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This evolved from a discussion on the aesthetic value of the Batman/Martian Manhunter 'ship. (See Chicago's J'onn-verse page. Really. DO! It's better than you think. I promise. She will make you believe. ) Anyway - If you thought a big ball of green goo was a strange romantic lead? This is what happens when you get my mind going on 'undesirable' and 'unpleasant' pairing.


by Darklady

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. DC does. If I owned the characters? Well, this would still never happen,

Location: NOT!!! Hornetverse. AU. Very very AU.

Rated: PG - barely. (I have some taste. )

Pairing: Batman/Bullock

Archive: Here. Who else would want it?

It's after midnight when I pull my beater into the 'family' garage. It looks like a cow next to Bruce's corral of restored classic Mustangs. So what. It's paid for. And when you pull down the lousy take of a Gotham cop, that counts for something.

I know Bruce would give me one. Give me any car I wanted. I don't dare accept. Things like that get noticed. Internal Affairs wouldn't look up from their coffee if they saw me shaking down pimps or dealers, but let me take so much as lunch from a man I'm sleeping with? Hell - let them even guess that it is a man I'm sleeping with.

Yeh, I know. It's supposed to be a kinder, gentler department these says. Anti- discrimination policy and all that bull. Whatever. You grow up a fat boy fag in Crime Alley and you learn early to watch your ass - in more ways then one.

Bruce has his own reasons for being careful.

Part of it's political. WayneTech gets a lot of government contracts, and it wouldn't help matters for the CEO to be considered a 'security risk'.

Part of it's social. The Wayne are blue blood from way back. American royalty. Bruce may be an orphan, but he's got any number of second cousins and such running things up and down the East Coast. If they think their daughters have a chance to be Mrs. Wayne? Well - that never hurts when its time to get things done.

Part of it's PR. The press likes the Wayne Playboy. It gives them story and it gives him image. If they found out he was gay? Maybe if he was sleeping with some Hollywood pretty-boy it would be OK. Maybe. Some middle aged cop who has to jog daily to keep off a beer gut? Whitty Banter would have a field day.

And then there's... the other thing.

As I pass it on the way to the rear door I notice the Bentley is parked slightly out of alignment. A hand on the hood. Still warm. Damn.

Bruce was out tonight. I saw him at the Children's Charity Gala. Not that I worked it. Even the new bastard they brought in as Commissioner isn't stupid enough or egotistical enough to assign senior detectives to that sort of duty. At least not yet.

I shake my head, trying to move the idea out of my mind. Damn force is going to hell these days. Everything is.

Almost everything. The window catches my eye. A flash of black curves against the moon reminds me of the one thing that's still right. Just a branch and a shadow, this time, but's enough.

Naw -didn't work the party patrol. I picked up a glimpse on the eleven o'clock news. We were busting this dealer, and he had his television on. Big screen setup. Sort only rich people and crooks can afford. 'Course, these days it's mostly the crooks are the rich people .

Don't matter - 'cept that I saw Bruce go in with that Lotta LaFemme chick.

If Bruce just got back?

He'll be in a mood tonight.

Damn glad I'm not a mugger.

It gets to him. The social thing. The women. That they always demand what he can't give - or that he can't give what they demand.

For me? I... give him what I can. Maybe that ain't enough - but it's something.

I take the covered walkway to the house, thinking.

Maybe he loves me - or maybe I'm just useful. An ear on the force and an ass in his bed.

Fair enough. He's damn useful to me. Not just the Wayne part, but... the other.

We need Batman - whatever the Feds may think.

DEO is out to get him, I suspect. They won't. Not in Gotham. Not a guy on the force - not even the crooked ones - would ever give him up. They like their own skins too much. Even when he busts them, they still know he's on their side. Him, and his people, and fuck-all others these days.

Since the earthquake... since Gordon went down...this city has been damn near unpoliceable. If it hadn't been for the Batman?

Well, if he hadn't been here I would'a figured the Fed were right. Just shut the place down and wall it off and let it rot.

It was Bruce that brought Gotham back. Wayne with the money and the votes, and... the other... with the real power.

He carries the weight of this whole city on his back. Day and night.

Poor bastard.

If there's something... anything... I can give him to help? To make that lonely burden lighter - even for a minute. It's his. That simple.

My mind. My body. I'd give him my soul if I thought I had one.

After all he's given? It's only fair.


KKR 2002

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