title: Sea & Sky: Ties
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Garth
rating: Teen
warnings: romance
summary: Simple things stir old memories.
notes: ah, this is for 'rithy, who taunted me with the lovely images she just put on her site. she wanted to know if anything inspired me. apparently... ^_~
Sea & Sky is the brainchild of the amazing and wonderful 'rith and Dannell Lites. it's a phenomenal tour de force, and my offerings don't really do it justice, so. go check it out!!

Garth stood in front of the mirror, his white shirt hanging over his briefs as he held up two different ties against his chest. He hated wearing briefs; they were too confining and unnatural. But he found that there were some pants that just didn't hang right if he went au naturale, so...

It was a choice between the gold and navy and the purple and black. Now, the purple and black would compliment his... features... better, but the gold and navy might coordinate with his suit better.

Oh, if only Donna were here...

He was taken completely by surprise when arms wound around him, and a kiss was placed on his neck. "Why don't I wear the purple and black, and you can wear the navy and gold?"

Garth smiled at the Dick in the mirror. "Ok."

Dick tossed the tie he chose for himself aside, and took the one for Garth in his hands. "Let me?"

Garth just leaned back and smiled.

Dick's arms took the place of Garth's, and wrapped the silk around Garth's neck. He pressed his front against Garth's back, molding their bodies together as tightly as he could. With deft, familiar motions, he formed the knot, his mouth brushing the lobe of Garth's ear gently as he did.

"Alfred used to do this for me."

"Really? Alfred used to rub himself off against your back?" Garth's teasing smile mocked the mirror-Dick lovingly.

"No!" Dick pinched his lover in the join of thigh and hip, making Garth squirm in his arms. "Actually..." Dick's eyes went faraway, and filled with wonder. "My father did this for me, first. I was... six? Maybe seven. One of the animal trainers was getting married, and he asked me to be the ring bearer."

The tie was done in a perfect Windsor knot. Dick let his arms rest on Garth's hips, his chin propped up on Garth's shoulders. Garth leaned back every so slightly, smiling into the mirror-eyes of the person he loved best, telling a story he'd never heard before.

"It wasn't a very traditional ceremony, but all the guys were in monkey suits. So, my dad got on his knees behind me, and tied my little tie. We had ascots, so even though I was small, it wasn't a clip on. He had his arms around me... I can still smell the aftershave, and sawdust smell." Dick was smiling, staring off into space, his arms tightening around Garth as he spoke. "And... he was a hairy man, he always had a five o'clock shadow. Mom used to make him shave twice a day, when she could get him to. So, his cheek was against mine, rubbing." Dick leaned up and rubbed his cheek against Garth's.

Garth took Dick's hands in his, and put their hands over his belly. "You don't talk about your father, or mother, much." Dick was still smiling. It wasn't his usual rakish grin. It almost made him look like a little boy. Garth had known Dick since they were kids, and he'd never seen Dick like this.

Dick turned his head slightly, so that his forehead rested on Garth's cheek. "I don't... remember them that well. I remember a lot of stuff, but... I was very young when they were killed. I remember a lot about training with my parents, and our trailer, and... about the night they died. But little things, like this... I only remember when something triggers it, you know?"

Garth nodded, feeling a little like a spell had been cast over the two of them. Dick was so... radiant. He hardly wanted to speak, for fear it might break the spell, but he also wanted to hold onto the moment for as long as he could, for Dick. "What was he like?"

"My father?" Dick responded as if the question were a strange one. "He was strong. Like a titan," Dick chuckled, "or at least I thought he was." He pulled away slightly, just enough so that Garth silently gasped for the lack of his heat. "He could fly." And that was it, that was all that needed to be said.

Garth smiled, turning his face to kiss Dick. It lasted long enough to make Garth really wish they didn't have to leave in five minutes. When they broke off, Dick rested his forehead on Garth's, as if he needed to catch his breath.

"My parents would have loved you, you know."

Garth trembled, from the timber of Dick's voice, so close to him. He wanted to believe that the words were just something someone would say.

Dick could feel Garth's hesitancy. "No, they would have."

"They would have approved?" Garth's teasing whisper didn't hide his small fear. The surface world had as many ugly qualities as it had beauty.

"They were circus people, for crying out loud." Dick teased back without fear, only a smile. "No, they would have loved you." He pulled his head up, his blue eyes dancing as they met Garth's bottomless violets. "They only ever wanted what was best for me."

With a quick kiss to Garth's nose, Dick pulled away to finish getting dressed.

Garth just stood there, in front of the mirror, breathing deeply the air that was magically sustaining him, wishing like hell they didn't have to go to dinner with Babs tonight.

He leaned against the mirror in his shirt, tie, and briefs, and pretended, for a moment, that he didn't have to put pants on anytime in the foreseeable future.