title: Sea & Sky: the Call
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Garth
rating: Mature
warnings: sex, lots of sex...
summary: Dick and Garth take the second step.
notes: gah. this is what come after re-reading Sea and Sky 1 - 3. be warned, little ones, it's a uni that will draw you in and never let you go!! (that's because rithy is its guardian beast! snickers...) big hugs and kisses for rithy, for letting me play with her toys and helping me and for letting me out of the dungeon she has me locked in for an hour of sunshine a week...
Sea & Sky is the brainchild of the amazing and wonderful 'rith and Dannell Lites. it's a phenomenal tour de force, and my offerings don't really do it justice, so. go check it out!!

Before we left the beach, while I was still digging sand out of places that sand should not be, and Garth was pretending not to laugh at me, I blurted it out. I wasn't thinking about it much before I said it, but I didn't have to, really.

I didn't want to be alone, he didn't want to be alone... it wasn't a hard equation. Even for me.

"You should come visit me in the 'Haven. None of you guys have been up to my new place yet. You'll be surprised... I haven't brought any of the walls down or anything."

He smiled at me, and if he were anyone else, I would swear he was mocking me. "Well, not yet..."

I just shook my head. "Yeah, yeah, I know... Anyway, give me a call, whenever you can. I can give you the grand tour of the place."

For a moment, he watched me cautiously, as if he wasn't sure what to say. Then, he smiled, just a little.

I beamed.

The ride back to the 'haven was hard, because I kept remembering little moments from the beach. Not just remembering, but feeling it still on my skin, in my blood... It was a miracle that I got home in one piece.

It had been too long. I'm not the sort of person who gets stressed out when I haven't gotten laid in a long time. Not really. But... when it has been a while, and then you feel another person touching you like that, it's intense. And the fact that it was a friend, someone I already trusted, just made it more intense.

It sounds shallow, but sex was just what I needed.

I felt alive, I felt juiced! I couldn't sleep that night. I went through my patrol like I was in a movie musical. I don't think I'd ever been that chipper in the 'haven. I felt stupid, going around grinning, but I could still feel him. See, this is the best time. The time when sex occupies your every thought, when you obsess about certain body parts of you lover, like his hands, his hands on my skin as his mouth...

God, I was thinking about Garth constantly. Thought about his tongue, his lips, his eyes, his hands, his fingers...

His lean, long body, over mine, his strong legs pushing mine apart...

When I did fall asleep, it wasn't real sleep. It was just me on the couch, my hand down my pants, daydreaming about Garth. I would touch myself, and wonder what Garth's cock would feel like, would taste like... How he would stretch me, how he would touch me, how I would touch him, how I could make him really scream for the first time in his quiet life...

We traded messages a few times before we actually could plan to get together again. He must have been as anxious as I was, because the next day he left me three messages while I was out. He sounded fine on the phone, but I was nearly sick with need for his hands.

Finally, it was exactly 46 hours and 28 minutes after we separated on the beach when he called, and we made arrangements for him to come down and see me.

He was in New York, and we agreed to meet on the harbor in Bludhaven, at the marina where I keep my boat docked. It was remote, which was exactly why I picked that dock, and I could easily give him the exact coordinates. It was, thank the forces that provide us with sex, my weekend off, so I didn't have to worry about anything except for being fully stocked in lube. I had taken care of that on my way back from Montauk Point.

He came out of the water, one hand on the pier first, and then he just... well, burst out of the water full body in one motion, which, naturally, made my cock jump in my jeans.

I was glad I was leaning against the wall of the boat dock, because I was suddenly a bit too weak to stand on my own.

He was so damn sexy... wet suit begging to be peeled off his body, water running down his face, his eyes opening and capturing me...

Ok, the smell wasn't exactly conducive to the mood, but he did just crawl out of some of the nastiest waters there are.

"Hungry?" Honest to god, I meant to ask him if he wanted food, but I was staring at his body, and his hands, running through his hair, and it came out sounding like I was asking if he wanted to go to a bathhouse or something.

