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Notes: To completely understand this ,you have to have read another story of mine titled Daring Young Man . Unfortunately, unless you are one of three people, this is impossible. No Prob. All you really need to know is that, in the time between Robin's departure and Nightwing's return, Richard Grayson and Roy Harper worked together on a smuggling case in Las Vegas. Dick's cover was that of an gypsy aerialist named Gregor Scaforzie. There's a lot more, but that's all that matters here.

SKH requested "Vegas, Siegfried and Roy, the tigers, and lots of brat-spoiling" I think she had in mind sex too, but for some reason this week all my stories are coming out clean. Not my fault, honest, that just happens sometimes.

Vegas Knights

by Darklady

Rated: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the recognizable characters. DC Comics owns Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson. Siegfried and Roy own themselves and also several tigers. No copyright infringement is intended, and likewise no offense or usurpation of the professional image of Siegfried and Roy, who appear only as a tribute to their well-known efforts towards the preservation of endangered species.

Slash: Officially yes. None on scene . ( A few cryptic remarks, but if you don't know you wont know) Unless you count Siegfried and Roy. They are, I'm fairly certain. Still, Hornet Universe.

Archive: Ask

Sequel: Sort of. Starts about 15 minutes after Sweet Sixteen


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