Welcome to dannell's itty bitty mon-el Page:):)

Mon is my favorite Legionnaire and like everyone's favorite Legionaire, woefully neglected:):) boo! hiss! So Ah have created this Page to try and rectify that sad situation! Herein ya'll will find:


Mon-El The curative effects of Brainiac 5's anti-lead poisoning serum are wearing off .. and Shadow Lass and Superboy are paying the price. WARNING! Here be slash:):)

Passing The Love Of Women A sequel to "Mon-El" WARNING! Here be slash:):)

Lar Ultra Boy, Jo Nah, finally tell Mon-El just how he feels about him. WARNING! Here be slash:):)

Lar, Part Two: The Rest Of The Story The Sequel to "Lar". What does Phantom Girl think of Ultra Boy's new realtionship with his friend Mon-El? Not much!! WARNING! HERE BE SLASH!:):)

Brainy's Lab And What Happened There! A Brainiac 5, Mon-El, Shadow Lass PWP! WARNING! HERE BE SLASH!:):)

Conversation With A Legend Valor and Triad Orange discuss religion:):)

Straight On 'Til Morning Mon-El reflects on his life after the death of his lover Shadow Lass ...

Me, Myself ... But No I Mon-El and his SW6 Batch counterpart Valor don't much like one another ...

Fairy Tale In an alternate Universe, Queen Tasmia of Talok VIII is having trouble with the sucession.

And All Of Us Are Dying A romp through several altrernate universes featuring Mon/El/Lar Gand/Valor!

The Christmas Gifts A Christmas fic starring Superboy and Element Lad!

Birthday Boy A Birthday Fic starring Mon-El:):)

Lovers Tryst An unpleasant speculation.

Emerald Legacy A sequel, of sorts, to that part of moi's massive AU "And All Of Us Are Dying" where Valor, Lar Gand, becomes a member of the Green Lantern Corps! Green Lantern VS. the Trommite pirate Dagon-Ra!


He'll Always Be Mon-El To Me

I'm In Love Wih 'The One'

The Firebird OR Tasmia's Song

Triad's Song!


Mon-El/Valor Biography And Other Stuff!


Mon-El's Legion Medical File! His Powers Expained!


Mon-El Image Gallery! Take a peek and drool along with moi!
[[still under reconstruction]]


Mon-El/Valor Humor!

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Moi's official Bishounen Seal Of Approval:):) "Bishounen" mean "pretty boy" in Japanese:):) And isn't he *just*! Woo! Thanks LN:):)

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