His eyes tracked up and down my body, and I would have flushed if I wasn't so busy concentrating on not drooling. Smirking, he responded slowly, "Well... yes, and yes, I would like something to eat... and to eat."

We laughed, which was good. There are some lovers you have, and it's like you want to pretend you are perfect around them. It's so much better when you can laugh... After all, we would hopefully be naked and sucking on each other's body parts soon, so why should we have any pretensions between us?

On a slightly deeper level, it felt good to still be able to joke with Garth, like... friends, which we are, so we should never lose that.

After a quick stop in my dock for Garth to dry off and change into the street clothes he had in his pack (which he had to do alone, because I knew if I saw him use his magic to dry off, we weren't getting anywhere near my apartment), we were off.

It isn't easy to give someone a tour of Bludhaven. There aren't that many highlights, unless you count things like 'I broke up a gang war in this block' or 'I busted group of thirteen-year-old junkies in this bar.' Those aren't fun tour highlights.

The only place I could think of to take him for food was, fortunately, only one block off the most direct path from the dock to my apartment. Jack's Take Out served a fantastic portabella mushroom burger. I have no idea why they serve it, but it's cooked completely separate from everything else. Who knows, maybe Jack's wife is a vegan or something, but anyway, it's good, Garth could eat it, it was on the way home...


I don't know what we talked about on the way. I know that when Garth eats, the tip of his thumb always disappears between his lips for just a second. I know that when he walks, he swings his hips just a little, not enough so that someone would think that he was walking strangely, but enough that if you really watch him, you can see his ass swing. I know that when he talks, and he's trying to be heard over the street noise and traffic, so he's projecting, but still talking quietly, there's a sort of rumble in his throat that's very, very sexy.

I imagine that my conversation was less than sparkling.

Clancy was, thank the little gods that oversee the doings of landladies, not around when we got to my building. Normally, that would surprise me. Now, I don't normally see Clancy, but she's almost always within earshot of the door. I really didn't want to stop long enough to introduce Garth to Clancy. The bedroom was upstairs, I wanted to be upstairs!

The grand tour of the apartment took fifteen seconds. I don't think I've ever talked faster. We ended up in the kitchen, where we finished off our portabella sandwiches. Garth was watching me... Damn, but his eyes are sexy. And did I mention that when he finishes eating, he sucks on his fingers? Damn...

Neither of us had said anything since I finished the tour. I leaned against the sink, tossing the paper wrapping from the sandwich on the counter. Garth was watching me, his head down and his eyes tracking me, as he licked each finger clean methodically...

I swear, I'm not obsessed with sex. But sex with Garth... That was a whole other matter. He leaned against the counter opposite me, and I was very aware of his body. And his hands. I could almost feel his hands on me...

My hands clenched the edge of the counter reflexively. Apparently, Garth had successfully cleaned his fingers to his satisfaction, because then he carefully folded up his paper wrapper and placed it in the trash. Yes, he placed it there.

I think he may have been teasing me.

He stretched out a little, and I saw his eyes. He was still watching me. It turned me on like I cannot describe...

He slid closer to me, and I was frozen with anticipation. All I could think was, 'He's going to touch me, and I should reach out, touch him, but...'

If he wanted to watch, I found that I had no problem with that. It seems strange, but just being watched by him was arousing in a whole-body kind of way. My toes were aroused by Garth's eyes on me. And so I waited for him.

Does this seem strange? Should I have been more aggressive? I just found his attention... thrilling. Is it because of what he said? Did he affect me so completely because he told me that he's always been interested in me? That surprised me, I'll admit. Last month, Garth's eyes didn't have this much power over me. Then again, last month, Garth's eyes weren't anywhere near me.

I was so excited by the idea of a friend who had wanted me for so long, but I held back, wanting to be watched. Perhaps I was being arrogant... Was it wrong for me to react like that to Garth's admission?

