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Night of the Hornet

by Darklady

Prologue and Introduction:

Pairs: (Batman/Nightwing) + (Green Hornet/Kato) - in reference

Rated: About R. Some chapters are PG-13 (sexual reference)or NC-17 (real sex) while others are R+ for sex and non-sexual bad language. While posted in chapters this work is to be viewed as a whole. All adult matter is an integral part of the story and necessary to plot and character development.

Disclaimer: The following is a work of Fan Fiction. Batman, Nightwing, and all related 'superhero' characters are the property of DC Comics and/or Warner Brothers. The Green Hornet, Kato, and all related characters are the property of Green Hornet Inc. and/or other copyright holders. No commercial use is being made and no copyright infringement is intend. This story is to be viewed as 'satire' for purposes of law. All other borrowed and referenced characters are the property of their various copyright holders. Original characters are mine.

This disclaimer applies to all chapters.

Location: All Bat-related characters may be assumed to be from the Comic universe, and the story to take place within a year or so of the current time. Pre-dates are difficult, but this is set close enough to the current time as to keep Richard Grayson as a member of the Bludhaven Police, and far enough in the future to have him slightly past rookie status. All Hornet related characters are drawn from mixed media, but should be viewed in the time line of the movie serials with Warren Hull and Keye Luke. Some radio references are also used. No Reference Whatsoever is made to the Batman TV series , in which the Batman and Green Hornet met.

Various fan fiction references have been incorporated as a tribute to the writers. No infringement of or claim on their works is to be assumed.

The name of Lee is used as a tribute to the well-known actor, but no other reference or identification is intended.

Slash: This story and it's associated stories evolve from an 'early-slash' universe in which there is never a paternal relationship between Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson. After a period of interruption the relationship has resumed, and despite occasional difficulties they are an 'old married couple' - sort of.

Summary: Legends from two eras join in the quest for justice.

Archive: Smitty rules!. Anywhere else - please ask.


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