SMT timeline

Matching up the titles: JSA #1 ~ Green Lantern #113 ~ Starman #61 ~ JLA #33 ~ Early-Mid No Man's Land.

I nearly broke my brain on this: In JSA #1, Alan Scott makes reference to Jen Hayden's recovery from her stint as Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner returns to rescue her from Fatality in GL #111-12); Starman #61 contains references to JSA SF&O #1; JLA #35 takes place after Judgment Day, which makes it too late, and JLA #31 features the elder statesman JSA members (the end of 'Crisis Times Five') in a team-up that obviously predates the re-founding; JLA #32 and #33 both involve No Man's Land and events necessarily make it early on in that story.

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