'rith's World's Finest Series

The World's Finest Series: Robin and Superboy.

World's Finest I: Getting to Know You Superboy gets to know fellow teenaged crimefighter Robin a little better. Cautions: m/m slash. 1999.

World's Finest II: "But What Does It *Mean?*" Tim Drake talks to Dick Grayson about his encounter with Superboy. Cautions: Adult topics, m/m slash themes. 1999.

World's Finest III: Game, Set, Rematch! Robin and Superboy meet up again. Cautions: m/m slash. 2001.

World's Finest IV: Finer Friends Robin figures things out. Cautions: m/m themes. 2001.

World's Finest: Epilogue Rob and Kon come to terms. Cautions: m/m themes. 2001.

One of my favorite line drawings of the guys. Steamy and sexy, by Bill Delaney. I picked this one up at a convention a couple of years ago and I finally got my scanner working--woo-hah! :)

Kon and Tim get comfy. Art by GlockGal, everyone swoon!

What Really Matters by Bevis, who's asked me not to post his email, but I'll gladly pass along feedback. This is an AU future for Tim and Kon; I was tremendously flattered that Bevis used World's Finest as a starting-point. Cautions: explicit m/m slash.

What Really Matters illustration! Explicit nudity.

After the World's Finest: Further Tales of Superboy.

Diversion. Two years later. 2003.

Close Encounter. Four years later. 2003. Ao3

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