My Ult-Piotr....

It was a meme. I went for it. My version of Ultimate Colossus, as per Saving Cain, Dasyatidae, and Acts of Contrition.

My Piotr...

...Has regrets. He has killed and terrorized and destroyed both property and lives for no better reason than someone else's profit. Maybe the Sicilian mafia's all about family, but working for Boris was just a faster way to get money than working in the parts factory in town. And now he pays for that laziness and greed with his exile from home and his duties as Colossus.

... Finds no conflict between being politically conservative and being homosexual; does not understand anyone who blindly hates either social group.

...Likes fish. Both to eat and as pets. Has gone from the Aquarium to a sushi dinner, even, although with so much good food in Brighton, that only happened the once. The fish tank in his room is his most prized possession. Fish are the happiest creatures, he thinks. They are the ones who adapt to their surroundings and can get along quite well without a little plastic house in their tank or the 'in' shade of aquarium gravel.

...Knows that the Wolverine's the one you flirt with, but Scott's the one you marry.

...Speaks three languages: Russian, English, and French. English was the hardest.

...Is suspicious of Jean and wishes he could like her without reservations. She's not a bad person, rather a caring and eager-to-please one actually, and much of her more outrageous behavior is simply her attempts to hide her upper-middle-class, nuclear family upbringing and be more 'street'. But Xavier's a terrible role model as a telepath and Jean is well down the slippery slope of telepathic ethics.

...Has acquired surprisingly broad tastes in cuisine since arriving in this country. Doesn't understand Mexican food, though.

...Doesn't mind Bobby trailing behind him like a puppy. Bobby reminds him to be human, to remember that Colossus is also someone's son and someone's brother.

...Knows precisely how good he looks in a tight black t-shirt and jeans.

...Thinks that skepticism is healthy and faith should be earned. Cynicism, while entertaining, is generally not productive.

...Wishes that Xavier could see Scott as he is and not as he wants him to be. Wishes Scott could see himself as he is and not as he was. Isn't sure which one will be more surprised when Scott turns out to be the greatest hero of all of them.

...Is not a believer in Xavier's plan. He thinks the Professor's got some good ideas but is hobbled by his idealism. Xavier is like most American liberals - unconcerned about the quotidian practicalities of living by great theories because they're always for someone else to apply. Russians know that philosophy counts less than food or shelter and that a full belly will buy adherence but not belief. The Communists settled for adherence until they could no longer pay the fee; Xavier wants faith and Piotr's not sure he's earned it.

...Likes Judy Garland...but likes Ethel Merman better.

...Still has nightmares about Weapon X. But it's not the training or the missions that he dreams about; it's the fear of never escaping, of that stomach-gnawing moment when the Wolverine was dragged past them and the despair in Bobby's eyes.


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