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SGA original character cast list

The Pegasus Galaxy Presents: George Romero's Alice in Wonderland: It only seems like John Sheppard's past and present are both out to get him. [Completed 13 January 2006 for the Enclosed Spaces challenge] Winner, 2006 Stargate Fan Awards

The Curse of the Extraneous Lieutenant: Laura Cadman doesn't complain about her trip into Rodney McKay's head because, really, as far as Atlantis's lieutenants go, she got off relatively easily. [Completed 19 January 2006]

RtFM (When All Else Fails) [Completed 24 January 2006 for the Documentation challenge]

Academic: In the course of two years in the Pegasus galaxy, Rodney McKay has learned as much as he's taught. The 'Secret Origin' of The Jenny Code -- this was the original idea, more or less, but when I worked it back to its beginning, it turned out to not be about Rodney at all. Reading both, you should see the similarities in theme. [Completed 13 March 2006 for the Left Behind challenge]

Nasty, Brutish, and Short: (Bequest, 1/2) John Sheppard has a new command and an old rucksack. [Completed 15 March 2006 for the Left Behind challenge]

Hollowest of Victories: (Bequest 2/2) Rodney McKay has been fighting with Brendan Gaul for years. [Completed 15 March 2006 for the Left Behind challenge]

Arboreal Retreat On Account of Hostile Feline Activity: One of the many mishaps detailed in The Curse of the Extraneous Lieutenant. "I wanted to spend my afternoon hiding in a tree. Because the AAR for this mission isn't already going to read like a Monty Python script." [Completed 23 April 2006]

Curribat, Currit: Ronon Dex could be so much more than a professional fugitive if he'd only give it some thought. [Completed 6 February 2006]

First Nights: Three vignettes (glorified drabbles, really) set in the first fortnight in Atlantis. Featuring Sheppard, Ford, and Zelenka. [Completed 6-9 March 2006]

A Fine Tradition: [Vignette/drabble] Elizabeth Weir gets a gift and Yoni Safir 'pulls a Sheppard'. [Completed 8 March 2006]

Some Assembly Required: Major Lorne acquired the traveling circus he calls his team partially by intent and mostly by circumstance. 1 | 2 | 3 [Completed 28 April 2006]

Asymptotically Approaching Inspector Clouseau: Major Lorne has far more in common with Peter Sellers than he'd like. [Completed 4 May 2006]

Drabble Series [Completed 5-12 May 2006]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Ipetia: Adventure, pink bunnies, gratuitous Deliverance references, Yiddish lessons, and Sheppard's views on foisting off paperwork, among other nonsensical happenings. In other words, a typical day in the Pegasus galaxy. [Completed 24 May 2006]

Post Hoc: On his first visit back to Earth, Rodney McKay hasn't had time to go properly crazy. But there's always partial credit. [Completed 24 June 2006]

Season Three episode tags. The Mission: insert Major Lorne into every episode of Season Three, despite him not really actually showing up that often, including some moments when it's really obvious he should have been there: the list.

Coup D'Etat duet: Lorne's team during "Coup D'Etat." [Completed July-August 2006]

Route 66: The Pegasus version of Driver's Ed was significantly less traumatic than John remembered from high school. And it wasn't just because he was the one giving the lessons. [Completed 2 August 2006]

Matter, Form, and Privation: [link is to chaptered version. All-on-one-page-version.] According to Arisotle, all change can be expressed in terms of matter, form, and privation. Written for the ArtWord challenge with graphics by Anna Luna. [Completed 21 August 2006]

Five Things...: A soliciting-suggestions meme. [Completed 2-6 September 2006]

Teacher's Pet: Lorne: Written for Jenn's Teacher's Pet series. The other side of the coin. [Completed 9 September 2006]

Disappearing Act: Major Lorne going AWOL is only the start of things. Written for Pentapus's Drabbles for Doodles event, yet clocking in at almost 27,000 words. [Completed 21 October 2006]

Poppies in November: A coda to The Jenny Code. Everything heals eventually. [Completed 24 October 2006]

Nice Place to Visit, But...: Two drabbles featuring SG-1's Cameron Mitchell. [Completed 8 November 2006]

Entaillen: Things go wrong when the two teams go off-world together. Written as a serial. [Completed 10 December 2006]: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Five Secrets Lorne's Team Doesn't Want Told [Completed 13-25 December 2006]:

Thankless Tasks: Lorne during Common Ground. Ties in with New View, Same Old Scene. [Completed 28 December 2006]

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: John has to face the consequences of his actions during the nanovirus outbreak well before he returns to Earth. [Completed 30 December 2006]

Beating the Spread: Rodney is having a slight case of failing to adapt after coming back to Earth for good. [Completed 31 December 2006]


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