Ladies and gentlemen of Bludhaven, Dannell Lites!! :)


Name: Dannell Lites
Pen Name: Moi's Daddy calls moi 'pun'kin:):) What Mama calls moi is
often unprintable in polite company! <VBEG> AKA Miz Scarlet and Belle
Age: thirthsomething
What do you do in real life? Ah am a freelance historical researcher
Hobbies and/or interests: reading anything Ah can get moi's hands on,
history, comics, of course, movies, traveling the world and fine
witty conversation of all kinds! People are the best toys this little
ol' southern belle ever found to play with:):) Ain't too many places
Ah haven't been, nor too much Ah haven't done at one time for
another! And if'n Ah liked it Ah did it again!
Where are you from? The Deep South, Sugah:):) Can't y'all tell??
Raised in The Big Easy until Ah was 15 when moi's Daddy the Colonel
retired from the military and we moved to his cattle ranch in Texas!
Yeee- Ha! Remember The Alamo!
How long have you been a writer? Since Ah learned to read at about
the age of four:):) Soon as Ah learned the alphabet Ah was making up
stories of moi's own! Ah have always been a storyteller! If'n y'all
mean this fanfiction thing then for about four years now.
Where do you post your work?, Bludhaven ML, Ossaville ML,
KnightList ML, Moi's own DannFic ML, Nightwing ML, batrslash ML,
comicslash ML, and several others. Ah am archived at CFAN'S The
Wayside, Lori X-Men Archive, Shifting Sands X-Men Archive, Crime
Alley, Alara's Magneto Page and her Darkest Heart Villians Arcive,
The Itty Bitty Archives, Rogue's FanFiction, The JunkHeap, MoonCat's
Library, The Shadow Lair, The Wonderful World of Make Believe, Titans
Lair, Fonts Of Wisdom, Sabertooth Fan Page, The Better Batman Bureau,
DC Comics Fan Fiction Lair, the System, Mooksville, moi's own Batman
Page for moi's DC fics, moi's Magneto Page for Marvel fics, more
HomePages than Ah can remember, and a partridge in a pear tree!:):)
Ah'm all over the Net! <G>

What types of writing do you enjoy most? (fiction, columns, nonfic,
Fiction, definitely! Writing non-fiction is what Ah do for a living
so, while Ah LOVE history, that falls more under the category of work
than fun!

What makes you different from other writers?
Hmmmm. Good question! Ah am most often praised for "the humanity" of
moi's writing. Told that Ah make these four color guys and gals real
living people with real problems. Ah also, Ah am reliabely informed,
turn a mean descriptive phrase!:):) And Ah do put quite a bit of
research into moi stories which is a great rarity. Luckily, Ah have
over thirty years worth of comics reading knowledge to draw from
which definitely makes moi different from the general run ofn
ficceers. Ah suppose one of the the other things that make moi
different from most writers y'all will be reading about heah is that
Ah did not start out writing Batman fic nor have Ah limited moiself
to it.

Who is your favorite writer? (non-fan fiction)
Oh Lordy! Are ya'll right sure ya'll want to let that particular
genie out of the bottle?? Okay, you have been warned! ! Here goes!
Mainstream: Dostoyevski, Franz Kafka, Jean-Paul Sarte, Jose Luis
Borges, James Thurber, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Hemingway, James
Herriot, Lee Falk, and Dame Agatha Christie
SF: Harlan Ellison, Howard Waldrop, Fritz Leiber, James Tiptre Jr.,
Larry Niven, Poul Anderson, Gordy Dickson, Craig Kee Strete, Connie
Willis, Philip Jose Farmer, Phil K. Dick, Manley Wade Wellman, Roger
Zelazny, and Isaac Asimov
Comics: Alan Moore, Kurt Busiek, Mark Waid, Elliot S! Maggin, Paul
Levitz, Frank Miller, Marv Wolfman, Chris Claremont, Stan Lee, Denny
O'Neil, and Warren Ellis

Who is your favorite fan fiction writer?
Okay! This is where I get moiself into deep kaka by not mention the
obligatory Syl Francis:):) Seriously, Ah enjoy Syl's work but moils
favorite ficcer has to be the inimitable DarkMark! Followd swiftly by
Dr. Benway and Alara Rogers. Must not forget KJ nor Matt Nute,
either:):) On the Batman fic front Ah enjoy Dark Lady's fic and also
SKWrite! And for the lighter side of Batman y'all just can't beat
Brooke Terry!