Then I decided that everything would go better if I switched off the upper cognitive functions.

Garth invaded my personal space. My skin rippled all over my body, even over my toes. He leaned closer, and closer, his hands reached out... I thought, 'he's going to touch me,' and my body tensed with anticipatory joy, but his hands went to the spaces between my hands and my body on the counter. He leaned close enough so that I could see the specks of dark and light in his eyes.

I almost leaned over and kissed him. But instead I waited for his move.

His lips came closer to my neck, and I exposed it just a little, just to tempt him. He was breathing hard, and the air from his nostrils teased my flesh.

I wanted him to touch me.

His lips were so close, he might have taken my earlobe between his teeth. I wondered if Garth liked it just a little bit rough sometimes. I wondered if he liked to go fast sometimes. I wondered if he preferred to top.

I hoped so.

"Dick..." His voice was just a little like a moan. "Would you mind if I used your..." He paused, and damn it! He was teasing me! And I let him, because I haven't felt so wired in years. "...shower?"

I blinked. And then I blinked again. And then it hit me. "Oh! Yeah, that water is... never mind. Go right ahead. My shower is your shower."

I hoped I didn't sound whiny and in need of release, because I was.

He smiled at me, his eyes... watching me. Oh, my blood rushed through my body! Who would have guessed that an old friend watching you could become the turn on of the year?

He moved two steps away, his eyes never leaving me, when he smirked. "Are you coming?"

I remained frozen for another half-heartbeat. Then I was right behind him, pushing him to the bathroom as fast as I could.

He laughed, and it was an infectious noise. He doesn't laugh a lot, especially not like this. In the bathroom, finally, I just clawed at him, like I'd wanted to since he first emerged from the water. He continued to laugh, and his eyes danced.

I wondered briefly, as I was raising my arms so he could pull my shirt off, why I never noticed him before. Not that I had never noticed him. There are certain... exotic... attributes of his that captured my senses the first time I met him. But I don't remember ever dreaming about him, or thinking about Garth sexually, before Montauk Point.

I chalked it up to my stupidity, and forgot about it. He got me naked, and he dragged me into the shower. He practically threw me up against the tile, and I shivered right down to my bones.

I haven't had many lovers who were stronger than I am, few who could seriously outmatch me in strength. But being overpowered... thrills me, in ways I couldn't even begin to describe or understand. He still watched me, but his hands, his beautiful hands, his long, elegant hands, were on me, clutching me.

"Garth..." I didn't recognize my voice. The acoustics of the bathroom tile made me sound emotional. "Stop teasing me."

"You want me, Robbie?" He practically whispered, but his voice still carried and echoed.


"You want me to touch you?" His eyes were piercing and bright. I could have stared into those eyes for days, if I could have kept my eyes open while his hands ran up and down my flanks.


"You want me to touch you, to kiss you?"

I felt very exposed. Not just physically, because we were both naked in there. But there's something about being naked around a friend, of having sex with a friend, that is very raw. There are parts of me, I realized, that Garth knew about me, that few people know. Things that are intensely private.

And he was just as exposed to me. And he is so fucking gorgeous, I only wanted to touch him, to be touched.

Maybe this is why I never 'noticed' him before. Maybe it's these pieces of him that I'd never seen before that make him so incredibly sexy.

Or maybe I am an idiot. Either way, we got to be in a shower together, naked, touching, and as much as I needed him, I realized he needed me, too.

I put my hands on his neck, and pulled him in. We kissed, deep and hard, and his body leaned against mine, and there was so much skin involved, so much heat, and friction.

I found myself burning.

That's when he started the water.

My showerhead is nothing special. I don't have the massager, or any of the other deluxe attachments. It's just a showerhead.

But there was a deluge coming out of it, and the water was just the perfect temperature...

I looked at Garth, and he smirked back at me. He twisted his hands, like he did on the beach, and he probably would have said 'Olé' except I was on him right away, pressing into him, and I couldn't get my arms around him enough, or taste enough of him, or feel enough of him.

