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SGA original character cast list

Masquerade: The first time Lorne met John Sheppard, it was by the elevators on Level 28. [Completed 4 January 2007]

Voice of Experience: Sam Carter's got some wisdom to share with John Sheppard. [Completed 4 January 2007]

The Welcome Wagon's Greasy Wheel: To the ATA carriers among the marines arriving in Atlantis, the city is one part eager puppy and three parts surreal hell. [Completed 6 January 2007]

Royal Jelly and Return to Oz: Lorne's marines watch Sheppard and McKay. [Completed 10 January 2007]

Minor in Archaeology: Sheppard spends the afternoon alone with Atlantis and is rewarded for it. [Completed 11 January 2007]

Better Left Unsaid: For the Timestamp Meme. Sheppard knows he's not getting the best parts of the story after Lorne's team returns from a mission. [Completed 21 January 2007]

38x60: Recovering from his hot date with the Iratus bug, John's got time to think. [Completed 22 January 2007]

In Abeyance: Rodney during The Jenny Code. [Completed 22 January 2007]

Antecedent Clause: It was bound to happen sooner or later. [Completed 27 January 2007]

Associative Properties: John's not the only one whose genetics come back to bite him in the backside. [Completed 4 February 2007]


Qui Habitat: Six months after Earth falls to the Ori, things start to fall apart in Atlantis. Featuring SG-1 past and present. [Completed 17 March 2007]
Also: prequel stories Status Quo Ante, A for Alpha, Life on Mars, Interregnum, Attrition




Five Things Redux [Completed 19-27 April 2007]:

The Pledge and the Turn: For the 2007 Remix Redux Challenge. It takes a special kind of magician to make the extraordinary ordinary. [Completed 5 March 2007] Winner, 2007 Stargate Fan Awards

That Which Is Always Present: The last thing anyone expected to see was Colonel Sumner leading his team back into Atlantis. [Completed 6 September 2006]

Pretty As a Picture: The USMC changes its tattoo regulations on Earth. Hilarity ensues in Atlantis. [Completed 31 May 2007]

Incipere: For the Backstory Challenge -- Once upon a time, he could read (Ancient and Modern Satedan), play an instrument, and do calligraphy because that's what people of his social class were expected to learn. [Completed 25 June 2007]

Just Another War Story: For the Backstory Challenge -- What Sheppard remembered in Phantoms was a metaphor; sometimes it doesn't end just because you got home alive. [Completed 29 June 2007]

Praxis: (one-page version) A war games exercise is both war and exercise. Game... not so much. [Completed 2 August 2007]

Drabble Series [Completed 8-23 August 2007]

Qui Habitat prequel stories are listed on the QH cover page

That Summer on Tattooine: Mors ab alto, but sand everywhere else. Written for the SG-Flyboys Sheppard & Mitchell thingathon. [Completed 16 September 2007]

The Second Terrace of Purgatory: Lorne isn't a fan of this kind of deja vu. [Completed 3 October 2007]

Maiden Voyage: Scavenger hunt? What scavenger hunt? [Completed 16 October 2007]

The Nancy Chronicles: Space was supposed to be more weird. [Completed 27 October 2007]

Pandora's Box: The easiest PCS ever doesn't come without complications. [Completed 4 November 2007]

Practicum: Nancy's first Wraith. [Completed 18 November 2007]

Die Verwandlung: The problem, Lorne realizes, is that Sheppard's actually read Kafka and knows that the transformation is the least of the tragedy. [Completed 21 November 2007]

Lorne as object, not subject: The other side of the Wizard of Oz. [Completed 24 November 2007]

Popcorn Theater: Rodney knows that their roles don't change off-duty. [Completed 24 November 2007]

A Very Happy Non-Denominational Voluntary Non-Working Day: Christmas in Atlantis is a battle between cultural sensitivity and armed men with too much tinsel. [Completed 21 December 2007]


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