Lookee heah what Ah won:):)

Best Story: Other Fandoms! "Garden Of Earthly Delight"!:):)

Damn Fine Awards! Best Batman Story: "Letting Go"!

Damn Fine Awards! Best Drama: "Letting Go"!

Best One Shot Story: "Letting Go"!

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The Temple Of Diana!

Greetings from the Temple of Diana,

It gives me great pleasure to present your site, Batman, with this award for web excellence in the field of Fantasy Writing. You are absolutely right, writing based on comics is considered fantasy. I must say, your style is terrific. You capture the reader's attention immediately, your sentences flow very well and your writing is graphic. One can actually picture the scenes as they are reading. Are you published? If not, you should be. So, yes, you deserve the Fantasy Writers Award!


Thank ya'll your Goddesshood!:):)

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The 2000 Darth Yoshi Award for "The Last Herald of Galactus"!

[[image not found]]

Awarded to filk on the net! For moi's Filk "A Boy Named Dick"!:):) *snicker*

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