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All good things must end: this archive will be closing as of November 2016. To preserve the archive, members began manually importing its works to the AO3 as an Open Doors-approved project in March 2016. You can find the content in the new collection on the AO3. Please update your bookmarks!

A couple of Fringe fics, and a new page for them! Young Justice, Firefly, and The King's Speech bits, plus a Fearful Symmetry drabble from last year, and working on more. Ao3 notations on fic archived there.

Journal. I've succumbed to the meme.

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Sea and Sky:
Nightwing and Tempest.

(a slash series)

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Fearful Symmetry:
A Split in Continuity
Bruce/Harvey, AU.

(a slash series)

The Legion Fiction page: Anamnesis; Someone Borrowed; Someone Blue; Violet's Tale; Untitled PWP; Ritual; Firedance; Solace; Redemption; Love, Like Lightning; Homecoming; Movements of Fire and Shadow; Speaker.

The World's Finest page: Getting to Know You; "But What Does It *Mean*"; Game, Set, Rematch!; Finer Friends; Epilogue: Young Justice; Bevis' "What Really Matters" AU fic; Diversion; Close Encounter.

Nightwing and the Titans Fiction page: The Thousandth Man; "More Close Than a Brother"; "With You in Any Water"; Without Masks; Without Masks: Nightwing; Running Blind; Metafic 1/20; Leaving Delphi; On Target; Taking Aim; Taking Aim: I Spy; Centering; Nightwing Woke Up Gay; Truth or Dare: Reverberations; Florotica; Jane Austen Was Right; Incontrovertible (200 words); (Nothing) You Want; Mirror; 250 words; 300 word drabble; Iconic; Interview with a Titan: Jesse Quick; Solo; Stress Reaction; Kissing Dick (13 drabbles); T-shirt fic; Intermission; Centering v.2; Infinite Crisis drabble; Triangle.

The Other DC Fiction page: Two Bullets; A Pause, Before; Truth from the Edge of Armageddon; Waiting For...; These Vicious Things; Restoration; The DCU Woke Up Gay; Drabble, 150 words; "In Brightest Day" parts 1-3 (ongoing); Comme si, Comme ša; Oracle: Six Stories; Two, Divided by Zero; Needs Must: April 1946; K/C challenge fic; Needs Must prologue; Sacrifice (Paula); Jane Austen was Right; Restoration (Kal); Jack/Sand drabble; 50-word fics; Dragon and Tempest; Introduction; Showtime; Veritas; After Life; untitled #16; Stay; Singularity; Witness; (of a) Kind; Diana/Bruce drabble; How the Witch Canary Got Her Prize (1); Diana drabble; Fury; Foxhole; Outtake; Sp°kelse; Transliteration; Batman Begins shortfic; Tristan and Isolde 3000; No Good Deed; Skyrocket drabble; Jack Knight IC drabble; Talia IC drabble; In Brightest Day drabble; Letifos drabble; Vixen drabble; All Along the (Animated) Watchtower; two Superman Returns ficlets.

The Marvel, Crossover, and Other Comic Fiction page: Triptych; Golden Afternoon; Freefall; Second Sight; Thunderbolt drabbles; [Rising Stars] Sketch; Rooftop.

The Fringe fiction page: Someone Borrowed, Betrayal, the Quantum Entanglements series, Fringe and the Dark Tower crossovers.

Other (non-comic book) Fiction page: LoTR, Fushigi Yuugi, Sports Night, House of Flying Daggers, Space: Above and Beyond, Firely, The King's Speech, and other miscellany.

Unfinished Fiction page: A litany of shame. Not even the half of it, really.

Links page: People I like, places I visit. I just redid the main offpanel links page, which has everything I'd want to link there. Check it out. :)


By popular demand: Actually, because Alestar made me. :p
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I'm Kerithwyn Jade, better known as 'rith.

Who am I?

Heck, does it matter? I love comics, always have. I was reading comics when girls just didn't *do* that kind of thing and we were eyed as alien invaders when we dared to broach the inner sanctum of the comic shops.

Like so many others, I grew up reading the X-Men. For a long time that was the only game in town. Eventually I found other comics that drew me nearly as powerfully, and that was a good thing, because the X-Men had lost their charm--and yeah, that was while Chris Claremont was still writing.

A couple of years years ago I discovered the Legion of Super-Heroes, and they utterly supplanted the mutants forever as my most cherished comic team. I love team books; the dynamic between characters remains as fascinating as ever, though the players change. I can't resist the good runs of Avengers and Titans, and Busiek's Thunderbolts, the Levitz Legion, and yes, Claremont's X-Men.

Then there are the individual characters: Nightwing and Robin and Oracle (thanks to Chuck Dixon), Arsenal (thanks to Devin Grayson), Tempest (thanks to Phil Jimenez), and too many of the Legionnaires to name. I love these characters--these people. They're part of my life, fictional though they may be. What a wonder it was to discover the Internet and (pardon) legions of fans who felt as I did, and who expressed that love in writing. Not for publication or money or fame, but for *fun.*

And now I'm having fun, too.


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