Stargate: Atlantis fanfic. (2005-2010) The fandom that ate my life for five years.

X-Men fan fiction. (1999-2004, 2011) Core canon, Ultimate, Movieverse (X1, X2, First Class), and various and sundry. Two completed novels, a novel in progress, and a couple of completed novellas.

DCU and Other Comics Fic. (2003-2006) JSA, Green Lanterns, and some random stuff that proves that I've barely acclimated to the first Crisis, let alone the Infinite one. Also housing my two Rising Stars and Daredevil stories.

I got my start in fanfic as Saff Bailey with Homicide: Life on the Street fic. (1997-1999) Mostly casefic, actually, and the Fells Point Fromage series.

Etcetera: The catch-all page. Right now, it's got NCIS, Star Trek-reboot, and Justified fic.