Another Death In The Family The death of Dick Grayson from Babs POV:(:(

Batman: Holy Terror 2: Picking Up The Pieces An Elseworlds tale of The Batman!

The Chair How did Dick (Nightwing) Grayson first react to news of Bruce's paralysis in KnightFall? A speculation.

The Coming Of ... Supermanta! An Amalgamated tale of Superman ... as he might have been!

Falling Toward Forever An Azrael ficlet! The result of a 150 Word Challenge!

A Gathering Of Angels An Azrael/Touched By An Angel Crossover!

In The Blood An Elseworlds tale of love and intrigue!

It's A Dog's Life! Ace, The Bat Hound joins the Space Canine Patrol Agents!

The Last Herald Of Galactus A tale of Batman and Superman ... as they might have been in a rather strange Universe:):) Many guest stars!

Last Thoughts: Batman A tale written in answer to a contest! Check it out! Not a DeathFic, Ah promise!:):)

Little Boy Lost A tale of the early friendship between The Batman and Superman!

Letting Go Bruce finally lets go of Dick (Nightwing) Grayson.

Rest In Peace A sequel to moi's story "Letting Go" by the amazing Ian C. Smith! Young as he is ... if'n he can write this well ... Ah'm scared:):)

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life Is But A Dream A Bruce and Barbara story.

The Music Of The Night A Dick and Bruce reconciliation tale!

Part Of The Game A Titan's Elseworld Tale! Who's killing great athletes? And is Dick Grayson next?

Robin's Song Where does Bruce (Batman) Wayne disappear to on the same day every year? And why?

Garth's Very, Very BAD Day! Everyone has a bad day once in a while, right? Not like THIS they don't:):)

The Hammer Of Hell Enemy Ace, Hans Von Hammer, faces his most skilled and unusual foe!

Sixteen Candles The Post-Crisis Superboy faces the fact of his eternal youth.

The Great Confrontation! A story of the Superman of 2499 and trouble in the House of El! Co-written with DarkMark!

Heavenly Babysitter Dick (Nightwing) Grayson and Garth (Tempest) need a babysitter for their adopted daughter:):) Guess who's elected? *snarf*

Hooray For Hollywood! Angel O'Day and Sam Simeon take a rather unusual case:):)

Insect Queen! A Tale of Lana Lang, the Insect Queen and Pre-Crisis Smallville!:):) Poison Ivy invades Kansas and it's up to Lana, Pete Ross and Martha and Jonathan Kent to stop her!

Unrequited A little BatFamily romance ....

A Day No Pigs Would Die A tale of Smallville.

Encounter In A Small Town: The Walking Man Clark meets an unusual stranger.

Encounter In A Small Town II: The Stationery Man The sequel!

Crossing the Bar An Azrael story.

Birthday Blues It's Jean-Paul's birthday....

Just Drawn That Way A Zoo Crew story!

Film at Eleven Movie night with the Batfolks.

Triptych Set after Tower of Babel. Co-written with Reccea.

Iliad Elseworlds An ambitious, unfinished fic.

Adult Stories and Pictures!

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