Here be Filk! Parody ahead! Ya'll have been warned! Proceed at ya'll's own risk!

A Boy Named Dick!

Arkham Asylum Blues! By DarkMark! In response to moi's filk "A Boy Named Dick!" Dannell presents ... Dueling filks!!:):)

BatClan Quartet! And then there was moi's response to DM's "Arkham Asylum" ... Hee:):)


The Batman!

Azrael's Lament!

KJ's Draco!

The Old BatSymbol!

The Rock!

Haiku! Some BatHaiku for ya'll:):)

Limericks! Some BatLimericks for ya'll:):)

Sonnets! A real live BatSonnet for ya'll:):) In iambic pentameter and everything:):)

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