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Here is another 'pairing-that-should-not-be' - although strictly speaking it's not a pair. Seriously OOC - maybe. My best answer to both multi-partner and does-this-include-Babs questions. Strictly a one-shot. I will NEVER do this group again. (Well, not unless a SUPREMELY EXCELLENT plot bunny was to hop my way. )


by Darklady

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. DC does. I'm not sure I even want to own this trio. BAD BAT-FOLK!

Location: NOT!!! Hornetverse. AU - possibly something Dannell-ish. Just not with Jean-Paul..

Rated: NC-17

Pairing: Batman/Batgirl-Barbara/Nightwing (technically het - but?)

Archive: Here - by Smitty - and that's it!

"Ninety -nine." The deep baritone was relentless. Merciless.

Barbara Gordon felt her shoulder blades scrape against the nubbed plastic of the workout mat. Almost over. She prayed desperately for the strength to raise her arms just... one...more...time. Wrists, yes. Now elbows. Now...

"Enough." The Batman snatched the weighted bar from her failing fingers.

Barbara closed her eyes. Half exhaustion, and half because she didn't want to see. Not the disappointment in his eyes. Not the reflection of the failure in her own. Not even a hundred reps? "The last time I was here..."

She slitted her eyes just enough to watch as her trainer set the hundred pound barbell back on its rack. His shoulders hardly shifted under the weight, and what sweat there was had come from his own strenuous workout.

"The last time you were here you hadn't spent two months in a hospital losing muscle tone." Nightwing knelt beside her, tilting her effortlessly. Fine fingered hands slid down her back, checking the muscles for damage. "It's going to take more then one days work to get that all back."

"You mean get half of it back." Barbara winced as his thumbs dug into one particularly hot joint.

Batman knelt on her other side, starting his check of her unresponsive legs. Legs which could also cramp - and all the more dangerously since she could no longer feel them. "You will come back." Not even a promise. A statement.

Normally Barbara would have trusted that. The Bat spoke, Batgirl obeyed, and the world continued. But now? "I will never be Batgirl." There. Her whole ruined life - summed in five words.

"You will be to me." Nightwing's busy hands moved down her arms.

"But not to them." Barbara waved one pale hand, indicating the world above. "I'll never get that back. Never fly. Never fight. I'll never be Batgirl."

"Then you will be someone else." Batman released her leg and sat back on his heels. "Jaccussi." He gestured at Nightwing. "We'll take an hour, then work on lifts."

No answer but a nod. None needed. Again - the Bat had spoken.

Nightwing lifted her easily, carrying her quickly to the nearby pool room. Settling her on the therapy bench, he rolled down her sweat-drenched spandex leggings as she pulled off the matching sports bra.

"Nice work." Nightwing traced the tiny scar under her left breast with slightly more then professional appreciation. The drain tubes had gone there. Thankfully, that one was a clean cut and almost healed. "Remind me to thank Dr. Leslie."

Barbara turned her head. "I hate for you to see me like this. I feel so hideous."

"Never to me." Nightwing peeled off his own gym pants, sending them flying towards the open hamper. "You're still my Bat-babe."

"Am I?" She crossed her arms over her bare breasts. "I feel so alone."

Shedding his own pants, Batman stepped into the bubbling pool."You're not alone." He held out his arms, and Nightwing carefully lowered the girl into his waiting hands. "You will never be alone. You're one of us." His grip tightened around her waist as he eased Barbara down into the warmth.

Tilting her head back, she searched his face. "Am I?'

Nightwing slid into the pool, landing beside them and wrapping his arms around them both. "You'll always be one of us," he told her. "You'll always be with us."

Barbara leaned back against the doubled arms, savoring the double comfort of their bodies. The deep water gave her buoyancy enough to stand without them, but? "I've missed this." She kissed first one arm, then another, then a third. "The... fellowship. The trust."

Nightwing steadied her face and brushed his lips over hers. Only the lightest touch... but... enough. "We missed you, Bat-babe."

"Dick?" Batman asked. It was a question - and yet not a question. Because the answer was contained in the same single word.

Nightwing smiled.

Batman rocked back against the tiled wall, slipping his hands between Barbara's thighs so he could spread them.

Dick leaned forward, stroking his hardening shaft between the soft lips. "Ready?" This was a question. Although, as before, the answer required no words.

Babs let her head fall back onto Bruce's shoulder, eyes fluttering closed as Dick's length pressed insider her.

"Missed, you, Babs." he whispered.

"Oh!" she moaned. "I've missed that too."

Nightwing pulled almost out, then drove back. "Wasn't sure you could feel."

"Every inch." She twisted her waist, trying to claim more of the welcome invader. "Every blessed inch."

Nightwing's movements pressed her against Batman's body. Against his broad chest, his firm thighs, and his even firmer shaft. She reached down, stroking that remembered thickness. "Please?" This was a question. No, a plea.

Batman's fingers brushed over her second entrance. "You'll be sore."

Oh yes, she thought. Either one of them might be a stretch - no pun intended - after so long an absence. Both men one after the other- and she surely would have both - would be exhaustion. Both at once? Like the mat time,that would be near-agony. And, like the mat, it would be a pain she needed.

She sent back her brightest smile. "I'll be sore anyway. At least this way I won't mind how I earned it."

Batman glanced at his partner, who nodded approval. More importantly, he paused in his own strokes long enough to tilt Barbara, still impaled, forward against his own chest. Not the easiest angle - but the gymnast-turned-hero was nothing if not flexible.

Nightwing's strong fingers held her cheeks open for him. Reaching up for the massage oil, Batman quickly prepared her. At the first finger she bucked. Only Nightwing's trained strength kept her in place - and him in place within her.

Not much room. Batman could feel his partners cock hot against his fingers as he stroked the oil over the thin flesh barrier.

He could feel Dick shiver at the added stimulation.

"Oh! Yes." Barbara groaned.

A second finger and she could only gasp.

Barely ready, but in the face of her need he could wait no longer.

Batman slid his fingers out, then slowly entered her. Very slowly. For a woman to take two men this way was possible - but difficult. He smiled. A Bat smile. When had any of the Cave hesitated because of difficulty?

Nightwing clamped his lips over hers, smothering the near-screams that came as the two men's strokes alternated within her. No prostate, but the extra pressure did press in the walls of her vagina, doubling the sensation of fullness. The sensation of belonging.

It was only seconds before she shuddered, then came.

Feeling her pleasure, the two men finished quickly.

Barbara floated on the swirling water, resting her forehead on the cool tiles as she struggled to catch her breath. She blinked up at the two men that defined her life. "It's good to be home."


KKR 2002

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