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Note: Very vaguely inspired by the events of Green Arrow whatever-number-it-was, when Hawkman and Green Arrow get into a fight that Black Canary has to break up. More inspired by a list challenge who's exact wording is - I'm sorry to say - long forgotten. Included here just because - and here I cackle madly - it is one ODD pairing. Bet you never see this couple again.

Straight Arrow

by Darklady

Disclaimer: Me no own, You no sue, We no fight.

Location: NOT!!! any known universe. Just PWP.

Rated: PG-ish at most.

Pairing: Green Arrow/Hawkman (Oliver Queen/Katar Hol) Yah - that's slash.

Archive: Smitty- OK. 'rith's whatever - OK. (It's her Challenge, after all.) Otherwise? Please ask.

EXACTLY 200 words. (I actually get off on restrictions. LOL)

Oliver Queen looked at the gladly retreating backs of the other Justice League members, at the now thoroughly trashed room, and last - reluctantly - at the bare-chested form of the Hawkman. The Hawkman who was - most demonstratively - looking anywhere and everywhere except at him.

He shook his head. Some days it just didn't pay to come back from the dead.

Taking a deep breath, he limped over to the winged hero and held out his hand. "Look, Katar."

Hawkman didn't take the hand, but he did look up.

"I'm here." Oliver Queen gave up on the hand and reached for a shoulder. He could feel the other men tremble under his touch. "I'm staying here." He reached out his other hand. "For the sake of the League we have to learn to work together without killing each other."

Katar Hol drew back - but not out of reach. Just enough so he could meet the other man's eyes. "How do you suggest we do that?"

Oliver Queen leaned closer. "The way we did before."

"You mean?" Hawkman's rich baritone voice cracked slightly on the question.

"Yes." Queen lowered his lips to brush lightly over one desert dark cheek. "Take me to bed."

KKR 2002

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