What do you find to be the hardest part of writing fan fiction?
The consarned typos! Ah type, as Ah like to put it "thirty errors a
minute":):) So the process of actually physically putting the words
into the word processor and then going back and running that sucker
through the spell checker is one larrge pain in the patoot, IMHO! Ah
HATE it! Not to mention the fact that Ah spell terribly; that's t-e-r-
b-b-l-y. And moi's grammar needs Keeper sometimes!:):)

Do you family and friends (non comic/fan fic fans) read your work?
Mois main squeeze Jimbo (AKA The Reincarnated Jim Morrison!) *Cue air
guitar solo* is moi's biggestfan! Ah have other friends who have
occcassionally read moi's works and enjoyed them. But it's not

What is your inspiration to continue writing?
The fact that Ah get to work with so many absolutely fascinating
characters in the DCU and other realms! And Ah just love to tell
stories of all kinds! <G>

Why did you first start writing fan fiction?
Because Ah'm an arrogant little ol' B-Word is why:):) Quite by
accident Ah sumbled upon an Archive of X-Men fan fic and was in Hog
Heaven for nearly a week! When Ah'd exhausted that Archive Ah found
another and so on. At some point Ah sat back, took stock, and said to
moiself, "Self, y'all can write better than some of these turnips!"
Ah am not know for moi;s modesty! Ask anyone:):)

What is the first piece of fan fiction that you ever wrote?
An X-Men Elseowrlds called "End Of The Line"! A western! <G>

What is it about fan fiction that you love so much?
The fact that in fan fic ya'll can do things with these charcters
that the pros actually writing the Books can't! When Ah write a
story, since it's "just fanfic" Ah can whack Batman or Superman or
take out moi's loathing of Arsenal in ways that Ah would never see in
the comics:):) Basically, in fan fic you can make *permenent* life
altering changes in these characters which is not possible in the
mainstream books! It's the opportunity to tell stories that y'all
will never find in the monthly comics that attacts moi the most!

Who is your favorite character to write about? Why? (original or
Haven't really got a favorite! Ah write about a wide variety of
characters: everybody from various X-Folk to Preacher. Amongst the
BatFamily moi's favorite character to write OR read about is
Bruce:):) Second would be Jean-Paul Valley, Azrael! Ah like the
characters that haven't been written to death. When Ah write an X-Men
story Ah'm liable to write about Cyclops (whom everybody dismises as
an "anal retentive jerk"), Charles Xavier (everybody's favorite child
abusing telepath!) or Magneto ("He's crazy!") or even Gladiator of
the Imperial Guard (Who??) instead of the more popular characters
like Gambit or Rogue or Wolverine. *Another* Gambit/Rogue story?
*yawn* Booooooring!

What is your favorite genre to write? (action, angst, mystery,
romance, etc)
Ah have written stories in all those categories. Ah dislike being
pigeonholed as this or that sort of writer:):) Moi's very favorite
sort of tale to read OR write in the comics field is an Elseworlds!
Ah have a loooooong history as an SF fan and world building is just
so much *fun*! What would Batman be like if ... <insert Elseworld
prmise>? How would he be different? The same? How would the world in
which he operated be different?

How do you feel when someone likes your work?
Ah LOVE it! Ah always appreciate it when a reader takes the time and
effort to let moi know they read moi's story! Mostly because so few
people do it.
Dislikes your work?
Ah! <VBEG> Ah have a tale to prefectly illustrate how Ah feel about
that:):) Some time ago at a WorldCon (World Science Fiction
Convention) it was either very late at night or very early in the
morning (Ah forget which!) and Harlan Ellison, Poul Anderson, Gordy
Dickson, and Ah were on our weary way to crash and burn from Joe
Haldeman's Saturday Night WorldCon Redistribution of the Wealth (AKA
The Oldest Established Permenent Floating WorldCon Poker Game!) when
we were accosted by a very loud, very large very obnoxious fan boy.
Ah smiled. Naturally Ah assummed that fan boy's target was Harlan.
Halran has a certain rep (well deserved Ah might add!) and it seems
to attract dweebs like that - he's the fastest gun in the West so to
speak and he gets lots of challengers! This was going to be
instructional to say the least! Imagine moi's surprise, then, when
the dweeb lit into not the formidabale Harlan but Poul Anderson! Now,
understand! Poul is one of the niceest guys y'all are ever likely to
met in the halls of SF fandom! Everybody likes Poul! It's a law of
nature:):) Dweeb-City offered his opinion of Poul's latest book which
amounted to the following: "It sucked! I want my money back!" Poul
smiled, reached into his pocket, extraacted his wallet and
said, "Hardback or softback?" Then he handed the dweeb a twenty,
said, "You're entitiled to your opinion, son." yawned and went
merrily on his way. With Poul soon safely in his room Ah turned to
Gordy and remarked with astonishment, "Ah don't believe it! *How*
could he be so *nice* to that toad!?!" Gordy chuckled. "You don't
understand," he assured me. "Poul was nice because it doesn't matter
to him! He's got more talent in his left big toe than that cretin's
entire ancestry... and he knows it" Ah have always thereafter taken
moi's cue in these matters from Poul:):) Truly, everyone IS entitled
tio their opinion and simply because one person did not enjoy a
certain fic doesn't make it a bad fic.

