title: Sea & Sky: Whatever You Want
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Garth, Tim, Lian
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: sex
summary: Is it possible to be too accommodating?
notes: thanks, 'rith, for planting evil thoughts into my brain, and, as always, for letting me play!!
Sea & Sky is the brainchild of the amazing and wonderful 'rith and Dannell Lites. it's a phenomenal tour de force, and my offerings don't really do it justice, so. go check it out!!

Dick shucked his shoes off into the corner of the closet, pulling his jacket off. It had been a long week, but he finally had a day off to be with Garth. And, happily, Garth was home to boot!

Finding Garth at the computer, Dick took a moment to just watch, wondering how anyone could be so elegant when slouched in front of a computer in their sweats.

Interrupting Garth with a long, sucking kiss to his neck, Dick placed himself at his lover's feet, totally content and not thinking about it.

"So, how do you want to start our free day? Are you hungry? Tired? Would you like to go out for a bit first?"

Garth pulled on that errant lock of dark hair that invariably fell right over Dick's eyes. "Whatever you want."

Garth plopped down in the booth opposite Dick, grinning widely. "Well! It's funny sometimes how you don't realize how badly you need to go to the bathroom until someone else suggests that you go?" His violet eyes flashed wickedly.

Dick loved it when they did that.

Still savoring the taste in his mouth, Dick just murmured an agreement. Finally picking up the menus the hostess had left for them nearly 15 minutes and one explosive trip to the bathroom ago, they tried to focus on the food items, while lazily stretching their legs out to touch each other under the table.

Dick scanned the menu for vegetarian items. "Do you want an appetizer? They have a pretty good spinach dip here."

"Whatever you want."

Dick just fell into the bed. There was tired. There was exhausted. There was nearly dead with fatigue. And then there was the hazy place of insomnia and adrenaline where he lived.

He was inventing new synonyms for sleepy when Garth's weight dipped the bed.

"I think I broke my all-time record for number of flips completed on a moving vehicle tonight."

"I'm very proud." Garth picked up one of his feet and started to massage, making Dick whimper. "You deserve a prize for that. And since you haven't eaten since yesterday morning..."

"Mm, 'kay, I know where this is headed. I'm so tired, are you hungry? What do you want?"

"Whatever you want."

Dick scowled lightly.

Dick was getting better and better at ignoring the loud crashing sounds behind him. Tim and Garth were 'playing' in Babs' state-of-the-next-generation's-art holographic projector room. He was sure everything was ok.

He was too busy to help, anyway. He was playing a flash version of Q-bert, featuring the president fighting off communists and hippies. It required a fast hand and a quick eye, but he was sure he could navigate their nation's leader to safety.

Becoming suspicious of the quiet behind him, he turned to see the two tumbling out in a fit of giggles. Smiling to himself, and feeling awfully pleased with the situation and life, he said, "So, have you guys worked up an appetite? Who want to order take out? I think if I push the right button here, we can order Thai food from Thailand that is 30 minutes or your next order free..."

Tim was still giggling. "Sorry, guys, but I have to get back. I have a term paper... and, uh, I'm expecting a call tonight..."

Garth ruffled Tim's hair just before the teen could swing out of reach. "Give her our love."

"Yeah, right. Catch you guys later! And thanks, Garth, I had a blast tonight."

Garth pulled up a chair next to Dick as they said their goodbyes. Shaking his head at Dick's presidential maneuvers, he sighed. "Kids. We were definitely never that much trouble when we were his age."

"Of course not. None of us knew how to hack into the pentagon. So, hungry?"

"Starved." Garth nibbled on Dick's ear, as if to prove the point.

"Careful... Babs has cameras everywhere. We don't want Roy to be able to buy our escapades off the net."

Garth hugged Dick close to him as best he could, letting his hand stray down and pinch Dick's nipple, as if to challenge him.

Struggling to stay focused, Dick watched his little president-bert get smashed by a falling hippie. "So! What do you want to order up?"

"Whatever you want."

Dick bit his lower lip. Was it possible to get tired of hearing your lover say that?

Dick put the last dish on the shelf, amazed at how clean the kitchen looked. And Garth was right, the floor was white. He could have sworn that it was beige.

Putting his arms around his lover's tight waist, he placed his chin on Garth's shoulder and kissed his neck. "So, what do you want to do with the rest of the night? I have to go out in a few hours, but we still have some time together. You want to watch a movie, or do something?"

Garth leaned back slightly, pulling the arms around him tighter and turning his head to kiss Dick's face. "Whatever you want."

Dick suppressed a sigh. He knew Garth was going to say that. "We hardly ever get time to just be together, without any pressure. I can't even remember the last time we were able to just hang out. We can do anything. What do you want to do." He tried hard not to put too much emphasis on you.

Garth just smiled that perfect smile of his. "Anything. Everything. You pick. Whatever you want."

