Created by: Vernon H Harmon

Bless ya'll, Vernon, Sugah:):) And If'n ya'll see this e-mail moi and Ah will abase moiself for not getting ya'll's permission to use this, but my e-mails kept bouncing:(:(

the WaRPed One says:

Mon-El--> Valor?

>Whatever they do, he'll always be Mon-El to me.

"He'll Always Be Mon-El To Me"
{to the tune of: "She's Always A Woman To Me"}

He can carry a dwarf star

He can wound with his eyes
He can run really fast and he usually flies
X-ray eyes can reveal just what he wants to see
They're calling him Valor
But he'll always be Mon-El to me

They can tell us he's Mon

But we'll feel we've been lied to
You can ask for the truth
But they'll never oblige you
And won't even consider an apology
Some people like "Valor"
But he'll always be Mon-El to me

Oh--he's a Daxamite hero

He waited a cent'ry
In the Phantom Zone
Oh--and he never gave up
And he never gave in
Despite being alone

They will promise you more

Than the return of his name
Then they'll just call him "Lar Gand"
And laugh while you curse them
Now I'll admit "Valor"
Ain't the worst it could be
But the first was the best
And he'll always be Mon-El to me

Oh--Superboy named him

And then saved his life
But it got retconned away
Oh--now he goes by the name
That Superman gave him
But it's just not the same

He's heroic and kind

And his uniform's cool
They can do as they please
But we're nobody's fools
We'll never be tricked
By their duplicity
They can shout 'till they're blue
But whatever they do
He'll always be Mon-El to me

--Vernon --

Vernon Honey, Ah almost *hurt* moiself:):) This is such a perfect expression of just how Ah fell too!!