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If'n ya'll didn't satisfy yall's craving for The Dynamic Duo here then try these great sites! Reccommended, Sugah:):)

The Comic Fan-Fiction Authors Network! The Site for comic Fan Ficcers of any kind! More links, fun, and useful info that ought to be legal!!

Fanzing [[image not found]] Fanzing! The Ultimate DC on-line fanzine with Fiction, FanArt, columns and other wonderful things in every issue:):) Visit soon! Visit often!

Crime Alley Kaylee's tribute to Batman and other things! With FanFiction and a lot else! Visit soon! Visit often!

The Titanslash Archives Kerithwyn Jade's fanfic tribute to Titans Slash!

Moi's very own MAGNETO Page! Moi's fanfic tribute to The Master of Magnetism!

'rith's HomePage! Kerithwyn Jade's very own homepage with her grand fic! Visit NOW!

The Legion of Super-Heroes Fan Fiction Archive Dannell Lites and 'rith's tribute to the Legion fo Super-Heroes and the home of the LegionFiction Mailing List!

The Batslash Archives Laura Anne Troise's fanfic tribute to Batman/Robin and the home of the Batslash Mailing List!

The YatCave! Maverick and Dark Angel's Batman Site! Includes a lot of fun stuff! PLUS fanfic! Check it out!

The Better Batman Bureau Owen Allaway's Site for Batman FanFic! Check out his own terriffic stories! Highly Reccomended! Bruce says check it out! Now.

Titans Lair! Great Titans Site with some fine fanfic! Check it out!

Titans Tower! Another great Titans Site with more fine fanfic! Check it out!

Marcus Mebes Art Page! Great Titans related Artwork! Check it out!

Mirror Lad's Legion of Superheroes Art Gallery! Wonderful, complete Site with dozens of images of the boys and gals of the Legion in all it's incarnations! Most of my Legion images come from here! Dannell (Get A Life Lass!) says bless ya'll! Check it out!

The System! A MUST for any Azrael fan! Pics, Fanfic! Threads! It's all there! Courtesy of the grand Syntax! Azrael says, "Check it out! NOW!"

Moi's very own BatBanner! Created for moi by the incredible Darth_Yoshi! Isn't it wonderful?? Feel free to use it to Link to moi's Page:):)

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