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Blue on Blue

by Darklady

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. I don't own the song. I don't get sued.

Location: Hornet-verse ( That means slash.)

Rated: PG

Squick Factor. Dick has just returned to Gotham. I'm absolutely sure he is over 18 - and possibly over 21. Anyway - way legal.

Archive: Why would you want to? But as always, ask.

Blue on blue. I watch from the shadowed rooftop as the man now called Nightwing soars in seeming flight against the Gotham night sky. Blue on blue, now that we are through. No more the bright red and green of my Robin. This is a darker hero. Darker in more then uniform. And I know why. Heartache on heartache will do that - even to the bright spirit of Dick Grayson. Heartache From the death of Joey, from Kory's desertions, and yes - bitter though it is to confess it - from me.

Most of all - from me. I know it. I feel it every night on patrol, as I walk along the streets we used to walk. Through the parks where we used to kiss. As I jumpline over the roofs where we once swung hand in hand.

I used to think I would give anything - endure anything - just to have you back in my city.

Now? You're back in Gotham, but you're not there with me. You may pause by my side in battle, but that's even more bitter. Because you never stay. The moment the combat stops you are off again. Without a look. Without a word. And I find that I the heartache is mine - because now I know I can't get over losing you.

Heartache on heartache. Mine now. I watch as you sail across the silvered moon. Through a veil of tears your vision disappears and I'm as blue as I can be.

Yes - this was done for a song-fic challenge. I assume that everyone guesses the song. A bit out of order but *grin* what do you expect from a dribble.

KKR 2003

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