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The Power Company title is apparently dead - the victim of writers with brains enough to come up with a great idea but not balls enough to stand up for it. (Not that I'm like- bitter or anything. )But as DC didn't exactly kill the Company off - it is hereby declared to continue in MY world. (All fear the power of the ficcer.)

Also - as this was written right after the introductory issues - there will be a few strange details. Rupert No-Last-Name was white at this time - declared Black later - and drawn no darker then Witchfire in the last issue. I am hereby pulling a Tiger Woods and declaring the question a non-issue.

Career Move

A pre-Power Company Story

by Darklady

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. DC does. too bad.

Cannon Slash: Slightly PWP, but not needlessly so. Call it character study.

Rated: R ish

Archive: Smitty yes - all others Ask first


Josiah Power aimed blindly for the alarm button, only to have his hand intercepted. It was by a kiss - which was good - but the buzzer was still hammering his ears, so... He pushed himself onto his elbow.

"Rupe? Ten more minutes?"

The lips disappeared, along with a certain warmth he never quite noticed until it was gone. "Not a chance." The light flared on, blazing even through his closed eyelids. "You have fifty-five minutes before the airport limo gets here."

"Damn." Power shook his head, the details of the calendar pressing through the last pleasant blur of sleep. They had all worked late last night, setting strategy for the PetrOil offer, and today he had to fly out and make the presentation. He had set the clock to give him as much sleep time as he could manage before he absolutely had to head out. At the time, he had thought it would be enough. Now?

He swung his feet onto the carpet, shivering a bit as the cool morning air hit his bare chest. Perhaps he should have gone to sleep immediately after getting home. Perhaps. He certainly needed more sleep then he had gotten. But at the time, celebrating the assignment with Rupe had seemed more important. Of course, that was in the warm glow of firelight and chardonay, back when the idea of facing Lexcorp's finest had been worth celebrating, Now? In the cold harsh light of morning? "I should have left this to Bickford."

A tan face leaned down, sharp features softened by the morning light. "Second thoughts?"

Josiah leaned back as Rupert ran warm hands over his chilled shoulders. One more reason why this was a bad idea. "Metropolis is a pit - and Tarrant's a bitch." He pressed harder, nearly purring as the hot hands nestled into his arm pits. If he had to be up at the crack of dawn? At least he could enjoy the sympathy. "Not to mention five hours on a plane?"

Rupert laughed - a gust of warm breath at the back of his neck. "Pull this off and it will be the last time you have to face airline food."

The larger man turned his head, lips open for the so needed kiss. "That a promise?"

Rupe dropped a light smack on his nose instead. "You bring back the mineral rights to Lexcorp's Butran holdings?" Another kiss, this time smoothing the harsh creases of his brow. "I'll get Bickford to sign on for that corporate jet you've been wanting."

Josiah smiled. "Almost worth it." He leaned back, capturing the evasive lips. "Almost."

Lips locked, and there was a long moment without words.

Finally, Rupe pulled back. "Since when did my 'Power-house' turn away from a fight?"

"Rupe." Turning to face his partner, Josiah Power took in the golden eyes, the sable hair not yet oiled into disciplined smoothness. Blacker then his own hair - even back when he had had hair - and almost shocking against that untanable skin. Those delicate features. Not girlish, but so much finer then his own. The long body, light and lean but so very well muscled. Some days - too many days - Josiah wondered how he had stumbled into such a prize. No reason he could understand - and the lack of knowing made him nervous. Fearful that fortune could take back the joys it had so carelessly granted. He shook his head. "I just hate leaving."

Rupe smiled, running one finger lightly over the furrowed brow. He hated when his Josiah got broody. "Three days." He followed the trail of cheek and lip down to the tightly razored whiskers. They were just starting to curl, not yet tamed by brush and gel. "Four at most." He brushed over the blue blur of incoming beard. "And if you can work something out with Lexcorp?" He tickled the square jaw bone, drawing an unconscious quirk from those wide lips. "You're good in court, Josiah. Nobody can glare at a jury the way you can. But you know corporate law is your real strength."

Josiah rested his chin against the teasing hand. "In Marin, yes. But Lexcorp is the big leagues."

"And your a big league power, Power." Rupe brought up a second hand. " You know you are."

Josiah kissed the offered fingers. "You mean you believe I am."

Rupert leaned forward, intercepting the kiss with his lips. "I've got to believe in you - until you really believe in yourself." He sent his hand trailing down through black chest curls, cherished the texture as they tickled against the blunt tips of his fingers. "Admit it. You know you want it."

Josiah caught the venturesome hand, pressing it still lower. "I admit I want that."

"Not quite what I had in mind, but..." Rupert yielded, reaching for still lower curls. "If you don't mind skipping breakfast?" His palm closed around a warm thickness that had no interest in merely nutritional appetites.

There was another, longer silence as locked lips muffled the easy moans of familiar passion. Knowing fingers sought out well mapped terrain, bringing quick pleasure. Quick, but still a timeless eternity.

Josiah shivered, collapsing into the crumpled sheets as every muscle gave way at once.

Rupert lolled back, relaxed and happy. "Seriously." He smiled at his lover. "Go to Metropolis. Hand that Tarrant chick her ass. Bring back those drilling concessions. And..." He pursed his lips, both a tease and a promise.

"What else." Josiah licked the curve of one convenient ear. "Lex Luthor's head on a pole?"

"Please." The delicious ear moved away as Rupert turned to face his lover. "Luthor, heads, poles - NOT a necessary image."

This time is was Josiah who laughed. Loud and open. "I thought you went for bald."

"I go for balls." The slimmer man corrected. "Yours." He caught Josiah's exploring hand and pushed it lightly away. "But not again. You have a plane to catch."

Josiah stood, stretching slowly before heading for the bathroom "As long as you promise to make it worth it."

Rupert followed, stopping at the closet to pull out his partners 'traveling' suit. "It will be worth it." He added a matching shirt and a new tan tie. Good combination, he thought. His Josiah always liked to look his best. Not hard, when the man had a body that could stop traffic on Harbor street. Hell, even the women tended to gape a bit. And put the man in a pair of jeans? He quivered a bit at the memory. "When you come back, who know's what you'll be able to do?"

He caught up just in time to see the muscular spread of his lover back vanish into the cloud of shower steam. Forget the suit - that was how Josiah Power looked best. And how only he - lucky man that he was - got to see the spectacular flesh.

"You're right." The deep baritone rolled out along with the heated spray. "Metropolis could be the start of a whole new career."

KKR 2003

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