Dick decided to kiss him rather than sigh.

There used to be an observation deck in the Titans Tower. From there, you could look over the harbor, or over the city. It wasn't much, really, but it was a nice place to go and think.

Of course, now the Tower was really beneath the surface, and any observation deck wouldn't have much of a view.

So, instead, Garth was using the vehicle loading bay. All the transport and utility vehicles the Titans maintained were here, as well as a full armament of supplies and tools. The air smelled of grease and engines, spent fuel and tire tracks.

It was not the sort of place that he would normally have found relaxing, but since he had gotten used to being with Dick, a place like this had acquired a certain charm.

They had been babysitting for Lian all week. This was their respite, as Dinah was taking the little Arsenal out for dinner and a movie. Thankfully, it was to the only children's movie ever made that was over two and a half hours long, so he and Dick would have a nice leisurely time together.

He knew Dick would find him here.

He didn't even bother opening his eyes when Dick started to chew on his jugular, lightly, just enough to kick start the blood flow. Dick's questing hands didn't inspire him to crack open his eyes in the slightest, nor did the way Dick's legs managed to insinuate themselves behind and in front of him.

He wasn't going to get the chance to rest his eyes for a while. He wanted to capitalize on the opportunity now.

"So," a husky whisper into his ear, "we have the Tower to ourselves, no place to go and no place to be... What do you want to do?"

Garth pretended to ponder by tipping his head back, inviting teeth and lips and tongue to explore the exposed area more thoroughly. Waiting for just the right moment, he whispered back the words he knew would instigate the most interesting response.

"Whatever you want."

Garth opened his eyes to catch the flash of annoyance, which he hadn't expected, and the wash of wickedness that filled those beloved blue eyes.

He loved it when Dick was wicked.

Before he could even think to protest, Dick had him on his stomach, hands holding him steady at the base of his spine and on that spot between the navel and the groin. "Whatever? Are you sure?" Dick's whisper was teasing and bordering on harsh. "What if I wanted to do this?" And with one swift pull, and a loud tearing sound, Dick brought Garth's pants to his knees. Garth just had time to gasp when Dick started to lick his way up from thick thigh to the bottom of Garth's hard ass. Pausing briefly, Dick started to bite the taut muscle of Garth's ass, dragging his teeth over Garth's flesh slowly and deliberately.

Garth simmered. "I... would think that was a good... idea..."

Dick chuckled in what would almost be an evil fashion. The hand he had on the front of Garth dipped down, to gently pull on Garth's testicles, and then squeeze ever so slightly. Garth sizzled. "Oooh..."

Pulling up, Dick swiped something off the cart nearest them, but before Garth could look back, his mouth was on him again, this time probing in his cleft. Garth just lay his head down on the cool tile, pillowing himself on his forearms, as he sauteed under Dick's attention.

He was not prepared for the cold, slick fall of oil on his back.


"We need lube, Garth."

"But! That!"

Dick just chuckled some more, this time definitely evil, as he rubbed the oil into Garth's skin. "It's available. It's easy. It's unbearably sexy. And you said whatever I want..."

Garth groaned... The oil was slick, so thick and viscous on his sensitive skin, and just a tiny bit gritty... He imagined how it would feel to have this being the only barrier between himself and Dick, and just groaned again, this time from deep in his chest.

Dick laughed under his deep breaths. Another fall of oil, this time lower, and now fingers insinuating themselves into Garth's hidden recesses.

He couldn't groan deep enough, as the hands he loved, coated in viscous, gritty oil penetrated him.

Keeping his forehead on the floor to keep from overheating, Garth pushed back, trying to take it all in at once.

"Mm. I wonder if I could fit my whole hand in there? If I wanted to do that, could I?"

Garth whimpered, hoping for tension and release, all at once.

Dick's hands came over to grab at him, one slick, greasy hand cupping his balls and the other coating his cock. Garth pushed his cheek against the tile.

When Dick pushed in, one deep thrust connecting them, Garth just moaned. Dick's hands were busy in the front, his hips pushing in the back, and Garth lay on the floor, his body positioned for his lover's convenience, feeling split.

He made his blessings while he could still remember them.

Later, after Lian had explained the whole plot of the movie and acted out the best scenes, and was washed up and tucked in, Garth spooned up against his lover in their wide bed in the Tower, still feeling sore. Kissing Dick lightly on the back of the neck, he whispered, "You know, if you were trying to teach me to be more assertive, you might want to look up operant conditioning in your psych books again, because I don't think that you did it right."

"Oh, I definitely did it right. Trust me. It took nearly a half hour to mop you up off the floor. I definitely did it right. Next time, though, I get to be the one pumped into oblivion on the floor by a grease monkey. I am, after all, the pushy bottom in this relationship."

Garth snuggled in, and sighed. "Whatever you want."