title: Sea & Sky: Missing
fandom: DC Comics
rating: Teen
warnings: romance
summary: A homecoming.
notes: Sea & Sky is the brainchild of the amazing and wonderful 'rith and Dannell Lites. it's a phenomenal tour de force, and my offerings don't really do it justice, so. go check it out!!

He heard it first. The gentle push of the door opening, the soft padding of bare feet on the floor. There was a tender crush of clothing being dropped onto more clothing.

He felt the knee coming down on the bed, quickly followed by the other knee, and two hands. His intruder crawled up the length of his body, coming to rest next to him, a bare chest pressed against his blanket-covered back. An arm snaked over his waist, and there was the oh so precious feeling of lips on his neck.

He kept his eyes closed, his senses swimming. He could smell the sweat and the trace of blood that coated his lover's body. He would investigate later to find out what was the matter, but for right now, he merely waited, keeping his body still but pliant.

A soft lick to his earlobe, and he was shuddering. "Miss me?"

He could not help but smile, but he kept his eyes shut. "Not for a minute."

"No?" He could hear the pout, and he could see it in his mind, the irresistible bottom lip pushed out, the way blue eyes would dim like a switch had been lowered, and of course, the petulant twitching of mouth as his lover tried to maintain the pose. "Not even a little?"

He sighed, and rolled a bit back, giving more access. "I've been busy with research for the latest surface projects. Didn't have a moment to spare."

Fingers danced over the skin on his chest, and he felt each nerve ending individually firing. A rough, callused index fingertip traced a circle just outside the perimeter of his nipple. "Did you miss my touches?"

He sighed and he rolled his shoulders, reaching up absently to rub at the arms that were trying to hold him. The skin was flushed and warm, the hairs on the forearms standing up enough to tingle his palms. "Too busy."

There was warning first, the way the air seemed to thicken, to heat, and then the lips were on his, and there was the astonishing burst of taste, a centralization of his perceptions magnifying the contact. "My kisses?"

He lazily arched his back so that he could continue to enjoy the kiss even as his partner was retreating. "I made a big bowl of garlic pasta. I haven't had kissing breath."

A leg situated itself between his, and there was the thickness of the muscle, and the scratching of the hairs against his own. He focused on that feeling, angling his hips to avoid bumping the organ that was at the top of the leg. "What about this? Have you missed me here?" Suddenly, there was a grinding push of hips against his hips, and everything sparked and caught fire.

"Oh," he moaned, "I found your old vibrator in the back of the closet. It's waterproof, did you know?"

A deep chuckle sent him quivering as the vibrations off the body above him cascaded over him. "Open your eyes."

He coyly grinned, withholding for just a moment, before capitulating. There were the most vibrant blue eyes staring down at him, and the most beautiful smile beaming down on him.

Garth reached up to thread his fingers through Dick's hair. "I'm glad you are home. In one piece."

Dick lowered himself onto Garth, latching onto Garth's mouth with a passion that spoke of fear, and relief. "I am so very, very grateful to be able to come home to you. Did you know that?"

Garth shook his head, wanting to laugh, wanting to show Dick what he knew about gratitude and loneliness. He said nothing, his hands reaching, grabbing, pulling Dick down until they were pressed flush against each other, limbs circling like tentacles, searching for access.

A cloud drew around them, and they became isolated in the sensation of their expressions, the sound of the sea crashing into the sand echoing through Garth's head as they created their rhythm all over again.

When the temperature had cooled, Garth drew his arms around Dick, and pulled his tight into his embrace. He could feel the regular puffs of breath that indicated that Dick had already fallen asleep, and he ghosted his hands over Dick's body, trying to visualize each tiny fragment of the landscape of Dick's skin by touch alone.

There was a single element he didn't crave about this man when they were apart.