How important do you feel feedback is to writing?
Vitally important, IMHO! Moi's problem in this area is simple: Ah
have seen waaay too many beginning writers (some of them with
definite talent!) give up on writing because they get no fb! They
don't understand that no fb doesn't mean that the story was bad: it
mean that the readers are lazy. The vast majority of them (readers)
seem to expect that writers will keep on writing no matter what and
all they have to do is sit back and read the stories without taking
the time and effort to say squat about it. No such of a thing!
Unfortunately writers all too often re-enforce this stereotype by
pretending to be residents of Ivory Towers who don;t need any sort of
encouragement or fb. El toro poopoo! Any writer that tells you that
is only fooling themselves, certainly not moi!

Is feedback the only reason you create?
Of course, not:):) Ah write because Ah think Ah have a story to

Does feedback drive you or change the way you create?
It can! Freely offered constructive critisism is more precious than
gems, IMHO!

Would you like to write for a comic company?
Nope! Too many rstraints from the guys in suits (TPTB!) for moi's
taste's Fanfic offers much more creative license! And believe it or
not unless you get very, very lucky writing comics doesn't pay for
spit:):) Nor does it offer a great deal of respect. "You do WHAT for
a living?? You write those funny books? Get outta town!"

Do you plan to or have you submitted works to DC or another comic
Nope! It's been suggested to moi many times, but Ah have no real
desire to tie moiself down like that:):)

As a writer how do you feel about the professionals who write comic
They have moi's utmost respect! Making a decent living in ANY
creative field is consarned hard!
(Your views on a Nightwing writer would be most appreciated)
NW writer, huh? Okay! Ah think Chuck Dixon is a very good writer. He
has kept the character in the spotlight and in the eyes of the
readers, IMHO! Devin Grayson does a splendid job with Gotham Knights!
Lots of characterization which is what Ah crave when Ah read a comic!
Ah have *almost* forgiven her for The Huntress! <G>

How do you feel about Nightwing as a character right now?
He's still # 3 on moi's BatFamily Hit parade:):)

What would you change about Nightwing if you were writing the title?
Dixon's NW title is a little too action oriented for moi! Ah can read
the consarned book in five minutes and when you pay $2.50 for a
comic ... that's a little too fast! We need to see more of his
supporting cast, IMHO! More interaction with Bruce and less with Tim!
Ah would say that Ah would like to see more of Dick's Titan friends
in Bludhaven but then that would mean more Arsenal! Absolutely NOT!
Not unless they gag him!:):) Some better villains wouldn't hurt
either! Most of Dick's so called Rogue's Gallery is pretty lame, sad
to say! But most of all Ah would like to see the return of Dick's
detective skills! He's the worlds Second Greatest Detective! What
happened to that?? Ah love Babs but why does he have to rely on her
for virtually all his info??

What is your overall view of fan fiction in general?
Ah enjoy reading and writing it a lot! <G> Some characters are
written unto death and others get hardly any fic a'tall! Suprman, for
example! Lord have mercy! Clark is THE mainstay of the DCU! And yet
you can count the number of Superman fanfic stories virtully on both
hands! And AH wrote most of them:):) A little more variety would be
tres kewl folks!:):)

Do you have an amusing fan fiction story you can share? (Maybe some
off color feedback or misinterpretation of your work, a consistent
fan, etc.)
A gay man once read one of moi's Batman/Superman slash stories,
thought moi's name was Daniel and sent moi the most charming indecent
proposal Ah have ever received:):) It was almost a shame to have to
tell him that not only was Ah female but spoken for!:):)


Thank you, Dannell! :)

"...if it's too coarse or too vile or too awful for Gotham, it winds
up here."

(Thanks to Jim for furnishing me with this one.)