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Moving Violation

by Darklady

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. They just wish I did. DC owns them, and never lets them have any fun like this.

Location: Hornet-verse ( That means slash.)

Rated: NC-17

Squick Factor. Ummm - implied ( and not very convincing) non-con. Bruce Wayne encounters the strong arm of the law.

Archive: Here, natch. All others please ask first. (I'm easy, really)

Whoop. A sudden noise of sirens, as red and blue lights flashed in the rear view mirror. The police cruiser had been hidden carefully behind the thick foliage of an empty country lane. Bruce Wayne carefully pulled this Porsche to the side of the road. He glanced at the speedometer, then at the radar detector. Five miles above the limit. Normally not enough for a stop. But with no radar signature, he knew his alleged speeding was just an excuse.

The uniformed officer parked behind him, and moved carefully to the drivers window. "License please."

Turning easily, Bruce pulled out his wallet and removed his drivers license.

"Registration? Insurance?"

Both in the glove compartment. Both produced. Both returned along his drivers license.

"Step out of the car please." A low voice, with authority.

The officer moved back slowly, allowing just enough space for Bruce to open the door, but no room to maneuver. Very professional.

"Hands on he hood, please."

Bruce shrugged, then assumed the position, turning his back to the officer and placing both hands flat on the rather low roof of the car. Not ideal, but it would do.

The uniformed figure proceeded carefully, running his hands along Bruce Wayne's arms, patting slowly up the inside of this jacket, and finally reaching around inside the suit coat to run his hands over the muscled chest and down the strong back. Bruce could feel the heat of the body behind him, and the warmth of breath on this neck. A long moments pause. Then the hands withdrew. A soft nudge to spread his legs. The hands returned, moving inside his calves and up the strong thighs. They paused, resting for a while on the taunt muscles of his ass, before moving upward to his waist. A quick twist of his belt, a pull on his zipper. The firm pressure on his back as the officer pressed forward, reaching down to grip the hard flesh of his cock. With a quick breath, Bruce started to turn, to reach back...

"Hands on the car, Mr. Wayne."

He closed his eyes, trying to steady his breathing as the callused hand stroked up and down his throbbing flesh. Control is everything. He gasped as another hand plunged down to stroke his balls, to circle his anus, and finally with one strong finger to enter him. Resistance was useless. He gave himself up to the sensation, shaking as he spurted against the side of the car.

A moment of quiet, as slightly unsteady hands withdrew, zipping pants and refastening his belt.

"Very well, Mr. Wayne. Since your paperwork is in order, I'm going to let you off with a warning."

"Thank you. And I'll be very aware of the speed limit in the future, Officer Grayson"

And if you think it's going to end there.....?

KKR 2003

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