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Anamnesis Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run. Summary: On the anniversary of Lyle Norg's death, Brainiac 5 dreams of his friend. Cautions: Character reflection. Very tame m/m slash. Author's note: The first story I finished, and still one of my favorites. 1999. Ao3

Someone Borrowed (Jo's Version) Era: CLASSIC, circa LSH 239 (Starlin). Summary: Set directly after Ultra Boy was accused of murder and then exonerated. Mon-El comes to apologize to Jo for not believing in his innocence, and Jo wants more than "I'm sorry!" Cautions: PWP. Explicit m/m slash. 1999.

Someone Blue (Lar's Version) Era: CLASSIC, circa LSH 239 (Starlin). Summary: As above, in Larís POV. Cautions: PWP. Explicit m/m slash. 1999.

Violet's Tale Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run: post-Universo Project. Summary: Shrinking Violet writes about her life. Cautions: Character reflection. Non-explicit f/f romantic relationship. 1999. Ao3

Another Titleless Legion PWP! Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run. Summary: A sparring session in the Legion gym turns into something more for Timber Wolf and Karate Kid. Cautions: PWP. M/M slash. 1999.

Ritual Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run. Summary: The White Witch has a dilemma only Sun Boy can resolve. Cautions: Adult themes and discussion, no onscreen sex. 1999.

Firedance Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run. Summary: A night on the town for Shrinking Violet and Sun Boy. A sequel to Dannell Litesí "Wolf in the Fold" and an addition to 'rith's "Violet's Tale." Cautions: Explicit m/f sex. 1999.

Solace Era: GAP. Summary: Tasmia Mallor and Jo Nah find comfort in each other after the death of Tinya Wazzo. 1999.

Redemption Era: POSTBOOT. Summary: The way the White Triangle Saga should have ended! 1999.

Sean's apology Era: GAP. Summary: Jan/Sean snippet, post LSH #50. 1999.

Love, Like Lightning Era: CLASSIC. Summary: The explicated life of Ayla Ranzz. 2000. Ao3

Homecoming Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Vi comes home. Immediately follows "Love, Like Lightning." Caution: f/f sex. 2000. Ao3

Movements of Fire and Shadow Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Shadow Lass helps Sun Boy deal with his fears. Caution: Nonexplicit m/f sex. 2000.

Shady, by GlockGal!

Speaker Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Projectra hears. 2003.

Thing I am not writing: Harry Potter = the original Legion. My brain on crack. livejournal post, July 2007.

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