My hips ground into his, and it wasn't something I was consciously doing, but my body knew, it saw the prize, and it was going for it. His hands were everywhere, and he left trails of heat wherever he touched me. I wondered if it was his magic, but it didn't matter.

It's Garth. It's magic.

His left hand wrapped around my cock, and my whole body jerked. My spine went ramrod straight, and I think I may have screamed.

I thought then that I had always wanted Garth, that maybe my brain didn't know it, but my flesh did. My blood did. He does things to me... that I have always wanted.

I reached out to touch him, but he brushed my hands away. I tried to complain, but his hands moved on my flesh, and there was no complaining about that. No reason to complain as Garth's hand brought me to the brink, then grabbed me hard at the base. He started again, and I almost wished I could have done something other than writhe and moan and beg Garth to do anything, but it didn't matter.

Garth's hands on my body were all I could process.

I hadn't even been paying attention to the right hand, but he stepped closer to me, so he had me cradled in his arms, and his right forefinger circled around my anus. I clung to him, and as his left hand pulled and milked me, his right hand started to work my ass.

Then, it happened. I wasn't thinking, wasn't trying to figure out what was coming next. There was the obvious, and beyond that, it was in Garth's hands.

So when warm water rushed into my ass like a tsunami, I couldn't do anything but scream. Garth played my body like a cherished violin, and I was all too happy to scream for him, to do anything for him. What was going on inside my body, what he did to the outside of my body...

It was indescribable pleasure.

The water running over my body was no longer random. Rivers flowed over my chest, with eddies over my nipples. Fingers of water ran over my face and into my hair. Tiny streams mapped my legs.

There was still a rush of water flowing inside of me, and Garth's left hand on my cock rocked like the tide, and from the expression hidden in his stormy violet eyes, I had the feeling that he could sense the water like I could, almost...

The world was suddenly too bright to distinguish anything but the bliss, and I found myself trying to get my head back inside my skull, heaving with exertion like I'd just done the Boston Marathon in record time, awash on Garth.

His smile was so serene and smug, I wished I had the strength to kiss it off his face.

He turned the water off, and picked me up. I felt something dancing on my skin, and I knew he was drying me, but I was too groggy to care. He placed me on the bed, and I had to hold onto his arms to keep him with me.

"That was... you are amazing. Do you know that? Amazing. I've never..." I pulled him closer. First, it was holding onto him on the beach, and then I couldn't get enough of him to wrap myself around. I would have felt overly needy, with my newly found habit of cuddling, but I didn't care. We both had been alone too long to care.

"Robbie..." His voice was soft and musical. "Thank you."

"Thank... Damn, Garth. I haven't even had the chance to touch you yet!"

He laughed at that, his eyes closed and his chin tipped lower towards his chest, and I took the opportunity to draw him closer still. I ran my hands over his body, squeezing just a little.

"This is what I want to do for you." He sounded solemn, which was out of place. "I am... grateful for this chance."

There was something unsaid there, but it wasn't fair to expect me to be able to interpret anything after great shower sex. I put my face against his, our lips in contact, and I let my hands wander.

Before I could even get anything more than a grazing touch, he went into motion. He kissed and sucked everywhere, his diligence admirable as there wasn't a square inch of my flesh he didn't touch, his mouth paid respects to every nerve ending in my body. He moved down, and down, and down, and I was inspired by the grace with which he wiggled his lean frame around the bed to reach all my parts.

So inspired, I wiggled myself, and brought my lips in contact with his cock.

He made a noise that was half gurgle, and half scream. I pressed my advantage, and took the tip of his cock into my mouth.

I don't know if I had expected him to taste radically different, or if I had any expectations at all, but all that I was really aware of is the noise that he was making, and the way his fingers dug into my hips. One deep suck, and he was just as loose and wild as I was. He rubbed his cheek against the underside of my cock, and I was peripherally aware of the smoothness of his skin, before everything in the world reduced to the flesh in my mouth, and the sensations from my cock.

