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saffron bailey's homicide fan fiction home

Who the %$&^%@ is Saff Bailey? Evan Hunter (aka Ed McBain) explained his professional use of both his psuedonym and his real name (more or less) like this: whether you like it or not, you're going to get stereotyped and typecast. It's better to create separate identities so that each persona can have its own reputation and rise and fall on its own merits. I don't think I'm good enough to become a bestseller under one name, let alone more than one, but that's the reason behind having two separate pseudonyms. Were I to do it over again, I would have stuck with the one pen name, but for better or worse, Saffron Bailey is me.

A word of... caution, perhaps. This is my earliest fanfic -- mid-late 1990's -- and, well, it shows.

Probably because this was my first foray into fanfic, almost everything I wrote is a challenge response fic. I've explained where best I could.

Man Bites Dog: Not a challenge fic. The 'zine story that wasn't. Set after "The Gas Man," Bolander returns to the squad to find himself and Munch on a dog of a case. A study in partnership. My last - and best - H:LotS story.

Fells Point Fromage

Many, if not most, Homicide fans are also fans of Law & Order. Almost all are fans of OZ, Tom Fontana's other series. As such, when a brand-new spinoff of L&O was announced, we were happy. When we found out it was going to have Richard Belzer reprising his role as Detective Munch, we were gleeful that the recently-cancelled Homicide would live on. We were even more gleeful to know that Dean Winters and Christopher Meloni, regulars on OZ who had also done memorable guest spots on Homicide were also to be featured. Then we watched the debut of Law and Order: SVU and cried. It was terrible. Beyond bad. A waste of characters and scenery.

A challenge was issued: rescue Munch and Detective Brian Cassidy (Winters) from the evil clutches of SVU and put them in Baltimore. The challenge title came from one of the only bright spots in the pilot, a goofy moment when poor Detective Cassidy doesn't remember what the formal word for fondling is (frottage) and says "fromage" instead.

I was the only one who answered this challenge. Seven stories later, it's my most well-known work. There is a rough chronology -- later stories make references to earlier goings-on -- but it's not imperative to read them all.

  1. Location, Location, Location [PG-13 | 25 K] Introducing the Baltimore Brian Cassidy.
  2. Fish Tale [PG-13 | 25 K] Summary: Cassidy and Munch get to work, Lewis and Kellerman get at each other.
  3. Zoo Life [PG-13 | 25 K ] Summary: In life, as in crime, witnesses are a bane, partners are a mixed blessing, and not everyone is what they seem..
  4. The Luck of the Draw [PG-13 | 24 K] Summary: Cassidy's revenge.
  5. Hair of the Dog [PG-13 | 33 K] Summary: At Christmas, it is important to give as good as you get..
  6. Deja Vu All Over Again [NC-17 | 18 K] Summary: Freud would have plenty to say about Brian Cassidy's day at the office.
  7. Much Ado About Not Much At All [PG-13 | 21 K] Summary: Partnership is a delicate balance.
  8. Body of Evidence [PG-13 | 23 K ] Summary: The squad gets their jollies where they can.


  1. Before the Fall [PG-13 | 6K] Summary: Meldrick Lewis ponders life between his birthday and the end of Crosetti's vacation....
  2. Secret Agent Man [PG | 6 K] Summary: Zach Felton finds out that sometimes, growing up is hard to do.

First Date

  1. He Said, She Said [PG-13 | 9 K] Summary: Kellerman and Cox try it with their clothes on.

Sofa of Truth

The beauty of the episode "Stakeout" is that the actual apprehension of the criminal -- a hideous serial killer-rapist -- is the most anticlimatic part of the hour. The best time is spent with the detectives pairing off to sit shifts and watch. The conversation is riveting.

  1. Mike Kellerman

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

  1. Three Shots [PG-13 | 13K] Summary: Three monologues over three drinks of choice {Spoilers: End Game, Deception and Forgive Us Our Tresspasses}


  1. Saving Face. [PG-13 | 195 K] Blatant Mary Sue-ism, but someone once told me that this was their favorite Homicide fic ever. To each their own.
  2. This Seat Is Taken [pg-13 | 7K] Post-movie fic.

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