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Mon-El Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: This is the one that started it all for Shady and Ah:):) The curative effects of Brainiac 5's anti-lead serum are wearing off for Mon-El. And Shadow Lass and Superboy are paying the price. Cautions: WARNING! HERE BE M/M SLASH!

Passing The Love Of Women Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: The sorta-kinda maybe sequel to "Mon-El"! From the Phantom Zone, Mon-El watches his friends. And helps them. WARNING! Cautions: HERE BE M/M SLASH!

Lar Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: Ultra Boy, Jo Nah, finally tell Mon-El just how he feels about him. Cautions: WARNING! HERE BE M/M SLASH!:):)

Lar, Part Two: The Rest Of The Story Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: The sequel to my story "Lar"! So, what does Phantom Girl think of Ultra Boy's new relationship with his friend Mon-El? Not much! Cautions: WARNING! HERE BE M/M SLASH!:):)

Brainy's Lab And What Happened There! Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: A total PWP involving Brainiac 5, Mon-El, Shadow Lass and one lazy day in Brainy's lab. This time the lab explodes in a different way:):) snicker Cautions: WARNING! HERE BE M/M SLASH! AND M/F sex, too!!

Wolf In The Fold Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: Timber Wolf confronts Shrinking Violet about her unreasonable dislike for him. He thinks he knows why. Cautions: Implied M/F sex and rough M/F at that:):) Not graphic, though!

Conversation With A Legend Era: POSTBOOT! Summary: Valor and Triad Orange have a talk about religion:):). Cautions: Frank Non-Christian religious themes are explored!

Heart Of A Champion Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: Even before he helped found the Legion of Super-Heroes, Rokk Krinn was Cosmic Boy!

Straight On 'Til Morning Era: CLASSIC, Levitz run! Summary: After the death of his lover Shadow Lass, Mon-El reflects on a number of things...

Me, Myself ... But No I Era: The Gap! Summary: Mon-EL and His SW6 Batch counterpart don't much like one another...

The Legion Of Squabbling Heroes Era: Various! Summary: A LSH MetaFic! Moi's Legion fictives take moi to task!

Fairy Tale Era: Elseworlds Summary: Queen Tasmia of Talok VIII is having trouble with the sucession...

Sixteen Candles Era: ReBoot Summary: The Post-Crisis Superboy faces the trial of his eternal youth.

The Great Confrontation Era: Elseworlds Summary: There's trouble brewing for the 25th Century House of El! OFFSITE LINK. WORK IN PROGRESS.

And All Of Us Are Dying Era: All over the map. Summary: The histories of Mon-El. Warning: Massive AU. PG-13.

The Christmas Gifts Era: Classic. Warning: Some theological discussion.

Birthday Boy Era: Classic. Warning: Adult sexual themes.

Lovers' Tryst Era: Classic. Summary: Could Lar have had a lover in the Zone? Warning: Adult situations and some really nasty imagery.

Emerald Legacy Summary: An expansion of the AU in moi's story "And All Of Us Are Dying" where Valor, Lar Gand, becomes a member of the Green Lantern Corps!

Conspiracy Era: CLASSIC. Summary: Vignette set during the "Conspiracy" storyline.

The Spy Who Loved Me Era: CLASSIC. A story of Dev-Em and GiGi Cusimano.


Filk Includes Intangible (Jo's Song for Tinya); Cat House Whizzer; Splitter's Dirge; The Old Levitz Legion; Hung Over Legionnaire (A Mon-El/Phantom Girl Duet); Leadfingers Lites; Brainy!; The Firebird; Garth; Jo Nah.

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