That feeling is the best, the absolute best. That is something that I can never get enough of. That is living, really living, like in the way I did when I was a kid, when the world was waiting to be conquered.

That is how he made me feel, like I was conquering the world with my mouth on his cock, and the world conquered me.

I don't remember how it ended, I only remember regretting it in that momentary flash before the orgasm, wishing that I could extend the moment forever.

Garth came back up to face me, and we kissed for long, lazy minutes afterward. He tasted differently, and only one small part of my brain was aware that it was me that made the difference. I loved the way his tongue tasted.

My hand was on his face, his smooth, beautiful face, and I smiled at him. I hadn't been that pleased in too damn long to remember. "Thank god it's Friday, huh?"

He smiled at me, and his hand ran up and down my spine. "Pallais can be good."

"I'm just glad that we have a whole weekend. I don't think I could get out of this bed anytime soon, even if I wanted to, which I don't."

Garth looked a little surprised. For a moment, he just watched me again, and it still affected me, although I don't think I could have gotten it up to save the world, so it just gave me that warm blender - in - your - belly kind of good feeling. "You..." he spoke slowly, as if he were choosing his words, "wish me to stay the night?"

His eyes unsettled me. There was so much hope and longing in them. I kissed him chastely, as chaste as a kiss can be between lovers in bed together. "For as many nights as you can spare me, actually."

My voice was more serious than I expected, and he clearly was measuring me. I was reminded for a moment of Garth as a teenager, the boy from another world watching and analyzing us, trying to decipher us. Then, he started to smile, just the corners of his lips curving at first, until eventually a full grin graced his face. He snuggled closer to me, and started to pull at the sheets.

"I have a few to spare, as a matter of fact. I think I can clear my schedule for you. As long as it's convenient."

We wriggled to get under the sheets, trying not to give up any contact. "That'll work out great. I've got a lot of work I was hoping you could help me with, and it may take a while."

"Oh?" His eyebrow arched, and he looked like he was trying to contain a laugh. "Big job?"

"Well... I think it's pretty big. But don't worry! I don't plan on taking advantage of you! If there are any... extra-large chores you'd like help with, I'd only be more than happy to lend a hand... or whatever else might be required."

Garth chuckled under his breath, and his chest shuddered. I pressed closer to him. "You know, Robbie..."

He wrapped his arms around me, and pressed his lips against my temple, getting as close to me as he could.

Conspiratorially, he whispered, "If you really want to, you could take advantage of me. If you wanted to."

I couldn't respond, because I was too busy kissing the hell out of him.

I knew that we were both going to fall asleep before we could get anywhere with that, but I was looking forward to the best night's sleep I'd had in ages.

In the morning, it took us a little while to get going. First, there was Garth's breakfast in bed. Which he decided to eat off my chest. Then we got distracted cleaning each other up. Another shower seemed to be in order. That took at least an hour.

Garth had actually managed to get his pants on when the knock on the door interrupted us. I had been working at keeping them off of him. He had been laughing all morning long, and I was beginning to get addicted to the sound.

Since I was still buck naked, I asked him to answer the door. He looked at me strangely, but after a moment he went, smiling oddly as he went.

He forgot to grab a shirt, but since I had ruined his when he had demonstrated that illusion spell he had been practicing to cover up his scar, I guess it didn't matter.

I heard the voices at the door, and I started to dress at double time.

It didn't occur to me to be nervous about being 'discovered' with Garth. Partially because of who it was... there's no one better in the world at being discreet. Well... there's one person, but he never comes through the front door.

Mostly though, it had nothing to do with the interloper.

I grinned at my reflection in the mirror. I always feel like I look different when I've been good and properly laid. Better, somehow... like I'm not as old.

I went to greet our guest. I didn't know exactly why he was there, but I expected, and rightly so, that Garth and I would be able to entertain him together.