'rith: And the pic of the five of them, fabulous. But why does Garth does look scared? He should be reaching up to grab his man! *grins*

GlockGal: *lol* I know, that was the other one I was tempted to put him as. But I was trying hard to make a het-type picture, since, strangely and sadly, not everyone likes to see Garth and Dick in love. I know! Blasphemy, especially if they read yours and Dannell's fics!

So, in the het world, I figured a bat-boy jumping from nowhere and using Garth as a brace would scare the poor Atlantean. But we know what happened after Dick landed beside him. *nod winkwink* I can see it now:

Photographer: Okay, hold that pose!

Roy (looking behind): Awww, for chrissakes! (looks up at Donna, whining) Dick and Garth are exchanging tonsils again!

Donna: *inane giggle at Dick/Garth love*

Garth (whispering to Dick): Never, *ever* scare me like that again.

Dick (molding self to Garth): But then I get to comfort you after, and that makes it all better, doesn't it?

Wally (running in): Hey everybody! What's going on? Sorry I'm late! Aren't we taking a group picture?

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