come easy. NOT YET POSTED.

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