'rith's Fringe Fan Fiction

Someone Borrowed: a romance in four extremely short parts
Olivia is living Fauxlivia's life. Though the world is falling down, there are compensations. And fallout. 2011. Ao3

Olivia wasn't the only one who was replaced. 2011. Ao3

Quantum Entanglements series

Paradigm Shift
There's a lot to process. Post-"Bloodline," Charlie/Lincoln. 2011. Ao3

Cracks in the Foundation
Lincoln has too many doubts. Post-"Bloodline." Sequel to Paradigm Shift. 2011. Ao3

Worlds Collide
It's not as much an investigation as a rescue, and then it's something else entirely. 2011. Ao3

Fringe and The Dark Tower

Because there are so many parallels.

Drabble. The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. 2011. Ao3

[The Talisman] Travelers
Olivia meets a traveler on his way home. 2011. Ao3

Daughter of the Tower
Olivia's father on (two, four) levels of the Tower. 2011. Ao3

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