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m-x Alex (c) Marvel Comics

With one exception, these stories date roughly 1999-2004, which I mention not only as a caveat that my writing's a bit... less evolved than it is today, but also that the canon's changed quite a bit since then.

The list, in rough chronological order (as in when I started it, not when I finished it): comicverse (core canon and then Ult-X), then movieverse, then unfinished-but-on-display:

Core Canon

Future Pluperfect. The X-Men come together to help Cable and a mysterious visitor defeat a dark threat from the future.

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The Dark Spot: A moment with Cyclops in the days before the adventures with the Brood and the subsequent introduction of the New Mutants, circa Uncanny X-Men 160's. Around this time, after ignoring the fact that Kitty Pryde isn't old enough to have working papers, let alone be out saving the world after finishing her homework, we get various reminders that she's growing up (not fast enough for Colossus) and that she's still got a while to go before she gets there. Our Fearless Leader ruminates on the youngest member of the teamů

The Ties that Bind. For the first year of X-force, the Domino we meet is not the real Dom, but an impersonator working for Cable's (son and) enemy Tolliver. The key part of the deception is the co-opting of the psi-link between Cable and Domino. Cable wonders how it happened, but we never really get Dom's side of the story. My own extrapolation.

Deck the Halls. A young Jean Grey and Scott Summers, the holidays, and the introspection and angst that always pops up this time of year. It's the first Christmas after the opening of the Xavier Academy and Jean realizes that she's not the young woman she was at the start of the school year while Scott tries his best to deal with a time of year that he enjoys very little.

Music Appreciation. A rainy afternoon at the X-mansion reveals a little culture clash.

Fairy Tale. Jean Grey is dealing with her husband's death a lot less well than she lets on.

The Ticket. Thematically a continuation of Fairy Tale, but it's really a companion piece to Deck the Halls -- technically a Christmas piece, but it's more to have a date to anchor. Jean and Scott, through the years.
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Three Princes. Unresolved issues betwixt UXM 390 and XM 110 -- the death of Colossus -- and the fellow in question's great loves.

new Scott (c) Marvel Comics

Eurydice Rising. The body was easy enough to find -- just how many white guys (who answer to 'Slim' in any language) are running around in Akkaba with bandages over their eyes? -- but finding the soul was a lot harder. We know what Jean and Nathan were doing during The Search for Cyclops, but what was Scott up to?

Priam's Lament. Corsair has time to think after Scott falls asleep at the end of Uncanny 391.

Phone Home. Alex Summers is back and reacts to the latest news while waiting for a ride home.

White Rabbit. Alex Summers has always known that you don't leave the X-Men behind for good. As he embarks on a new life in the 'ordinary' world, Alex tries to strike a balance between being a civilian geologist and being Havok. But his two worlds are about to collide in an event that changes them both forever and Alex finds himself drawn back into 'the good fight' in a way he never expected. Starting concurrently with "Dreamweaver" and running through "Pandora's Box", a tale set in the Outsider's Arc and Pantheon universe featuring Alex, Lily, and Dane Summers.

My Alex... There was a meme, both on LJ and on X-Fiction, asking writers to describe "their" characters as they saw them. First of two. My Alex Summers.

Unapologetic: Scott Summers, circa Astonishing X-Men #1/NXM #157. His relationship with Emma Frost doesn't dishonor Jean Grey-Summers. It respects her. (finished 1 June 2004)

Ultimate X-Men

Saving Cain: An Ultimate X-Men story. Alex Summers has gotten a rough entry into every universe into which he's ever been dropped. Why should this one be any different? [This was written during the Millar era, subsequently rendered AU by Bendis, but I maintain that my Alex is far more interesting than his is.] prologue || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12

Dasyatidae. Ult-X. Piotr takes the day to himself to visit the past and ponder the future.

Acts of Contrition. . Piotr Rasputin knew the penance for his past life would be hard.But he couldn't have imagined the path he'd take or the cost of failure should he stumble. Unfinished

prologue || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || tbc...

My Piotr... There was a meme, both on LJ and on X-Fiction, asking writers to describe "their" characters as they saw them. Second of two. My Ultimate Colossus.



Remnant of the Past. The first movie, more or less, with a greater emphasis on the bad guys (and gal).

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My first X-fic, which is strange because it took the movie to get me writing about the comics that I know so much better. The story still stands -- it's really like a director's cut of the movie with a lot of extra scenes and character/plot development thrown in -- but I view this as an early exercise in writing the X-world. I like some of the scenes an awful lot, but I probably would have changed a few others -- I seem to be wavering between acknowledging and ignoring the comic books.

Still Life. X2. Colossus, Nightcrawler, a garden, a conversation. Completed 19 May 2003. I wanted to start working on a movieverse fanon that was kind to Colossus. Because that would be the first X-verse that would be kind to Colossus.

Recommence. First Class. A coda to the 2011 film. Charles has more work to do than merely erasing Moira's memories if he wants to keep his pupils safe. Repairing all of the other damage, to himself and to others, will not be as simple.

The Great Unfinished.

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