title: Sea & Sky: For Show
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Garth
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: masturbation
summary: Performance time.
notes: this is for rithy, who asked for it, and since she's such a keen gal, i gave it to her. ain't i nifty? as is the case whenever i write titans stuff, thanks to rithy for sanity check. (silly rithy, thinking that i'm sane...)
Sea & Sky is the brainchild of the amazing and wonderful 'rith and Dannell Lites. it's a phenomenal tour de force, and my offerings don't really do it justice, so. go check it out!!

Garth sighed as he paced through the apartment. He had returned from New York too late to meet Dick before Nightwing had to go on patrol for the night. Vowing to stay up and wait for him, Garth had busied himself all night with menial tasks and vague amusements. He wanted to sleep with Dick that night.

Wandering into the living room, he gazed idly at the clock, ascertaining that no more than 3 minutes had passed since the last time he looked at the clock. He wanted to stay up, to massage Dick's shoulders and discuss their days, and then fall asleep together in a mess of limbs and naked flesh.

It was a nice way to end the day.

But he was getting so tired... Flopping himself gracefully onto the reclining chair, he leaned back, put his feet up, and let his mind wander.

He remembered the last time Dick and he were together, and the shower they'd had afterwards, and the long kiss goodbye...

Groaning slightly, he shifted in the chair, spreading his legs out and rolling his neck around.

He imagined how his lover would look when he came home, and the soft whimpers he would make when his aching shoulders were relaxed, and then hot feel of skin pressed against skin...

He didn't even notice that his eyes had closed.

He let his hands roam over his chest, remembering how Dick's hands felt on his skin, wishing he had calluses like Dick did, wishing he could suck on his own nipples...

He didn't really notice his erection, or the way his hips were moving to rub the cloth of Dick's pajama bottoms over it.

He let his hand roam lower, unconsciously, setting off cascades of sensations that made his brain kick into overdrive. It had gotten to the point that he knew precisely how Dick's ass felt wrapped around his cock, knew the exact heat and tightness of it, knew that if he went fast, he could make Dick squeal, and if he went slow, he could drive them both crazy.

He wasn't even aware that he was masturbating until he heard the voice.

The voice was thick, and easily recognizable.

It was the voice of the leader of the Titans.

"Slow down. Slip my pajamas off. Keep your eyes closed."

If he opened his eyes, he would be able to see his lover and leader, even in the dark, but he followed the order.

He was a good soldier.

He raised his hips to let the loose silk pants slip off of him, pooled at his ankles until he kicked them across the room. He tightened his grip on himself, and pulled slowly.

He groaned from deep in his chest.

"Good, good. I like this view. Very nice. Use your other hand to toy with your nipples. Lick your palm, slowly now. Very slowly. Lick it again, use lots of saliva. Very good. Now, take yourself in hand again, but make sure that your thumb is pointing up, and on the underside. Nice. Now, pull up, slowly, and dig your thumb in. Yes, that works well, doesn't it? Use your other hand to roll your balls around. Lift your hips slightly, and arch your back... Yes, that's a very nice view. Ok, go again, a little faster. Good, a little faster now. That's good. You're close, aren't you? One or two good thrusts, and you'll be done... But first, finger the tip. Let your fingertips get nice and sticky. Ok, now taste yourself. Oh, that's nice. That's perfect. Ok, again, and faster... Much faster... Don't neglect your nipples, tug them nice and hard... Yes, now faster, faster..."

Garth came with a guttural cry. He rolled his head around, trying to stay focused when he felt the tongue lapping at his belly. Opening his eyes, he looked down to see his shirtless lover licking him clean with a demonic smile.

By Pallais, he loved this man.

Taking Dick's face in his hands, he pulled him up for a deep, sweet and salty kiss.

"Have a good night?"

"Since I got home..."

"This wasn't how I planned to greet you..."

"Oh, well, I liked it just fine..."

"Were you aware that you were ordering me around in your Titans-leader voice?"

Dick cocked his head to the side, pausing to think. "No, not really. Although, I was trying to be commanding. So, I guess that makes sense."

Garth smiled down at him, and then groaned. "We probably have to move, don't we?"

Soft laughter from his mate. "Well, we could sleep here, but I dunno, I think we might be more comfortable in bed, where we can stretch out, and spread our legs out, and intertwine them, and spoon up..."

"Ok, ok, you've sold me. Carry me?"

"Sure, let me just inject myself with some steroids..."

"Fine. Baby."

With some assistance from Dick, Garth finally levered himself out of the chair, and followed Dick's kevlar-encased ass to the bedroom.

Smirking, he lowered his voice to the tone he used in the UN when he was trying to impress the delegates with his Ambassador from the Sea act.

"Next time, though, you get to be the star of the show."

Dick shivered, his spine shimmying.

"Oh, I so don't have a problem with that, Mr. Ambassador, sir!"