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SGA original character cast list

Taking a Shot for the Team: A big bang on the planet of the little nip. [Completed 6 January 2008]

Eat Your Heart Out, Peggy Fleming: The Ice Capades come to Pegasus and John gets a front-row seat. For the SGA_Flashfic "F**king Freezing" challenge. [Completed 28 January 2008]

Little Boxes: Ford and Sheppard, a story in three parts. [Completed 6 February 2008]

Whiter Shade of Pale: On Saturday, Charlie Company's Third Platoon went on a routine training mission to an uninhabited world. On Monday, they woke up blue. [Completed 9 February 2008]

Altered States: Turns out the SGC really does have formal explanations for everything. [Completed 12 February 2008]

Qui Habitat: Absit Omen: It's what he wanted, but he should've been careful what he wished for. A possible future scene from Qui Habitat; follows from Status Quo Ante. [Completed 19 February 2008]

Dum Vita Est: Ronon's first hours in Atlantis; for the Ronon_Love challenge. [Completed 15 March 2008] Winner, 2008 Stargate Fan Awards

Qui Habitat: Art Is Long: Being the most brilliant man in two galaxies can't keep you from losing what's most important. [Completed 5 April 2008]

The Slippery Slope: The marines are at it again. [Completed 16 April 2008]

Future Shock: A pair of potential futures in Little Tripoli. [Completed 30 April 2008]

Wee Hours: Just another early-morning crisis in Atlantis's first weeks. [Completed 11 May 2008]

Esculent: We taste like chicken. Or pork. [Completed 13 May 2008]

Teacher's Pet: 11: Semper Fidelis. Part of Jenn's Teacher's Pet universe. [Posted 10 June 2008]

Qui Habitat: Asunder: Some bonds are harder to keep intact than others. [Completed 7 July 2008]

Qui Habitat: Huma: Langara falls and Jonas along with it. [Completed 27 July 2008]

Qui Habitat: Book 2.1: Chapters 9-12 of Qui Habitat (link goes to series page) [Completed 2 August 2008]

Betwixt & Between: Teyla and some of the men in her life. [Completed 8 August 2008]

Transformative: Ford watches Sheppard and learns. [Completed 13 August 2008]

Qui Habitat: Respite: In a world of darkness, some light. [Completed 18 August 2008]

Carry On: Lorne gets his due. [Completed 28 August 2008]

Two Moons: They warned her about aliens, wormholes, and life-sucking space vampires. They didn't cover friends coming back from the dead. [Completed 7 September 2008]

The Legend of Smedley Duckler, the Fighting Quacker: The marines get their mascot. [Completed 20 September 2008]

Three Things Cadman Misses About Atlantis: Laura's gone, but she hasn't forgotten. [Completed 23 October 2008]

Five differences between the Air Force and the Marines (as explained to Ronon). Ask a silly question.... [Completed 24 October 2008]

The Second Terrace of Purgatory (the reiteration remix): John's POV for Second Terrace's beginning. [Completed 26 October 2008]

Five Things Lorne Wishes He Hadn't Seen (and One He's Glad He Did): The life and times of Evan Lorne. [Completed 28 October 2008]

Qui Habitat: Loyaulte Me Lie: Jeannie McKay Miller and the end of the world. [Completed 30 October 2008]

Orpheus: In the annals of SGC history, it will forever be debated whether the decision to remove then-Major John Sheppard from the Atlantis expedition was an act of great folly or one of great fortune. [Completed 30 November 2008] Winner, 2008 Stargate Fan Awards


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